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Headlamps: rating and overview

The need for a compact light source most often arises in campaigns. It is best to use headlights for lighting purposes. Rating of the best models will help you to choose a flashlight that will suit you in all parameters. But first, let's talk about how to choose these compact devices.

Why is it necessary?

The headlamp can be used in camping or at home. Its main task is to provide lighting without hands. Some models are supplemented with different functionality, but in general the devices have compact dimensions and limited functionality. In extreme situations, headlamps can also act as a signaling device, especially if they can work in the strobe or SOS mode.

What characteristics are important?

It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters, choosing headlamps. The rating, which we will compile just below, will be based on several important characteristics:

  • Brightness: this parameter is responsible for the range of visibility. Exceptional range of the beam is not needed, if you need to illuminate something at arm's length. But if the headband is to be used as a surveillance and security device, you need to choose a more powerful device.
  • Lighting range: in order for the light to be sufficient, the flashlight should work in a mode of general flooding or directional light. The flooding light is able to illuminate the whole camp directed - a remote object.
  • Time of battery operation: in extreme situations, it is important that the charge is spent sparingly. In this case, it is better to choose headliners equipped with a white or red LED.

In addition, the headlamps should be comfortable, especially if you plan on making night trips for a long time. The weight of the instruments depends on the number of LEDs and the type of battery.

And what about the impact of the environment?

Depending on the operating conditions, water resistance and impact resistance may be important characteristics. Many headlamps meet these requirements. The IP rating refers to the class of protection against penetration of contaminants and the degree of protection of the device. In such models, electronic and mechanical parts are reliably protected from dust and liquids. The best flashlight should be resistant to rain and short-term immersion. Another rating - IK - speaks about the security of lanterns from mechanical influences and shows how much energy they can withstand. We offer an overview of the most reliable headlamps.

The most powerful for the campaign - Fenix HP25

In the rating of the headlights The highest power we have included the Fenix HP25. Its power is mesmerizing: the lantern illuminates the distance to 160 m with a light flux of 360 lumens. In addition, the device attracts attention with a durable ergonomic body, good heat dissipation, convenient control with the help of two buttons. There is a system of double illumination - near and far light. The power of 360 ANSI lumens is very high for the headlamp, which makes it possible to use it in the dark. Thanks to the system of double illumination the lamp is universal, as it is possible to choose the level of light of diodes. Its fastening is performed by a longitudinal or transverse belt, which provides a reliable fixation.

The most powerful for sports - Vaska 9.11 XM-L

Headlamps are also used by athletes. We decided to make a rating and taking into account the models of this assignment. In terms of power among these devices, Vaska 9.11 XM-L stands out. It can work in three brightness modes: at the brightest - 550 Lumens - just over two and a half hours, on average at a power of 180 lm - 8.5 hours, at the lowest - 60 lumens - the lamp will work a day and a half. But this is one of the light lanterns in its class, is equipped with an ultra-efficient LED cooling radiator and is fully waterproof, so it can be used in any weather. Due to its excellent brightness, the lantern is comfortable even when making sharp turns. This model is in demand by skiers, cyclists, fishermen, hunters and tourists who prefer a nocturnal lifestyle.

Best in Compactness - Fenix HL35

In the rating of the headlamps for fishing we have included several models:

  1. Led Lenser H6R. This lantern works in two modes - focused high beam and diffused near-light. A special dimmer allows smoothly changing the level and brightness of lighting. The most powerful indicator of the lantern is 200 lm, the lowest is 20 lm.
  2. "Era". Headlamps of this brand have an impact-resistant housing. The cost of models is the lowest in the market, but the quality of this does not suffer at all. The main models of the brand are able to work in three basic and one flashing mode. The lens has a shockproof rubber coating.
  3. "Bright beam". Another model of domestic production, which is pleased with the quality and affordability of the price. The most economical headliner has a capacity of 170 lm. The assembly is qualitative and reliable, so the flashlight can be operated under extreme conditions.

An original and practical option is a universal cap-lantern, which shows its effectiveness in fishing and light trekking.

Best for camping - Fenix HP01

In the headlamp LED headlamp rating we have included several models of this brand. And this is not accidental: it is he who produces the most compact and light, but modern and powerful instruments. For use in camping, the Fenix HP01 flashlight is ideal. It is simple and convenient to manage, it is inexpensive, but it can become a true companion in the camping. The maximum brightness is 210 lumens, the lantern operates in 4 levels of brightness, has an additional red light and SOS mode. The multifunctional headband has a battery compartment, in which you can easily change batteries. For camping it is ideal because of a large number of modes of operation and the function of blocking from accidental activation. In addition, it has a high class of water resistance, so it will withstand both rain and dirt.

Best in Size - Fenix HL23

By compactness and stylish design, this is the best headlamp. Rating on the size indicator is headed precisely by this model. It is equipped with the highest quality LED, is distinguished by service durability and practically does not heat up when used. You can use the headband in three modes, the differences of which are in the degree of brightness. Even the minimum lighting mode is sufficient for the use of a lantern in a hike or fishing. The head shell is made of anodized aluminum alloy. Use the same Fenix HL23 can be in all weather conditions, as the level of its tightness is high.

Best for work - Fenix HL30

Particular attention deserves head-on branded battery lights. The rating we compiled includes another model of the Fenix brand. This lantern has the easiest design with preservation of strength indicators. The optics are specially designed so that the device can work in complete darkness. You can control the flashlight with carefully located buttons, with which you can switch modes. The bonus of the flashlight is a red LED of low power. Among the functionality of the model can be noted the presence of 4 brightness modes, the ability to set the alarm mode SOS, red light and battery power.

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