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Umka: Meincraft and the first steps in its passage

Consider how the Umka "Meincraft" passes, taking the experience of this player and avoiding mistakes. Let us begin to follow the journey full of adventures.


First of all, we note that in the described passage a traditional version of "Maincraft" was used, Umka did not use fashion. So, immediately after the appearance we are recommended to collect blocks of wood, which can be extracted with bare hands from the nearest green giant. From the resulting blocks we create a pickaxe. With its help we dig the necessary number of cobblestones. Umka recommends at the initial stage of the game to collect at least twenty units of the specified resource.


Now we have the opportunity to create the first weapon. At that stage, the "Meinkraft" cleavage took place with two swords. We will follow his example. Also, previously collected resources should be enough to make a shovel and ax. Then we go to gather food and harvest reeds. Now you should find a suitable place to live on the first night. According to Umki, for this you can climb as high as possible into the mountains, where, after finding a safe place, build a traditional "box". To equip the house is recommended on the basis of their own preferences. However, it is necessary to create and install torches, since aggressive beings are afraid of light. You also need to make chests.


Having fastened at sunrise, we set off on a journey, having written down the coordinates of our dwelling. We replenish the food reserves. After that, in the right place, we begin to dig a deep pit to extract resources. The shaft needs to be illuminated with the help of torches. Thus, we can find a cave. In it we extract iron. Here you can find coal. We study the cave, collecting all the useful resources, until the stock of food is exhausted. You can mark the way with torches to avoid getting lost. We rise to the surface. We return home, from the received resources we create several ovens. We remelt the resources in them. We create our first sword from iron. From the same metal we make a pick.

At the next stage we find the wolf and tame it, pre-feed. The animal will follow the player everywhere and protect it from enemies. Then from iron we create a helmet and armor. With such equipment, you can go to search for abandoned mines. Going around all of them, we will be able to collect the necessary amount of resources. That's how the "Meincraft" Umka passed at the beginning of the game process. Then everything depends on you!

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