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Happy Wheels: how to make the whole screen

In the network, almost every week there are new games, but not all of them become bestsellers. Happy Wheels is loved by many gamers. But, unfortunately, there is one problem that worries both beginners and experienced players. The game works only through a flash player and does not have a full screen mode in its basic form.


In the top of the most popular questions related to Happy Wheels: "How to make the whole screen this exciting toy?" It is asked by almost all users who liked this application. Most search results produce a video, which sometimes has neither the desire nor the ability to view. Also, because of the high popularity, there are many sites that, in exchange for advice, try to lure money out of users or infect computers with malicious programs. Switching to unfamiliar sites can be very risky, and if you do not have a reliable anti-virus program, you should abstain from it.


Meanwhile, there are several safe ways that solve the problem of Happy Wheels. How to make a full screen game application? The simplest option is the usual scaling of the page using the browser. In the settings of each browser program there is a zoom function. It's enough just to look into the settings and set the image size that's comfortable for the game. As a rule, it should be more than 100%.

Another answer to the question "Happy Wheels how to make a full screen?" - Download a special program for the flash player. For example, many gamers use the Flash Game Maximizer. It works with all popular players and adds the Full Screen function. Before downloading, read the instructions for use posted on all distribution sites. If you are satisfied with the terms of use, you will need to download the installer, and then install it on your PC. You can start the game and enjoy the new image!


For users of browsers based on Google Chrome is no secret that there are useful extensions. They can be installed and thereby improve your browser with convenient additional functions. To solve the problem with the extension of Happy Wheels (how to make the full screen of this game we have already sorted out a bit) you can install on your browser Maximize Flash. The extension works on all browsers of the Chrome family, including those adapted for "Yandex" or "Rambler." If you use Mozilla Firefox, then you also have the opportunity to adapt it to your needs. Among the extensions for this program is its maximizer for applications that work through the Flash player.

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