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The program of the excursion "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket), reviews

Phuket is a large island of Thailand, which is considered the most popular tourist center of the entire Siamese kingdom. Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea and annually attracts with its beauty and splendor tens of millions of tourists from different corners of our vast Earth.

There are many comfortable beaches, beautiful and modern hotels, fascinating excursions. Every tourist who finds himself on the island's territory will find something to his liking. For those who like beach holidays, the staff of the tour desk offers trips to the paradise islands (there are a lot of them). Nature lovers like excursions to various national parks, reserves, zoos and farms. For fearless tourists, rafting is offered here, elephant riding, and the "Gibbon Flight" excursion to Phuket will delight the most adventurous extreme. It will help to awaken the feelings that we usually forget in everyday life: the adrenaline fountain, the desire to fly, to feel the feeling of freedom of body and soul.

A bit of history

Gibbon or more correctly Hanuman is considered a great king and God of monkeys in the mythology of the inhabitants of Thailand. With the help of a long tail, he managed to "fly", only slightly touching the lianas. The people living in the kingdom, until today continues to worship this animal.

. Today, to repeat the flights of Hanuman over the kingdom of 80 thousand square meters allows us to tour the program "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket) .

What is this program?

"Flying Hanuman" - one of the most popular entertainment in the city. Behind its name is a three-hour air walk at an altitude of up to fifty meters. The tour is a huge rope park in the wilds of the island, 28 sites that are placed on tall trees in the middle of the jungle. The sites impress with their reliability and strength. Between each other they are tightly connected by strong ropes and create a whole system of suspension bridges, rope tracks, spiral staircases around trees and cable runs. Special equipment allows tourists to navigate confidently and comfortably along the ropes, and the insurance completely excludes the possibility of a fall.

On the excursion "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket) the main thing is to take the first step. At the launch pad, anxiety instantly disappears and is replaced by a desire to begin the passage of the "attraction" faster. You will hover between the trees with a maximum speed of 60 km / h, enjoy the crackling of cicadas and singing birds, feel like a real "king" of the jungle.

Program Categories

On the island of Phuket, the excursion "Flight of the Gibbon" has three types of programs:

  • Program A, the duration of which is three hours. During this time you pass all 28 platforms, as well as two bridges, two cable runs, one trolley and three spiral staircases. The cost of this program also includes lunch.
  • The next program (B) includes the same thing as A, only without lunch. But believe me, after the transferred feelings you will definitely want to refresh yourself.
  • Program C - abridged (for beginners). Unlike the first two, twice shorter (one and a half hours).

The programs allow both adults and children aged four years to participate. The whole way they can go on their own or with an instructor.

Security and rules

считается совершенно безопасным благодаря: Tour "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket) is considered perfectly safe due to:

  • A high-quality inventory made of high-strength materials;
  • Reliable platforms;
  • Safety equipment of the best company;
  • Professional instructors who insure the tourist all the way.

But, despite this, before going through you will still be asked to sign an agreement stating that everything that happens to you will be your fault, and the organizers are not responsible for this.

In addition, you should know that tourists weighing more than 120 kilograms to the passage are not allowed, and women in an interesting position, you must always warn the instructor about this.

Another tip: when going on an excursion, you should choose comfortable shoes and sportswear, take off your jewelry and assemble your hair in a bun. It will not be superfluous to take with you a remedy for insects.

Schedule and cost of the tour "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket)

зависит от категории программы: The price of the excursion depends on the program category:

  • And costs 3,490 baht;
  • B - 3,250 baht;
  • C - 2,300 baht.

The excursion is conducted daily at different times of the day:

  • Programs A and B at 8, 10, 13 and 15 hours;
  • Program C at 8 am and 3 pm.

All programs include hiking (about 20 minutes), during which fruit and ice tea are offered. After the journey of each "Tarzan" a small present is waiting for - a T-shirt with a branded inscription. Programs A and B include insurance.

How to get there?

If for personal reasons you do not want to purchase a tour guide's guide and want to get to the "Gibbon Flight" attraction (Phuket) on your own, then it's quite feasible to rent a motorbike or a car. That will cost you about 250 or 1200 baht respectively. Armed with a phone with a GPS-navigator and just enter the points on the map: 7.924051, 98.324085.

The exact address of the attraction: 89/16 Moo 6, Soi Namtok Katu, Wichitsongkram Rd.

From Patong Beach, you can get to the Festival shopping center, turn left at the traffic lights and go to the Katu Falls, then follow the signs.

Impressions of people who visited the excursion

If you have planned a holiday on the famous island of Thailand and belong to that category of people who love the thrill, be sure to visit the excursion " Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket). об этой программе в большинстве своем положительные. Reviews about this program are mostly positive. Many tourists consider the excursion to be unrealistically steep, terrible, bringing such emotions, which will last for a year ahead. According to the brave people who decided to feel like a gibbon, so much impressions and adrenaline rush they have not received anywhere else. With each landing the flights become longer, and the sensations are brighter.

Almost all tourists who pass a short program, the next day are recorded on a long one. Because an hour and a half fly by unnoticed, and they are not enough to complete all the sensations. Also, many vacationers claim that the next trip to this country will visit Phuket Hanuman again.

In their reviews, tourists in colors describe all the moments of the flight, allocate a good work of instructors, magnificent views and stunning scenery, excellent organization of transfers and excursions in general. Those who took a tour with lunch, express gratitude to the cook for his quality work.

которая стала традиционным развлечением для гостей этой великолепной страны. While in Thailand, be sure to visit the excursion "Flight of the Gibbon" (Phuket), which has become a traditional entertainment for the guests of this magnificent country. It will give you the opportunity to go through a breathtaking adventure, survive the extreme sea and a lot of positive emotions.

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