Cold Inlet: Pros and Cons

Currently, there are many types of car tuning. Especially popular with many car owners is the modification of the motor part of the car. Most often, motorists resort to installing a cold inlet, resulting in the engine starts to receive cold air. Almost every car owner dreams that his car would move faster, and the motor in the traffic jam would vibrate as little as possible. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to make a modification by installing a cold inlet. And not everyone understands what cold intake is. Pros and cons of the system, as well as installation options for some cars will be discussed in this article.

What it is

The cold inlet system allows filling cylinders with cool air, thereby increasing the efficiency of the motor. It includes a zero resistance filter, nipples. Also, the air filter box, intake manifold and car receiver are subject to reconstruction.

Principle of operation

To operate the system, it is necessary to install a filter outside the hood, in a well-closed from getting dirt or dust space. In this case, it is necessary to install in the part where a good flow of cool air is observed. The air entering the zero flow through the pipelines approaches the inlet system, where, due to the lower air temperature, the best combustion of the incoming fuel takes place. As a result, the efficiency of the unit increases.

Installation Advantage

One way to increase the car's power is to install the cold air intake system. However, each of the systems has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages we note:

  1. Increase in power.
  2. Increased sensitivity of the gas pedal.
  3. Reducing fuel consumption.
  4. Uniform operation of the unit.

Cold intake

Among all the disadvantages of the cold inlet installation are:

  1. The appearance of strong noise from the zero filter.
  2. If the system installation technique is not observed, a hydrostatic shock may occur. Also, a water hammer can happen due to improper operation of the vehicle.
  3. The process of installing the system is quite laborious.
  4. Changing the standard configuration.
  5. The use of substandard "zero drivers" leads to damage to the engine.


Currently, many tuning companies produce various types of cold inlet systems. All of them differ in color, size, used in the production of materials. The choice of the system occurs only at the request of the motorist. Some manufactured elements can be manufactured directly under a specific brand of the car, while others are manufactured as a universal device.

At the present time, the most common inlet systems are:

  1. Cold Air Intake.
  2. APR Carbonio.
  3. K & N.
  4. Takeda.
  5. AEM.

It is worth remembering that if there is no desire to buy expensive ready-made kits and spend money, you can make a cold intake yourself.

The system on the car "Subaru"

Subaru cars were initially characterized by good power and traction. However, some motorists decide to alleviate the fate of the motor and install a cold intake so that the engine can work with better efficiency without much wear and tear. To install the cold inlet system, you must select the installation location of the inlet pipe. As a rule, the majority of car owners "Subaru Imprezy" install this branch pipe on the right side, removing a resonator from under the wing. According to motorists, there is no reason to fear for removal of the resonator. Effects in the form of a hydraulic shock or rapid failure of filters will not be. To install a cold inlet yourself ("Subaru Legacy" including), you need to buy a ventilation aluminum corrugation with a diameter of 80 mm. The passage from the resonator has a diameter of 73 mm. However, this does not interfere with the ease of installing the corrugation. It should take meter. Gently pulling the corrugated through the holes, attach it to the air filter box. In other places it is installed with the help of conventional clamps. As a result, the element is displayed in the bumper compartment, where the fog caps are installed. For greater attractiveness, you can gently cut a hole in the PTF cap to connect the pipe. It is worth remembering that in this case it is necessary to put on a protective mesh, so that the air filter lasts as long as possible. As a result, at low speeds, the car will behave much better.

Cold inlet, "Honda"

Many car owners of Accord cars face the problem of hard car failures on a hot engine. To fix the problem, most of the drivers decide to install a cold inlet on the car. For installation, it is necessary to purchase additional gaskets for the collector. To facilitate the flow of cold air, you can also turn off the heating of the collector. The heating is switched off by sawing off part of the collector where the idling valve was located and where antifreeze was coming through the channels. Removing the collector on the right side of the head, it is necessary to make a thread in the channel to install the plug in the end. After threading , all chips must be removed. In the collector, the opening must immediately be sealed with epoxy glue or welded with argon welding. To cut off an excess part it is possible with the help of the Bulgarian. Then we put the parts in their places. In addition, the intake pipe must be taken out under the wing. A specially bent tube of the required diameter can be ordered exactly under the "Accord". Under the wing is also installed a zero-resistance filter instead of the resonator there. On cars "Honda" on the inner parts of the wing there are gills. To keep the filter always dry, these gills should be sealed with a dense material. Good sound insulation material. In addition, a special protective cover is installed on the filter, and if there are holes in the bumper, an additional protective mud screen must be made. To prevent the filter from accessing hot air, it is necessary to install a special thermal protection plate on the motor side. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is necessary to wash the zero filter every 5 thousand kilometers. Run on the car will be problematic, because every time you need to make the removal of the bumper. Thus, to establish a cold inlet by one's own hands ("Accord 7" including) is not so difficult. The main thing is to have patience, material and straight hands.

Cold Inlet System at Kalina

Many domestic car owners, especially young people who like fast driving, are making attempts to make a cold intake themselves. As an example, it is enough to consider the car "Lada Kalina". In order to make a cold inlet by hand on the "Kalina", it is not always necessary to install a zero-resistance filter, it is enough to take a cold air intake to the air filter's home box. On the "Kalina" cold air comes through the left headlamp of the head light. This is due to the fact that it is there that the greatest resistance of air occurs, which literally "flies" into the filter. Instead of the existing driving light bulb, it is necessary to install the corrugation. You can choose a ventilation or special, which is mounted on the car from the pre-heater. The inner diameter of the hose is 50 mm. In this case, the interior should be smooth, so as not to interfere with the flow of air. One end of the corrugation is connected in the headlamp, the other end is made with a hole in the air filter box. The main supply pipe to the box should be dismantled and the input closed with a plug. In order for the condensate to drain, it is necessary to make several holes in the lowest places. In this simple way, a cold inlet will be installed on the Kalina. Pros and cons (VAZ-2172 including also amenable to such an upgrade), in contrast to the installation of the system, it consists in the fact that the engine ceases to emit a strong vibration on the idle, but it is more difficult to advance several meters. In addition, in the cooler hours of the car there is an increased speed. Also faster the car becomes on the track at speed dialing more than 100 km / h. The costs of tuning your car are minimal. It is worth remembering that in winter it is recommended to change the flow of air to the stock. It is done in the usual way: the old corrugation is worn, and a new hole is put on the cap. Therefore, before setting a cold start on the "Kalina", think carefully, because in this case you will have to lose one of the driving lights and slightly alter the headlight.


In some cases, the installation of ready-made sets requires not only the experience, but also takes a long period of time, since for installation it is required to search for the most convenient place for mounting in the engine compartment. It is worth noting that the installation of a zero-resistance filter is justified only when the engine is fully engineered. Otherwise, there will be a reverse effect - a drop in power.

So, we found out the advantages and disadvantages of this type of tuning. As you can see, you can install a cold start yourself, saving considerably at the same time.

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