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Student labor detachment. Past and present

The history of student labor detachments goes back to the distant past. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, they began their legendary activities. What is a student labor group? What are the activities of its members?

To date, more than 236,000 enthusiastic young people call themselves fighters of the labor front. Preserving the long-standing traditions created initially, they are actively engaged in the construction, education of children, passenger transportation, harvesting, processing of fish, service and other activities.

SRT: student labor detachment

SRT is a collective that is created for a certain period. The goal is voluntary work in your spare time. Consists of the number of students in educational institutions. The history of the creation of such labor groups begins in the distant 1924. This time is considered an initial labor term. At the beginning of the century, Soviet students participated in the construction of large state facilities, in raising virgin land, in the birth of the first collective farms. Only in 1963 there are detachments, which are occupied not only in construction. They were groups of ecologists, teachers, guides and so on.

Throughout the development of the history of the USSR in all great construction sites, everywhere there was a presence of the SRT. Work for students was on any sites, such as the Baikal-Amur Mainline, Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station and many others. Unfortunately, with the collapse of the great power, with the dissolution of the Komsomol in 1993, most of the youth detachments disintegrated. The most persistent was Sverdlovsk SRT, this year he celebrated his thirtieth birthday.

New SRTs

At the beginning of the 21st century, people started talking loudly again about the revival of student detachments. And not in vain. After all, in fact, the student labor team gives young people an initial work experience. And also develops communication skills, accustoms to collectivism. The first modern working season of the 21st century in Russia was conducted on the basis of the Sverdlovsk SRT.

In the whole territory of the country such detachments are beginning to form. The number of students working in the summer months increases significantly. In all regions, headquarters are formed. It's time to unite to actively develop the movement of the SRT. This initiative was supported by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Student labor detachment: dates of revival

In July 2003, in Moscow, with the support of the government commission, a Coordinating Council was established. The task is to develop a plan of measures that support the development of student groups for 2004.

In November 2003, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, the first meeting of the new modern service stations was held in Yekaterinburg. At this event, it was decided to create a central organization that will unite all regions.

In June 2004, the first meeting was held in Moscow, attended by all the heads of the respective staffs.

February 17, 2004 is considered to be the date of the revival of Russian SRT. On this day in Moscow, the All-Russian Forum of Student Workers' Units was held. The event was timed to coincide with the 45th anniversary of their activities. On that day, the State Kremlin Palace gathered more than five thousand participants, who came from all over the country. At the Forum, it was decided to establish a youth all-Russian society "Russian Student Detachments."

Activities of SRT

Now the student labor group can belong to one of the following types:

  • Building.
  • Pedagogical.
  • Conductors.
  • Service.
  • Medical.
  • Ecological.
  • "Snow landing."

Each student can choose the direction that he considers most interesting for himself. SRT becomes for children not just a temporary work collective, but something more. During the time of joint activity, living side by side, many guys find in this friendly family of faithful comrades who are able to help at any moment, and someone even meets his true love. From all members of the collective only positive feedback comes. The student labor team tempers the character, unites, educates the willpower.

Each semester ends with a fascinating sports day. The working results are summed up, the best student labor group is announced.

Recent history

In recent years, Russian student groups have taken part in works that have a large-scale, world-wide level. Since 2009, the guys have worked at the facilities of the APEC summit in the Far East, Rosatom (Krasnoyarsk region and Leningrad region), the Olympics in Sochi.

Since February 2009, the Council of Veterans has operated, whose members have made a significant contribution to the development of the movement of Russian labor groups. The Council interacts with representatives of state authorities, organizes events, projects, cooperates with universities, enterprises, public institutions. The youth association "Russian Student Labor Detachment" has its own badge of honor. They are awarded the very best, active participants in this movement.

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