Replacement of antifreeze on the "Renault Logan" with their own hands

Replacement of antifreeze on Renault Logan own hands should be carried out once in three years or through every 90 thousand km of run. These are recommendations of the manufacturer of these cars. But it is not necessary to use these rules. Domestic cooling fluids often do not have high quality, which means that replacement is required more often. Let's look at how to drain the coolant manually in Renault Logan cars.

How to choose the composition correctly?

In the instructions that come with the machine, the manufacturer recommends that the coolant be filled with type D antifreezes, namely Elf Glaceol RX Type D. This formulation has a yellow tint. The product is supplied as a concentrate. Before pouring this mixture, it must be diluted in distilled water. The ratio of concentrate and water should be 1 to 1. The cost of this product is about 350 r. Per liter. This product is well suited for 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines. You can buy and original concentrates recommended by the manufacturer of the car. These compounds can be found in stock from authorized dealers. Dilute these compounds, too, with distilled water. It is sold at the dealer or in the car market.

Also well-proven domestic product, similar to the products of the brand Elf. It's called Cool Stream 4030 Premium. Replacing the antifreeze on the Renault Logan implies a complete replacement of the old liquid with a new one. This requires at least 6 liters of the mixture. Experienced car owners also successfully use Elf Cool Auto Supra. Allowed for replacement and antifreeze from the company "Total". These liquids do not harm plastic products and rubber parts. The composition of "Total" does not have a destructive effect on paint and varnish coatings. Concentrates are very resistant to freezing. The liquid hardens only at temperatures below -40 degrees. Do not mix antifreeze in different colors in the coolant expansion tank. And before the replacement, you must thoroughly flush the entire system.

Necessary tools and devices

Replacing the antifreeze with Renault Logan is a simple procedure. Even novice motorists will be able to cope with it, for which this is the first car in their life. To perform the operation, it is necessary to prepare some standard tools and devices. So, you need a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a set of spanners and car keys. To drain the old liquid, prepare a container having low beads. The volume of it should be at least 6 liters. The composition does not have the best effect on the skin of the hands, so the replacement of the antifreeze "Renault Logan" with their own hands should be carried in gloves. A new liquid is more convenient to fill with a funnel. Experienced motorists do not use anything special, but take a cut-off neck from a plastic bottle. Also it will not be superfluous to stock up on rags. It is most convenient to perform the operation to replace the antifreeze when there is an inspection pit in the garage. But if it is not, then you have to go under the car. In the course of the work, it will be necessary to remove the protection of the oil pan from the engine.

How to drain old coolant

Before the replacement of the antifreeze, "Renault Logan 1.6" should be installed on the most level ground. Then remove the crankcase protection. Also, new clamps on the branch pipes will be needed. They should be replaced if they have long been exploited and have signs of corrosion. Experienced car owners recommend changing the clamp at each replacement, as there is an opinion that this is a one-off piece. To drain the coolant, remove the nozzle.

To remove it, unscrew the tightening clamp. Then the hose is very carefully disconnected from the union and placed in a pre-prepared container. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that spent antifreeze will flow from the nozzle - the flow will go straight from two points. This is, in fact, a pipe and a radiator. To antifreeze flowed out actively, remove the hood from the expansion tank. Also, a cork plug is removed from the nozzle that fits the thermostat housing.

How to drain all the antifreeze? Features of the cooling system "Renault"

The cooling system of the Renault Logan engine has its own peculiarities. They conclude that a complete replacement of antifreeze ("Renault Logan 1.4" including) will not work under any conditions. The system is designed in such a way that not all of the liquid comes out when draining. The part remains inside the radiator of the stove.

Experienced car owners recommend to drain the whole composition to weaken the staff clamps. Then - remove the nozzles from the thermostat and tilt them towards the container. All the liquid that has remained in the system is removed by supplying air inside the expansion tank and into the thermostat fittings. This procedure should be carried out as carefully as possible. It is necessary to control the air pressure so that it does not turn out to be high, since it is possible to damage or even destroy the honeycomb radiator honeycomb. Then you need to wait a bit and start to reassemble.

How to fill a new liquid properly

Replacing the antifreeze on the "Renault Logan 1.4" means filling the new coolant instead of the old one. To fill the cooling system, it is recommended to use a funnel made of a plastic bottle. It is installed in the opening of the expansion tank. At the same time, the cork plug on the bleeder must be twisted.

Fill the new antifreeze slowly, often pausing. In these pauses, the branches will be pierced by hand, thus expelling the air from the system. Pour the liquid until the antifreeze flows from the nozzle with a thin stream. At this point, the funnel is stretched, and the outflow is prevented with the help of the palm.

Then screw the cork plug and add the correct amount of coolant to the tank. The level should be approximately midway between the minimum and maximum marks. The replacement of the antifreeze "Renault Logan 1.6" 8 valves is similar.

How to expel air from the system

After the bay, check the installation and tightening of the clamps. Make sure all the plugs are tightened. Then start the engine. After warming up at idle and reaching a temperature of no higher than 40 degrees, the engine is stopped. Further eliminate excess pressure. This is done by unscrewing the stopper from the inlet side of the expansion tank. To work it is necessary extremely accurately as in system there is a pressure, and the hot cooling liquid can burn arms.

Then the neck of the tank is covered with the palm, and the other is untwisted the pipe of the union. After that, the palm is removed from the tank. When all the air comes out and the liquid starts to flow out of the bushing, the entrance is covered and the valve is tightened. Then close the lid of the tank tightly.

Air in the heater radiator

The heat exchanger of the heater is installed higher than the rest of the cooling system. Therefore, there the air will remain in any case. It can be removed only if the antifreeze is supplied under pressure. To do this, start the engine and warm it up to 2 thousand. Then, once again, let the air out with a fitting, but the neck of the tank is no longer covered.


As you can see, replacing the antifreeze ("Renault Logan 1.6" 8 valves including) is a simple procedure. Performing these works independently gives confidence in the quality of the operations performed and the originality of the materials. Also this is a significant cost savings and an opportunity to get to know your car closer.

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