CyberLink Power2Go: what is this program and is it worth it to install

A few years ago on the Internet appeared a very unusual software package called CyberLink Power2Go. What kind of program is this, many users do not know. However, its capabilities can be judged at least by the name of the developer, who became famous for innovations in the field of working with multimedia. But the possibilities of this package are much wider and go far beyond this framework.

CyberLink Power2Go: what is this program?

So, what exactly is the package in fact? Judging by the official description, the main purpose of the application package is to work with any type of disk media with the declared support from conventional CDs to protected Blu-ray media.

But this is only one direction for carrying out the operations provided for in the CyberLink Power2Go package. What kind of program is it and what are its capabilities, you can find out if you look at the list of applications included in the main package. In it you can find quite interesting things. For example, there is a Wave Editor - a full-featured audio editor, built-in audio and video format converter, an application for creating all sorts of slideshows, a video editor, etc. The most interesting is a special option for creating a backup copy of the system with burning the corresponding optical media.

CyberLink Power2Go 8: what is this program?

As for the designation CyberLink Power2Go 8, by and large this is the same package, only versions 8.0.0.XXXXb. As can be seen from the notation, this modification is in the beta stage.

The name speaks for itself: the application may be quite unstable in operation, however, like all the beta versions. So it's up to the testers and developers to install it, but not ordinary users.

Main features of the package

This is the first look at the CyberLink Power2Go package. What kind of program is already clear. We now turn to the main functions and modules.

First of all, it is worth highlighting the possibility of creating disks of a certain orientation (audio or video), as well as mixed disks with data. For this, the program has several modules to choose from, as Nero suggests.

When writing as an additional tool for data protection, an AES encryption system with a key length of 128 or 256 bits can be used. If desired, you can set and password, which will be required for playback.

When working with video, you can use the extraction of audio tracks from video files, then convert them to another format and even do volume equalization between all the tracks (the normalization function). In the same way, you can easily create menus for DVDs, use stickers, insert DVD chapters, trim clips, and automatically split files into multiple disks if their size exceeds the capacity of the media.

Should I install the program and how to remove it?

If you need CyberLink Power2Go on your computer, you will not be able to fix it. Only before installation it is desirable to disable antivirus and Internet access for a while. In some cases, you may also need to deactivate the Windows Firewall and Defender.

Many users complain that during installation the program creates several shortcuts on the "Desktop", and also integrates into the Startup menu. Actually, this is not a problem, since you can delete shortcuts, and disable autostart in the system configuration (the msconfig command in the "Run" menu or the Startup tab in the "Task Manager" for Windows 10).

With the removal of the package, everything is not so simple. At least in the standard section of programs and components, you have to delete all the components of the package in turn, then look for residual files and entries in the system registry. Therefore, it is best to use powerful utilities such as iObit Uninstaller or Revo Unistaller, which will perform a full cleaning without user intervention.

The result

In general, the package looks like "heaped up", but somehow too heavy. A lot of additional features for most users will remain unclaimed. Thus, to install this software is only if it really is needed. In the simplest case, it is better to use the same Nero Express for recording (it is not so resource-intensive and easier to work with).

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