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Multichannel telecommunication systems: features of a specialty

An important area of human activity is the information infrastructure, due to which many necessary spheres develop. First, a telegraph network was used for this, after which telephones, radio, television, and a computer began to appear. Any information created in electronic form can arrive to the destination without a specialist.

Communication between the subjects of the country, international communication works on the basis of multi-channel telecommunication systems. For this, analog and digital devices are used. With their help, audio, video, and multimedia are transmitted. Therefore, people can access the Internet, cellular communications and many other services. It is for this purpose that it is necessary to train specialists to work in this field.

Features of the profession

If the graduate finishes training in the specialty of "multichannel telecommunication systems", who will work for him? You can apply for jobs for a "technician" job. The duties of an employee include providing a certain territory with communication, television, broadcasting.

The technician works with communication channels, which is required for the functioning of transmission systems. Reconstruction of lines and installation of the newest equipment is in progress. The main place in the technical equipment is fiber-optic technology, with the help of which there is an increase in the transmission speed, the quality of the network.

Employee training

Professions "multi-channel telecommunication systems" of future specialists are taught with the help of applied disciplines. They need to understand the installation and operation of cable and digital data transmission systems.

The lectures are studying the technologies of software and hardware data encryption for information protection. With the increased profile of training, it is required to master the curriculum of management activities and management of the organization. By specialty "multichannel telecommunication systems" are taught colleges and institutes of various cities of Russia.

What do graduates know?

Specialists should operate multichannel telecommunication systems. Work on information security of networks is mandatory. An important activity is participation in the organization's production work.

Employees perform the work of several positions of employees. They produce convergence of technologies and services of telecommunication systems. One of the main areas is the promotion of network services. If the graduate has graduated from the specialty "Multichannel telecommunication systems", who should work for him and where? Techniques are required in state and commercial enterprises.

Duties of specialists

The technicians make installation and maintenance of communication cables. Monitoring and diagnostics of systems are mandatory. Employees carry out the elimination of the consequences of accidents and equipment defects, determine how to restore functioning.

At the enterprises of the equipment, measurements of the equipment parameters are carried out. They install and maintain professional computer networks. The employee takes responsibility for the production of network equipment administration, installation, access settings.

The technician interacts with network protocols. It monitors the operation of network equipment. In professional activity, he uses proven means of protecting information. Other duties include:

  • Analysis of the operation of systems for troubleshooting;
  • Secure administration;
  • Participation in work planning;
  • Monitoring of new systems;
  • Conducting marketing research.

Professionals build and operate information transmission systems, operate at automatic stations. Graduates of the specialty "multichannel telecommunication systems" are engaged in linear-hardware shops, radio relay departments, communication centers. The technician gets the necessary skills.

Wages and prospects

If the graduate received the specialty "multichannel telecommunication systems", the salary at first will be about 20 000 rubles. In this case, the employee must know and be able to perform the installation and connection of telephone equipment, configure a mini-PBX, the Internet.

The employee needs to constantly improve, raising the level of knowledge and skills. Such an employee will always be in demand, which will increase personal incomes. To obtain a large salary, you must have a rich experience in the maintenance of communication systems, installation of equipment, the formation of documentation. You can work in specialized state and commercial enterprises.

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