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Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich: biography, photo, family, wife

Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich is a well-known Russian politician. At present he is the head of the Republic of Khakassia. Naturally, the way to this post was long and difficult, since nothing comes at once. How did Viktor Mikhailovich Zimin achieve this? The biography of this politician will be the subject of our discussion.

early years

Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich was born in August 1962 in the remote village of Dissos, which is on the territory of the Krasnoturansky district in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. His father, Mikhail Mikhailovich Zimin, was an ethnic Russian, but his mother Marta Karlovna was a German, along with her parents in the Stalin era, driven from the Volga region to Siberia during a mass deportation.

Later, the family moved to Khakassia, including Viktor Zimin. Khakassia became his native land for him. It was there, in the village of Katanovo, that in the Askiz district, he graduated from school.

After receiving an eight-year education in the school, Vitya entered a farming school located in the city of Abakan, which he successfully graduated in 1982. The next two years, he devoted an urgent service in the tank troops, reaching the rank of sergeant.

Professional career

After the army, Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich got a job as an installer for a construction company. Then he moves to the position of a master in the organization Dorstroy, which was engaged in the construction and repair of the Krasnoyarsk railway, as well as various facilities along it, including social (schools, boiler houses, kindergartens, etc.). Then he gets a promotion to the foreman, and then - the head of the site.

Since 1985, Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich is appointed chief engineer, and then head of the construction and installation department. Under his leadership, a railway station was built in Bogotol, located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In 1991, Zimin became curator for the construction of the Achinsk branch of the railway. In 1992, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Abakan branch of the Krasnoyarsk Railway. In this position he began to supervise the objects under construction.

All the 90s and early 2000s he worked in this position virtually unchanged. These were difficult times for the country as a whole and for the enterprise in particular, but Viktor Mikhailovich clearly performed his duties. For his services in the labor field in 2001, he was marked with the sign of an honorary railwayman.

At the same time, he developed his own small business in the form of a horse farm and a hunting farm.

The beginning of political career

Back in 1999, Viktor Zimin joined the ranks of the founders of the Unity party in Khakassia, which aimed to rally the Russian people around Vladimir Putin, who was running for his first presidential term at that time. In 2001, this movement was transformed into the party "United Russia".

It was on the lists of "United Russia" in 2004 that Zimin was elected a deputy to the Supreme Council of Khakassia. In the elections, the party won more than 23% of the vote, which meant the passage from it 11 deputies to the parliament, among which was Viktor Zimin.

In the State Duma

In the 2007 elections, Viktor Zimin also ran from United Russia, but this time to the State Duma. It passes to the parliament, but now of federal significance. The party in Khakassia gathers almost 60% of the votes, which guarantees that Zimin gets to the Duma on its lists.

In the State Duma Viktor Zimin quite expectedly joined the "United Russia" faction. He also joined the committee on agrarian matters.

In 2007, Viktor Mikhailovich graduated from the Tomsk Architectural University with a degree in Automotive.

In 2008, Zimin led the party "United Russia" in Khakassia, becoming the secretary of its political council.

Appointment by the Governor

In 2008, Dmitry Medvedev made a proposal to Zimin to occupy the governor's seat in Khakassia. At the president's suggestion, he was elected to this post by local deputies in December 2008 (66 deputies for and 3 abstentions), but he did not intervene until January 15, 2009, replacing Alexei Lebed , who held the post .

From that time to the present, Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich is the head of the republic.

In the governor's chair

Now the main duty of Viktor Zimin was to lead the native region.

One of his first decisions was the refusal to unite Khakassia with the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which was previously supposed to be committed. This caused discontent among some groups of the population.

In 2009, when an emergency situation occurred at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, many residents of nearby villages planned to resettle. But Viktor Zimin urged not to make hasty actions. As it turned out later, his advice was correct.

At the end of 2009, he was appointed by Medvedev as one of the members of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation.

In autumn 2010, a constitutional reform took place in Khakassia, according to which the post of the head of the republic was now called "Head of the Republic of Khakassia - Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia". As the head of this subject of the federation Zimin automatically entered this position. It assumed a wider range of powers than it was before. There have also been changes at a lower level in the management of municipalities.

In December 2011, the next elections to the State Duma took place. They ran for them on the lists of the electoral bloc "United Russia" and Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich, the head of the Republic of Khakassia. The biography of this figure, however, did not change significantly, since even in case of victory he was not going to leave the governor's chair. In the victory no one doubted, since Zimin appeared under the first number of the regional list in Khakassia the most popular Russian party - "United Russia". The question was only with what percentage of votes this party would win. As a result of the vote, "United Russia" won more than 40% of the vote. As expected, after the victory Zimin refused the deputy mandate, and his place was taken by the second in the list of the party, Nadezhda Maksimova.

In early 2013, Viktor Zimin was due to resign, as the term of his governorship expired. But the Russian president appointed him. and. about. The head of the Republic of Khakassia until the next election of the governor, which was to be held in the autumn of the same year. As expected, in the September elections Zimin convincingly won in the first round, gaining more than 63% of the vote. For comparison: Viktor Sobolev, who occupied the second place, representing the LDPR party, failed to overcome even the 10% barrier.

In September 2016, when gubernatorial elections were held in many regions of Russia, they were not held in Khakassia, as the term of Zimin's five-year term had not yet passed.


Despite the great experience of Viktor Zimin as a politician and administrator, he receives a lot of criticism. In particular, dissatisfied with him imputed to involvement in corrupt schemes or indulgence of corruption among subordinates. In this regard, there was even talk that on the eve of the parliamentary elections in 2016 Zimin could be on the list of disgraced governors and say goodbye to the chair of the republic's head. This was also facilitated by the fact that the budget of Khakassia for 2016 was adopted with great difficulty, moreover, with a significant deficit, and the region's debts exceeded the amount of 15 billion rubles.

But nevertheless this did not happen, and after the parliamentary elections Viktor Zimin remains the head of the region. Some experts believe that this happened only thanks to the support and intercession of his friend, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.


After we talked about the bad, it's time to move on to a good one, namely to the list of awards that Viktor Zimin was awarded.

As we said earlier, in 2001 he received the title of an honorary railwayman. Awards, which followed then, were even more weighty. So, in 2011 Zimin was awarded the Order of Daniel of Moscow. At the same time he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the second degree.

In 2013, Zimina was waiting for a whole series of awards. He was awarded with the honorary sign of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the fourth degree.

No less generous for the award was 2015. Then Zimin was awarded the title of Honored Builder of Khakassia, and also a medal for labor valor.

The latest award of Viktor Zimin is an honorary sign, received from the Union of Journalists, which he became in June 2016.

As you can see, the list of awards of the head of Khakassia is quite wide and inspires respect for this person.

A family

The head of the republic has a big family. The wife of Viktor Zimin, Tatyana, is a teacher. But at the same time she is one of the co-founders of Prommetall. In the marriage of Victor and Tatiana Ziminy three daughters were born.

Of course, a very busy man Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich. The family for him is the source from which he draws strength, a place where he will always find warmth and love.

General characteristic of Viktor Zimin

As we see, Viktor Zimin is not a beginner in economic activity and politics. Of course, not everything turns out for him as much as he would like. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that there will be a person in Khakassia who would know all the economic nuances of the region so well that he managed as much as possible to manage it or at least manage it the way Viktor Zimin does it. Photos of this famous policy you can see in the article.

Of course, the head of Khakassia in the leadership of the region is largely helped by the experience gained in working in other areas of activity, communication with high-ranking officials, as well as simple worldly wisdom. We wish Viktor Mikhailovich success in his hard work, because the welfare of the population of the whole region of Russia depends on its results.

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