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To ride with the lights on during the day was decided long ago. It is believed that the included lights will contribute to the safety of the car on the roads, although some studies have shown that the lights burning in the day do not particularly affect the statistics of traffic accidents. Therefore, in the US, daytime lights on the car are considered optional.

The car's running lights are special light devices that perform the function of improving the visibility of the car during the day. But you can not use dimensions instead of daytime running lights. Outside lights function as a sign of the dimensions of vehicles at night.

In comparison with the passing beam, daytime lights have many advantages:

• Increase the safety level of the car. Transport, which is equipped with daytime running lights, is better recognized by other drivers on the road, which can not be said about passing lights that illuminate only the road and are less noticeable to oncoming drivers. Manufacturers of navigation lights say that their use in the daytime contributes to reducing the accident rate by 10 -15%.

• Electricity consumption. In the navigation lights, unlike the dipped beam, LEDs are used, which practically do not consume electricity when used. In addition, when switching on the daytime running lights, the instrument panel backlight does not turn on (as in the case of near and high beams).

• Increase the service life of devices and lighting systems. When the dipped headlights are used for a long time, the driver has to change the lamps much more often than for those who use daytime lights. Daytime lights set LEDs for extended service life - up to 10 thousand hours. In addition, these LEDs do not need any maintenance at all.

• Auto power on and off. When using a dipped beam in the daytime, you can forget to turn it off. But LED driving lights have a function of automatic on and off. This also helps reduce the power consumption of the car.

The only drawback that track lights have is their high cost. For such a seemingly small device, you will have to pay a minimum of $ 100, plus the cost of installing it.

To date, the most popular manufacturer of LED navigation lights is the company Hella. In many countries of the world (the end of the 1990s) there was a question of equipping all cars with running lights.

The company "Hella" (Hella) was one of the first in the world market to offer its products.

At the moment, daytime running lights Hella are manufactured in various trim levels, thanks to the use of modern LED technology. Daytime lights, which offers customers Hella, can have a round, and a rectangular, and even a longitudinal shape. It is worth noting, the products of this company model "Ledayflex" is adapted almost for all brands and models of modern cars. In addition, such navigation lights are 10 times more economical than conventional dimensions.

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