Surprisingly long history of Azerbaijan

The history of Azerbaijan has a length in time, capable to surprise admirers of ancient civilizations. Ironically, speaking of states with a centuries-old history, like Ancient Rome and Greece, Egypt, for some reason we rarely remember this country. Let's try to fill the gap and learn a little about the way that Azerbaijan has gone through the millennia.

The fact that humanity has chosen this marvelous land as its habitat is much spoken by rock paintings, which archeologists found in Gobustan, located near the city of Baku. These primitive images of 10 thousand years! There was also an inscription about the presence of the centurium of the Roman Empire in this area. Further more. In the north-western part of the country - on Mount Aveydag - the tools of the first people were found. Cave Azykh became a real storehouse of historical finds. It was here that scientists managed to find the remains of the bones of Neanderthals.

All these amazing facts the history of Azerbaijan has been preserved for more than one hundred years. In the III-II centuries. BC. On the territory are formed the rudiments of statehood, representing the tribal unions of ancient peoples. The origin of Azerbaijanis is a rather vague area, there are several hypotheses in it. According to one of them, they are descendants of ancient Turks, who at one time lived in these territories. In another, one of the variations in the meaning of the word "Azerbaijani" indicates that any person can be a representative of this people. In other words, he who lives here. The third version of origin says that the origins are Medes and Albanians, who only in the course of history were captured by the alien Turkic peoples. The most vivid in nationality are the features of Oghuz, Iranians and tribes of the northeast Caucasus.

As the history of Azerbaijan says, the peoples who inhabited this territory actively contacted the representatives of Assyria and the Sumerian states. Moreover, the great kutii (the most ancient tribal clan) even managed to subjugate the neighboring Akkad, due to which their influence spread to the Persian Gulf. The first Azerbaijanis adopted the type of state structure from the Sumerians.

The traditions of the Azerbaijani people are closely intertwined in modern life. Birth of a child or death of a person, marriage or field work ... Each side of life is associated with rituals and their own perceptions. People piously respect the traditions of Islam, women are gentle and modest, and the man is the real master of the house. Almost a ritual action is a kind of tea ceremony. This drink is generally given a rather large role. Whichever home you visit, they will meet and guide the traveler with a cup of tea. Hospitality is an object of national pride and a character trait. And, of course, who has not heard about the fantastic cuisine of the country? Forty recipes are just plov!

The history of Azerbaijan has been preserved in incredibly powerful fortifications and ancient castles, the remains of ancient settlements, the first necropolises and cemeteries, stone sculptures and relief images. And today, visiting this amazingly fertile land, you can see with your own eyes the traces of the ancient man's stay here .

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