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Which lamps can I use to get daylight?

At the moment, the most common paws from which you can get daylight, are LED and luminescent. Both of these types have their own merits, as well as disadvantages. Let's consider in detail both of these types of lighting equipment.

Fluorescent lamps

Such lighting devices still cause the consumer some concerns. Everyone remembers the daylight lamps of the Soviet model, which from time to time began to blink and crackle. However, modern equipment of this type is much more perfect and reliable. Despite the fact that such lamps that give daylight contain mercury vapor, they can be considered absolutely harmless to human health. This lighting equipment is an energy-saving type. From a 20-watt lamp, you can get the same light output as a normal 100 W lamp. With the help of fluorescent equipment, it is easy to save up to 80% of electric power in this way.

Recently, similar devices are increasingly used in living quarters. Connecting a fluorescent lamp of a modern design does not represent anything complicated. They have a regular base and are simply screwed into the socket. The only small complexity can arise when choosing a similar lamp. The fact is that they are issued in two types. One is for wall lights, the second for chandeliers. In the first case, it is necessary to select equipment marked E14. For the ceiling, a lamp fitted with a larger diameter base with the E27 marking is suitable.

LED equipment

This type of lamp is considered the most modern and convenient at the moment. With the help of LED equipment you can get not only daylight, but also arrange a variety of decorative effects. Such devices are also energy saving. LED lamps can consume much less electricity than conventional incandescent lamps and even fluorescent ones. In addition, it is the most durable type of lighting equipment known to date. They give more natural daylight than even fluorescent. In addition, they do not contain mercury, and therefore are safer. If such a lamp breaks down, there will be no problem with its disposal, as this happens with a fluorescent type of lamp.

When choosing LED equipment that emits daylight, you should pay attention to such a parameter as the color temperature. In the event that you prefer the yellowish light more than usual, it is worth choosing a bulb with a marking of 2700 K. To obtain a soft white, you will need equipment 2800-3200 K. Lamps with the marking 2800-3200 K are more suitable for offices, since they give a neutral cold lighting.

Thus, for the equipment of modern apartments are quite suitable fluorescent lights. The price of them depends on the type of device. LED lamps can cost much more expensive than fluorescent lamps. This is the main reason that they are used in living quarters so far not too often. However, with the help of a fluorescent lamp, you can get high-quality lighting and at the same time save on electricity.

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