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Dying Sea. What's next?

The construction of the Tsimlyansk hydroelectric complex was the first large-scale construction after the Great Patriotic War. Many rulers realized the dream. Forever joined the two rivers Volga and Don. The man felt himself. The owner of nature. With the help of his work, he changed what nature has created. As a result of human activity Tsimlyansk reservoir (Tsymlyanskoye Sea) arose. The builders of this reservoir have determined the service life of 50 years. And after this time, the artificial sea began to die before our eyes. Many remember how in the autumn of 2009 the city of Volgodonsk (a city located on the shore of the Tsimlyansk reservoir) was left without water for several days. This news was broadcast on the central television. Then the weather was guilty. The sea level was very low, and the wind inflicted seaweed and water intake filters were hammered. It's 2011 now. This year the area of the city of Volgodonsk began to increase. But not at the expense of expansion, but due to the disastrous shallowing of the Tsimlyansk reservoir. Within the city there is a bay that flows into the Tsimlyansk reservoir. And from the second half of the year in this bay appeared a lot of islands, the area of which increased day by day. So, that in a short time the city can remain completely without drinking water.

The second danger associated with the shallowing of the Tsimlyansk reservoir is that the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant (RoAES) is located on the shore of the Tsimlyansk reservoir. Pond cooler, which is fed by the waters of the Tsimlyansk reservoir. What will happen next is not known. All hope for nature. God grant in the spring of 2012 will be a good flood. And if it does not exist, then what becomes of the sea is not known. Rostov Region and the city of Volgodonsk alone can not solve the problem of the dying sea alone.

You can view the focal point of the Tsimlyansk water storage now:


Material taken from my journal

Volgodonsk January 2012

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