Which is better: Android or iOS? Comparison

At the moment, the electronic world is filled with a mass of mobile devices, tablets and laptops of various types. For most people, life without the means of cellular communication is unthinkable, and residents of large cities are so actively using smartphones that they have become for them just a rescue in any situation. In this regard, the competition in the software and hardware market in this area is significantly exacerbated. The battle of operating systems can be considered one of the most determined confrontations between mobile giants. It is the question of what is best: Android or iOS, has increasingly become a concern for modern users. Both systems are represented by large players in the mobile device market, so it is understandable why people want to get the best product.

Now we can not say specifically what is better: Android or iOS, since the first system is newer than the second one. It is developing dynamically, gaining the attention of more and more users. However, the second became a proven assistant for many fans of Apple products. Each system has its own tangible advantages and disadvantages, which usually depend on the users' tastes. Such people do not just choose one product, but also identify themselves as supporters of one or another option rather categorically.

If we talk about what is better: Android or iOS, then we should consider the fundamental differences of these systems. First of all it is necessary to say about the design, which the users like or dislike exclusively depending on their individual preferences. If we talk about the convenience of the interface, then the advantage in this case is "Android", as widgets and icons are installed here very simply. On all equipment from Apple, widgets are in a special menu, followed by the need to climb into the settings, which is very inconvenient.

IOS vs Android: which is better

Both operating systems have a large number of applications, but "Android" differs well-thought-out multitasking. Apple's products, down to the iPhone 4S, will shut down old applications when new ones open, which in some cases significantly reduces functionality.

Understanding what is better: Android or iOS, it is worth mentioning about personalization and customization. Here you can give a slight advantage to the second system, since there is more stable work of specialized firmware in comparison with similar products "Android." Both systems have excellent support for browsers, as well as work in social networks. It's hard to say why iOS is better than Android, as both platforms have support for a variety of programs for video and photo transmission, as well as text information in real time. However, for the product from Apple, there is a faster connection on the Wi-Fi and 3G protocols, which makes working with the Internet much more convenient.

The advantage of iOS is the more stable operation of applications and the absence of viruses. The program code of the system is closed, which protects the user from unwanted software. With the "Android" the situation is slightly different. Viruses here - this is a common situation, which is solved by installing antivirus software that provides protection even during the installation of programs. Applications for iOS are available only for a fee, for a competitor there is a whole set of distributed freely.

It is clear that it is impossible to unequivocally name this or that system the best, as each of them has pros and cons, drawing attention to which, the user can make for himself the best choice.

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