Auto Zotye T600: owner feedback

Crossover Zotye T600 was introduced to the public in 2013. In China, this model is very popular - about 13-14 thousand copies are bought every month. In addition, in 2014, the car won the title of the best crossover of the year. In Russia this model is also known, although the sales rating is not so impressive. However, many people who own the Zotye T600, leave the reviews with pleasure. They, like the technical characteristics of the model, should be noted with special attention.


The stylish appearance is the first reason for the popularity of this crossover. The same conclusion can be drawn by looking at the reviews left on the crossover Zotye T600.

The car is attractive because many of its features designers have adopted from Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5. True, copying is difficult to name, because the "feed" of the car is made in a typical Asian style. This can be understood from the sharp angles and the shape of the headlights. In addition, the dimensions of the Chinese SUV differ from the size of these models. In length it reaches 4 631 mm, in width - 1 893 mm. Its height is 1 694 mm, and the wheelbase is about 2,807 mm. And the ground clearance for this model is by no means off-road. It is equal to 16.1 cm. While in the "Tuareg" the ground clearance reaches 22 cm. At Q5 it is slightly less (20 cm).

However, despite all the nuances, people like the car. They note the attention of a solid bumper with neat "fog lights", large rear-view mirrors with LED repeaters of turns, a powerful hood, chrome radiator grille. And in general, a complete, assembled, tightened body can not seem unlisted.

Interior decoration

Salon model Zotye T600 reviews are extremely positive. Which is not surprising. Only looking at it, you can feel the luxury of the interior. The salon is pleased with high-quality finishing materials, good assembly, an impressive list of modern equipment and a good reserve of free space.

Also, people pay attention to the high level of ergonomics. Planting is high, but not "bus". You can quickly get used to it. The seats are comfortable, and visibility is good. There is enough space behind the three passengers at the rear. The trunk has a 334-liter volume, but it can be significantly increased by folding the rear row of seats. True, the flat sex will not work, it's a minus. Since the seats are folded in a proportion of 40:60.

By the way, many people like the interior. Designers did not try to copy any model. Moreover, there are even original solutions. For example, the developers have placed the ventilating deflectors at an angle. The owners say that the absence of lasciviousness, corrupted seals, screws, skews and cracks can not but rejoice. There are, of course, small nuances. The skin, for example, looks a little rough, but it is reliable - it stands up against dirt, does not scratch and is easy to clean.

What's under the hood?

This model is offered with two engines. One produces 162 horsepower with a volume of 1.5 liters. This unit is offered in conjunction with a 5-step "mechanics".

The second engine produces 177 "horses" with a volume of 2.0 liters. And it can be controlled by the same MKPP, and the 6-band "robot" DCT.

Machine Zotye T600 reviews gets good. People say that each of the engines behaves calmly to 2000 rpm. The clutch does not cause any inconvenience, the pedal is quite informative and resilient. In traffic jams, the heavy motor makes it possible to move at the 1st or 2nd speed both at idle and 1000 rpm. It does not attempt to decay, does not publish any incomprehensible noise, but only allows to maintain a certain speed in the current transmission. Its elasticity is quite sufficient for movement with the flow velocity.

About operation

However, some negative points are also available for the Zotye T600. Feedback can be seen in this.

For example, on prolonged lifts, the engine begins to show its shortcomings. Dial speed or add driving activity can not be done without turning on a low gear. Dynamics of the crossover will show when the engine unwinds above 2000 rpm. By the way, the acceleration is very sharp, even sudden. Many have to get used to this. Although, as the owners of the car assure, at acceleration the motor does not emit loudly loud sounds.

Still people, leaving about Zotye T600 reviews, say that leaves much to be desired and the work of the ICIE. If the character of the ride is calm, then finding a hand and translating the transfer is easy. But at high speeds, it's not immediately possible to get into 5th or 4th from the lower ones. The lever rests, but while a person tries to translate it, the car loses its course. Although other feedback on owners of the Zotye T600 allows us to make sure that this mechanism is developed over time, and the drawback is eliminated.

Behavior on the road

This topic people leaving the crossover Zotye T600 reviews, do not forget to mention. Motorists say that the chassis of this model is not bad. The car keeps the road well, although the irregularities do not "swallow", but gently rocks on them. This makes the car not an SUV, but an urban SUV.

Many are missing from the suspension assembly. And it's too noisy. All the pits, joints and protuberances of the suspension are counted with a thud. And on dirt roads, noise only increases. Especially if you have to go through countless promenades. Then the obvious imbalance starts to interfere. The pendant becomes seemingly loose. This is reflected in the steering as well - the "steering wheel" seems to lead away in different directions during the passage of each irregularity. So this car is suitable only for driving around the city and good trails.


A lot of interesting things can be told about the reviews of the Zotye T600. Including equipment.

Owners like the fact that even in the basic equipment manufacturers have included all the most necessary. There are LED navigation lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, heated mirrors and electric drives, ISOFIX child seat fixtures, power windows, multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen, rear parking sensors, ABS, EBD, air conditioning, airbags and factory alarms.

In richer versions there are still fog lights, a Start / Stop button, a navigator and a multifunctional steering wheel. In the maximum configuration there are xenon headlights with auto control, heated mirrors, rain sensor, panoramic sunroof, climate control and a rear-view camera. Owners recommend purchasing versions with a premium equipment package, since the options are included in it.

Sports version

It was presented not so long ago, and sales should begin in the current year, 2017. So far, it's hard to find reviews about the Zotye T600 Sport version, but the characteristics are impressive. Especially the list of equipment. The basic equipment includes a projection display, an infrared night vision system, a sports multifunction steering wheel, a graphical instrument panel, a 2-zone "climate", access to a keyless saloon, an electric parking brake, as well as heated seats, numerous electrical adjustments and an assistant for ascent and descent .

However, this is not even half of the options available in the sports version. However, the listed characteristics are also impressive. And those who want to buy a sports version of the crossover can only wait for the model to go on sale. This is planned in the near future.

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