The cow of the Yaroslavl breed: characteristics, photos and reviews

Yaroslavl dairy breed of cows is by far one of the most popular among Russian farmers. ие удои и неприхотливость в уходе. Its main advantages are high milk yield and unpretentiousness in care. At present, the livestock of the Yaroslavl breed is 3% of the total cattle in our country.

How was it

Yaroslavl breed of cows, characteristic я вляется о дной из самых старых в России и мире. The productivity of which in fact is simply excellent, is about the bottom of the oldest in Russia and the world. It was brought out in the XIX century. As already can be judged by the name of the breed, it was obtained in the Yaroslavl province. Today, this cattle is successfully bred in seven regions of Russia. The main population is concentrated in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Tver and Vologda regions.

General description of the breed

корова ярославской породы о бычно имеет черную. The color of the Yaroslavl breed cow is about black. Also, the standards allow for red-mottled and black-and-motley colors. Characteristic signs of the cattle of this breed are low, rather thin limbs, light horns with dark ends and an obverse part of white color with black "glasses". Actually, the head of these cows is usually dry and narrow.

The constitution of the Yaroslavl cattle is clearly pronounced dairy. Their skeleton is strong, the body is elongated, and the forms are slightly angular. Subcutaneous fat in cattle of this breed is very small. In this case, the musculature of cows and gobies throughout the body is developed quite poorly. Also the signs of the breed are:

  • Deep narrow chest;
  • Back of medium width;
  • An elongated neck;
  • High withers;
  • A large belly with widely spaced ribs.

In addition to the front, white animals often have a belly, a tip of the tail and lower parts of the extremities. The nasal mirror in animals is usually black.

The udders of Yaroslavl cows

This part of the body in the breed is very well developed. The udders of Yaroslavl cows have a round shape. Anterior nipples in animals are wider than the anterior ones. This is also one of the main characteristics of the breed. The nipples themselves are of medium length. корова ярославской породы очень легко доится. Therefore, the cow of the Yaroslavl breed is very easy to milk. The udder index is 40-45%. That is, after milking, it decreases almost twofold. The skin on the udder of the cows of this breed is very thin.

Dairy Productivity

In this regard, the Yaroslavl breed of cows, as already mentioned, is one of the best for today. From one animal per year, you can get up to 3000-6000 kg of milk. At the same time, the yield of recorders is often 7000-8000 kg. Heifers-first-borns give about 2250 kg per year. Milk from these cows is quite fat - 4-4,5%. It can be used not only for fresh consumption or for the production of kefir, but also for the production of butter and cheese on an industrial scale. If the number of milk yields exceeds 6000 kg, the fat content of the product increases to 5.22%.

Meat production

корова ярославской породы обычно достигает в холке 125-127 см. Телята рождаются маленькими — на 28-30 кг. The adult cow of Yaroslavl breed usually reaches at the withers 125-127 cm. Calves are born small - by 28-30 kg. Weight subsequently they gain relatively quickly. In six months, calves weigh almost 180 kg, and a year - about 300-350 kg. For an adult cow this figure is 500 kg. Bulls usually weigh 100 kg more. -1200 кг. The body weight of manufacturers can reach up to 800 -1200 kg.

The weight of the animals of this breed, therefore, is quite large. However, according to the meat signs, there was never any selection work with the Yaroslavl cow. (40-45 %) . Therefore, the yield of meat from this breed after slaughter is relatively small (40-45%) . The best indicators in this regard show those borenki, in the diet of which the amount of food containing many proteins was increased. First of all, these are concentrates - grain, crushed stone, quality bran.

Features of care

ярославская порода коров (фото ее представителей можно видеть на странице) по той же технологии, что и любая другая молочная. Harvested Yaroslavl breed of cows (photo of its representatives can be seen on the page) using the same technology as any other dairy. этого скота является устойчивость к лейкозу . One of the main advantages of this livestock is the resistance to leukemia . роблем у фермеров, содержащих коров ярославской породы, связанных с этим заболеванием, не возникает практически никогда. The problem with farmers, containing cows of the Yaroslavl breed associated with this disease, does not arise almost never. лейкозом заразится одно животное, эпидемия, скорее всего, не начнется. Even if one animal gets infected with leukemia , the epidemic probably will not start. This cattle is also quite resistant to other dangerous infectious diseases.

Forage Yaroslavl cows consume very little. корова ярославской породы , к ак и любой другой крупный рогатый скот, грубые корма, корнеплоды, концентраты. Eats cow of Yaroslavl breed , to ak and any other cattle, roughage, root crops, concentrates. The most effective in growing Yaroslavl cattle is three meals a day.

One cow of the Yaroslavl breed for a lifetime can bring up to 5 calves. Bulls and heifers are born healthy and strong. Care for them is carried out according to the usual technology. Daily calves weight gain with proper feeding usually reaches 700-750 grams.

Yaroslavl breed of cows: responses of farmers

Of course, this productive cattle enjoys great popularity among Russian cattle breeders. тех ферм, на которых разводится скот этой породы, определяется не только высокими показателями удоев, но и плодовитостью коров, а также их нетребовательностью к кормам. The profitability of those farms on which the cattle of this breed is bred is determined not only by high yields of milk, but also by the fertility of cows, and by their undemanding to fodder. On the pastures, these bumps are just fine.

очевидны. The advantages of the Yaroslavl breed of cows are obvious. There are practically no minuses for this cattle. этого скота фермеры считают не слишком красивую и гармоничную форму тел а . Some farmers consider the lack of this cattle to be a not too beautiful and harmonious form of bodies . Thin limbs of Yaroslavl cows in extreme situations often break down. However, since this does not affect the milking yield in any way, and this breed has little influence on the popularity of the breed. The only thing - experienced farmers advise to avoid grazing these burrs in the area with a lot of stones and all kinds of irregularities. The skin of Yaroslavl cows for the production of leather goods can not be used. The fact is that they are very thin and easily torn. This can also be considered a certain disadvantage of the breed.

Good reviews of Yaroslavl cows have earned, including for the prevalence. Buy these calves if necessary, no special labor. And the young Yaroslavl is not too expensive. The same goes for good manufacturers.

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