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Recreation center "Russian Island": reviews and photos

The nature of Chelyabinsk is very beautiful, especially the magnificent local lakes. Today in the center of our attention is the recreation center "Russian Island". This is one of the most famous places for family holidays. It is located on the shore of the stunningly picturesque lake of Kalda. It is a real island of untouched nature, pacifying beauty. Here reigns a truly Russian spirit, this is emphasized by wooden houses, cozy and comfortable.

Where are the bases located

First of all, let's define the direction. The recreation center "Russian Island" is located on the shore of the lake. Severe Chelyabinsk region has reserved for guests such a pearl. You can easily reach it by the motorway Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk (800 m from the M-5 highway). From Yekaterinburg itself - only 80 km, and you are there. Before traveling, be sure to stock up with a good card.

Natural Beauty

Holiday Village "Russian Island" is suitable for any generation, habits and preferences of a particular person. It is here that you can fully enjoy the beauty of Russian nature. On the shore of the lake there is a mixed forest, mostly birch. There, a large number of grow berries and mushrooms. On the west coast is the recreation center itself, and on the southern beach in the season a tent city grows up. The area of the lake is 17 square meters. The maximum depth is about 7 meters. The water is slightly salty, clean, transparent, quickly heated. The bottom is sandy, like the shore of the lake. And for this, it received the love of tourists.


In itself, the recreation center "Russian Island" consists of seven separate houses - cottages. All of them are made of wood and decorated with hand carving. Like a fairy tale, they are ready at any time of the year to receive their guests. For each case, fit your house. There is a double cottage where you can relax with a married couple. It has a bedroom with two beds and an entrance hall, a living room with a sofa.

For the company is more suitable four-bed house. There are already two bedrooms, an entrance hall, a living room with a sofa bed, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower. Finally, there is a huge guest cottage for up to 15 people. It is two-story, on the first floor there is a large living room with a large table, a huge plasma panel and karaoke. Here is a real Russian oven and a bathroom with a corner bath - Jacuzzi. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a second bathroom.


Not only to admire nature, tourists come to the "Russian Island". The recreation center (Lake Kaldy) offers a wide range of opportunities for a vacation. Tourists can use the sandy beach without restrictions, as well as fish. All the gear necessary for this can be rented. On the beach there is a rental of sports equipment. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a ride on a banana or water ski, scooter or boat. You can come here on your boat and leave the transport at the pier.

For fans of sports recreation there are various options for outdoor activities. There is table tennis, a sports ground, there is a rental of sports equipment. And if you want to spend time under the stars, then for these purposes the "Russian Island" (recreation center, Lake Kaldy) is perfectly suitable. There are specially designated places where you can relax in tents. There is also a real Russian bath, where you can have a good time. In addition, there is a barbecue area with barbecue grills , as well as a gazebo for recreation.


Besides the fact that you can cook shish kebabs for yourself on the grill, there is an excellent restaurant. Probably, without it would be not so pleasant to visit the recreation center "Russian Island" (Kaldy). Here in a cozy room are quietly accommodated up to 80 people, which means that at any time you can have a great time. Professional chefs prepare stunning dishes, perfectly presented traditionally Russian dishes. The kitchen uses only the freshest and environmentally friendly products.

Cost and Feedback

Payment is made per house and includes breakfast. So, the four-seater house can be rented for a day for 2000 rubles on weekdays and for 3000 on weekends. As you can see, quite reasonable prices, given that this cost will be shared by all members of the company. Rent a six-person house will cost 3000 on weekdays and 4000 at weekends. The guest house for 8015 people will cost 7000-8000 rubles. This is quite a bit, given the impressions of the guests from visiting the recreation center "Russian Island". Kaldy is in itself a very beautiful place, and the comfort and comfort of the guest house allows you to relax as much as possible and spend your vacation exactly the way you would like it. Judging by the reviews, the guests are always welcome here. Responsive and attentive staff is always ready to help, in houses perfect cleanliness and comfort, food is very high quality, and the range of dishes is simply stunning. The best choice not only for summer, but also for winter holidays is the "Russian Island". Holiday Village, Lake Kaldy (reviews emphasize that you can perfectly meet the New Year) - this is a great opportunity to stay in nature in a good company.

Russian Island, Vladivostok

Not only in the Chelyabinsk region there is such a wonderful place for recreation and tourism. Very well known to the Russian recreation center on the Russian Island (Vladivostok). The nature of this region is even richer in beauty, so it's a pleasure to rest here. This is the base "Rossiyanka", which will please the guests with clean sea and amazing forest. The cost of rest from 500 to 1000 rubles. Meals are paid separately, 600 rubles per day according to the "buffet" system.

On the other side of the island is the base "American". Judging by the reviews, this is a very cozy place for a family holiday. Comfortable cottages and equipped playgrounds, stunning views of the sea and lots of greenery, all this has to rest on one hundred. The cost of recreation - from 2500 rubles per day from the house (at least three people). There are other recreation centers on the Russian island. Vladivostok is a place created for tourism. Drown in the greenery of such tourist centers, as "Renaissance" and "White Swan". Each of them gives us the opportunity to have a great time on the shore of the lake, sunbathe and return home full of energy and energy.

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