The population of Turkey: the character of the inhabitants and family traditions

Turkey is a multinational state with a rich historical past. This is confirmed both by cultural traditions and folk folklore. The population of Turkey in 2013 is about 75 million people. In addition to the Turks, Arabs, Zazaki, Adygs, Kurds, Lezgins, Armenians, Albanians and other peoples live in the country. On the second place in number after the Turks are Kurds. Among officially recognized people's minorities of Turkey are Armenians, Jews and Greeks. Therefore, the national question is very acute in the country . Recently, the population of Turkey is growing rapidly.

Character and appearance of residents

The quaintness and intricacy of traditions give the inhabitants of the country a special flavor. The population of Turkey in terms of appearance is very different. Here you can meet blondes and brunettes, similar to Europeans. There are Turks very similar to Armenians. One of the most important distinctive features of the Turks is the presence of a mustache. Virtually the entire population of Turkey (its male part) has a mustache, which is a source of pride. Exceptions are men who live in tourist cities. The Turkish character is contradictory and multifaceted. It carries the features of the ancient east and the modern west.

The Turks are very proud of their country and mourn for its current situation. They consider themselves better and superior to other peoples. However, the difficult situation in the country is greatly hurting the self-esteem of its inhabitants. Hence, there are changes in behavior. From one person you can hear both harsh criticism and glorification of the Turkish way of life. On the other hand, the Turks are a very loyal and emotional people, and in a difficult situation they will always come to the rescue. If you acquired the enemy in the face of the Turk, then it will be dangerous. If you have a friend, then he will be the most faithful companion. Turks rarely change their attitude. It is not necessary to show objectivity and prudence in relation to the inhabitants of this country. The Turks are very self-critical, but they do not tolerate criticism from outside. And any manifestation of mistrust causes irritation in them and leads to a break in relations.

Family Attitudes

With regard to the family, the population of Turkey adheres to the eastern traditions. Family ties and family are of great importance. In any family, the authority of its head is undeniable and absolute. Children and mother listen unquestioningly to their father, and younger children listen to their elders and honor their parents. When the head of the family enters, everyone should stand up. If a young girl leaves the parental home, she ceases to be a member of the family and becomes a member of her husband's family. But until she gives birth to her son, replenishing the population of Turkey, she does not become a full member of the family. During the first month, a young wife should not communicate with her husband and refer to members of the new family by name. Only the birth of a son can improve her position in the family and society. And the more she gave birth to sons, the more respect for her and the higher social status. If a woman is infertile and can not give birth to an heir, then the threat of a divorce is very likely. In Turkey, the bachelor lifestyle is unnatural. Even wealthy men consider the presence of a wife and son to be the main criterion of a happy life.

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