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The height of Motherland (sculpture). History of the monument

Probably, the Great Patriotic War will never be forgotten. It was too difficult for us to win. In each city there are either squares, or parks and squares, where its heroes are erected monuments.

Woman with a sword

On the famous Mamayev Hill (Volgograd) a whole ensemble was created. It is dedicated to those who won the Battle of Stalingrad. The ideological and compositional center of this large structure is a sculpture that is known all over the world. It is called "Motherland Calls!" True, not everyone knows that she herself is not independent, but part of the triptych, but central.

The second part of the complex - the composition "Rear - front." It is done and is in Magnitogorsk. It shows how the worker hands the sword to the soldier. And forged it just in the Urals. And the entire ensemble is also completing the well-known monument "The Liberator of War". Location - Berlin.

The tallest

Many people are interested in the height of the statue "Motherland" in Volgograd. We answer: 85 meters, and the height of a woman is 52 meters. The weight of the structure is 8,000 tons. The length of the sword is 3300 cm. And it weighs neither more nor less than 14 000 kg! These are the "passport" parameters of this unique work.

In the year of completion of the sculpture was the world's largest. She was even brought to the Guinness Book of Records. Compare: the Statue of Liberty stands at a height of 46 m from the pedestal, and the growth of Christ (Redeemer) is only 38. Today, given the height of the Motherland, specialists ranked it 11th in the list of the highest monuments in the world.

It was a long time ago

The erection of such a memorial was given utmost importance. Considered all. And also what is the height of the statue "Motherland". Not limited in money, nor in the most modern building materials. They invited the best creators. The main thing here was Evgeni Vuchetich - People's Artist of the USSR, participant of the Great Patriotic War. He already made a wonderful monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army (ten years ago), which adorns the Berlin Treptow Park. Also his work is "Let's beat the swords into plowshares". Sculpture flaunts in front of the UN building in New York.

The chief of the engineering group was Nikolai Nikitin, a professor-architect, and also a doctor of technical sciences. In the 50's, he designed the buildings of Moscow State University. In the future, he will be instructed to work on the Ostankino Tower. Now we needed calculations of special complexity. For this monument has a very high altitude. "Motherland" in Volgograd should be impeccable.

For consultation from a military point of view, Vasily Chuikov-Marshal-took charge. At the front, he was nicknamed "commander-assault." It was he who commanded the 62nd Army, which did not surrender the Mamayev Kurgan to the enemy. During the defense of Stalingrad, Chuikov came up with special assault groups. They suddenly burst into houses, passing to them through underground communications. The Germans could not even understand where this blow fell from.

After the war, the marshal was awarded the original design for the work on the monument: he was allowed (at his request) to be buried on Mamayev Hill, next to those 34505 soldiers who died defending Stalingrad. In 1982, and their commander was buried near the "motherland".

The architectural and engineering group created the figure of a woman (the height of the statue "Motherland", as we have already said, is 85 meters), which makes a gusty, energetic step forward. In her hand is a sword raised against the invaders. This is an allegory: the country is calling the people to battle with the enemy.

The prototype of the statue

And who, I wonder, posed for the sculptor then? Candidacy - Valentin Izotov - was found by chance. Now she is a pensioner, a resident of Volgograd. And then she was 26 years old. And she worked as a waitress in one restaurant. There she saw an assistant Vuchetich, also a sculptor L. Maistrenko. He liked the severe serious face, the sporty figure of Izotova, her purposeful look. The candidacy was approved.

This work took Valentina Ivanovna two years. Be that as it may, the creative process is complicated. Especially considering the incredible height of the sculpture. "Motherland" in Volgograd and in fact turned out outstanding. From everywhere come to look at it, pay tribute to the defenders of the country. At night on the monument (the height of "Motherland" is really amazing), the light of powerful searchlights falls, and the impression is the strongest.

Interesting fact. When they decided to develop a design for the flag and coat of arms (Volgograd Region), they decided to take the silhouette as the basis. There were no other opinions. And on the postage stamp of the GDR, issued in 1983, is the same image.

Uneasy work

Being in this place, you understand the full significance of those battles. More than four months (more precisely, 140 days) were bloody, cruel battles for just one point - the height of No. 102. And every bit of this land is still dangerous. Although it passed more than 70 years after there are no more shots and volleys here, and on the hill people still find shells that did not explode. That's why this territory was chosen to perpetuate the heroic deed of people.

The construction of an unusual monument (the height of "Motherland" is very high) began in 1959, in the spring. Finished in the autumn of 1967. That is, more than eight years have been working. First - laying the foundation of concrete. On top put the base-box. The builders expected to lay stones on the pedestal. But there was an instruction from Khrushchev's secretary general, and 150,000 tons of earth were piled on top with the aim to strengthen the foundation even more. Therefore today the top of the mound is imported.

Under the sculpture (the height of "Motherland" strikes the imagination) is a thick (one and a half meter) slab and another base of 16 meters.

Reduced layout

When the turn of the woman's figure came, it was cast right here on the hill. But how else if the height of the statue "Motherland" in Volgograd is extremely large! But the reduced (exactly ten times) layout was close. And gradually, looking at the stencil, they poured the tier by the tier. So they collected the "woman". Cars with cargo arrived here round the clock. Everything was done very qualitatively. Concrete, for example, was taken exactly the same as it was allocated for the Volga hydroelectric power station. And fillers to it, too, chose the most thorough way.

But the whole figure is ready. Then we took our heads. True, cast it separately. Also lifted by the helicopter. Otherwise, it was impossible to do. The height of Motherland did not allow.

I had to work a lot with the sword. At first it was made of stainless steel, lined with strong pieces (of titanium). However, he swayed from the wind, he thundered violently. That is why in 1972 these weapons were removed and another steel construction was put up.


Restorative measures were carried out in 1972 and in 1986. Five years ago, we worked to ensure his safety. After all, the height of the monument "Motherland" in Volgograd has little to say decent. It's huge! And over time, things change, grow old, weaken. And this is even despite the fact that the thickness of the reinforced concrete walls of the monument is 25-30 cm. Inside it is collected from large separate cells. The frame, in itself rigid, still supports 119 cables of durable metal. And they constantly experience a powerful pull.

The heaviest sword with its simply fabulously gigantic dimensions from the wind swayed. And there, where he was attached to the hand of a woman, there was an overabundance. The design of the sword deformed with time. So we worked on this problem too.

Sliding down

Since the height of Motherland is great, and there is a figure on clay soil, which slowly but invariably slips to the Volga, experts have sounded the alarm. After all, the statue can collapse. It has already shifted by 214 mm. And this is almost 80 percent of the permissible initial calculations. But experts say: the planned strength is not yet exhausted.

This project was designed for a deviation of 272 mm. Yes, and its foundation was deformed slightly. Only the norm was only 90 mm. After the next restoration, the monument will last long.

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