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Odesa beach Langeron: reviews of tourists

Summer. Vacation. Plans for Odessa - a city with incredibly beautiful streets, a warm Black Sea and beautiful beaches. What could be better than warm sand and hot sun? The city of Odessa is full of all sights and places of rest. It provides tourists with the opportunity to relax actively and passively. Here is everything you need for a memorable vacation. One of the best beaches of the city called Odessa - beach "Langeron". This place has become popular due to its convenient location and amenities.

The best beach in Odessa

The coastline of the city stretched for a long thirty kilometers. And in the heart of the city is the best Odessa beach "Langeron" - a favorite place for both young people and older people. This part of the coastline is equipped with everything necessary for a calm and measured rest.

A bit of history

Initially, on the beach was the dacha of the Novorossiysk Governor Lanzheron. Now only the arch, dating back to the 1930's, was left of it. After the Count's death, the beach was almost empty for a long time and nobody looked after it.

The authorities of the city of Odessa beach Langeron began to ennoble only in the 80's, when people began to come to this place to rest, because it is located in the center of the city and it is close to all the sights. And the arch, which remained in memory of the Count, was also recognized as an architectural monument.

Willingness to welcome guests

Odessa beach "Langeron" presented at its best. There is everything you need for the most experienced tourist. It is from this place that the popular "health route" starts, which connects other city beaches. From the "Langeron" to, for example, the beach "Arcadia" can be reached by a convenient electric car, which, incidentally, is inexpensively taken for fare. Thanks to such small machines you can get to any point on the route. Children and even many adults will be happy to visit the Nemo dolphinarium, which is located to the left of the coastline. He was recognized as one of the best in the whole of Europe.

Comfort at the sea will create white and warm sand of the city of Odessa. The beach "Langeron" reviews have only positive. Tourists admire the abundance of services. On snow-white sand there are comfortable chaise lounges, for which rent they take a modest price. Near the sunbeds is a massage therapist, who will relax the body even more than the sun. There is also a bar with cocktails and ice cream. The beach is equipped with a small playground for children. Also there are convenient changing rooms, there is also a shower with fresh water so that beach visitors can wash off sand and salt sea water.

Fans of outdoor activities on the beach "Lanzheron" are offered to rent a boat or catamaran. Also there is a water motorcycle, a "banana" and a "pill", which will bring a lot of positive emotions to the vacationers. If you walk a little from the beach, you can get to the Odessa sea port. From there you can go to the ship anywhere in the coast and visit some excursions. Another plus for active holidaymakers is the opportunity to rent a bicycle or roller skates, on which it is worth to drive around the popular Odessa places. Walking on such vehicles is incredibly interesting and informative.

Accommodation near the beach

Find a suitable accommodation near the sea - this is probably the paramount task of any tourist. Prices for rooms are different, but still comparable to the cost of other housing in Odessa. The beach "Lanzheron", the photo of which you see in this article, provides a large selection of apartments both cheap and more expensive. Around the beach are boarding houses, hotels and small hotels. Hotel rooms are necessarily equipped with everything you need. Surrenders and rooms in private homes, where there is also everything necessary. You can rent not only the room, but the whole house at once. It is quite convenient for families or large companies.


Any rest takes a lot of energy. To restore them, you need to eat well. Odessa, the beach "Langeron" and its workers will take care of the gastronomic component of the holiday. In the district there is a huge number of cafes and restaurants, which rush to please their guests with different delicacies. If the rest is budgetary, then to the services of tourists are street food, which will be prepared and served in the cafe format "fast food" and in ordinary kiosks with shawarma. On the beach "Langeron" you can enjoy a cocktail in the bar and relax on a sun lounger by the sea.

The city of Odessa. Lanzheron Beach. Reviews of tourists

Couples with children or elderly tourists prefer a quiet and relaxed vacation outside the city on small camp sites. Lovers spend time at sea, but at the same time, not far from entertainment, choose the city of Odessa. The beach "Langeron", whose photo is adorned in many guidebooks, is an excellent solution for active tourists. As the travelers write, there is everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. The beach is located in the central part of the city, from it easily and in a short time you can get to the main sights of Odessa. It is easy to get to the place of rest by several fixed-route taxis (233, 203 and 20), there are also trolleybuses No. 2 and 3, followed by a stop near Shevchenko Park.

Travelers write that the place of rest "Langeron" is very popular among young people. After all, this afternoon they come after visiting the Nemo dolphinarium and stay until the evening. Closer to the night, young people come to cafes and bars to have a delicious dinner, further their way lies in a trendy club for a foamy party. The entrance to the beach is absolutely free and it is not difficult to find it, because it can be reached by several itineraries. "Lanzheron" is always cleaned, it's nice to spend time. The seabed is also sandy, and breakwaters protect it from storms and high waves. A big plus is that the beach is located in the center of Odessa, so the infrastructure is developed and a lot of entertainment nearby.

You are interested in the city of Odessa beach Langeron? The address is: Main alley, 3. Through Lanzheronovskuyu arch you can get directly to the white sand. Rest here is sure to bring everyone a lot of good summer memories.

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