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Anastasia Lisova before plastics and after: description of the image and features

Female beauty knows no boundaries and no limits. More and more often, the fair sex representatives resort to the services of plastic surgeons. Anastasia Lisova (photo before the plastics will be presented below) was no exception. It is about this and will be discussed in this article.

Anastasia Lisova

Before the plastic girl did not stand out from the crowd. She looked like an ordinary average woman. Once on the TV project "Dom-2" Nastya told that she had not been very popular with men before. That's what made her lie down under the knife. It's no secret that many participants of the project used the services of plastic surgeons.

What changes have taken place with the girl?

If you look at the photo before and after the procedure, it can be noted that Anastasia Lisova before the plastic had a boyish type of figure. Her breasts were very small, and her lips were not so plump. In addition, Anastasia Lisova before plastics had quite plump cheeks.

After the procedures, she acquired the fourth breast size, which she successfully demonstrates now in the Seychelles. Upon coming to the project, Nastya stated that her entire beauty was of exclusively natural origin. But after a few months of staying on the project, the participants managed to declassify it. In the area of the armpits, the girl has a scar that indicates the plasticity of the breast. In addition, there is a small stitch in the abdomen. One can only assume that he appeared when Nastia got rid of excess fatty layer.

Summing up and conclusion

Anastasia Lisova before plastics was a completely normal girl, who once again was too shy to show her charms. Now Nastya is like an unattainable nymph with an ideal body.

Many participants of the TV station note that before the operation Anastasia Lisova was a more pleasant person and had a good-looking appearance. After the changes to which she subjected her body, the girl became like the standard of modern beauty: a large breasts, silicone lips, tightened cheeks and belly. In addition to plastic surgery, Nastya also resorted to the services of stylists. After the operation she cardinally changed the color of her hair and eyebrows. Now the girl is very happy with herself and self-confident. On the project "Dom-2" she conquers all new peaks and conquers men's hearts.

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