Totachi (oil): reviews of motorists

August 29, 2012 in Moscow at an automobile event all motorists of the country presented a new brand for our market - Totachi. Motor oil is produced in Japan. This product is very interested motorists. Let's get acquainted with the manufacturer, technologies, and also learn the feedback of those who use this oil.

A little about the company itself

After studying the official site, which is available in Russian and English, it becomes clear that this company began its existence in 1998. Japanese chemical engineers tried to combine their experience and technology of science, and then created the company.

To date, "Totachi Industrial" is a modern company that produces a wide range of quality products for cars and other light vehicles, as well as products for the production segment. The company, in the manufacture of motor oils and other automotive fluids, applies the latest trends, which is why it has earned a good reputation among motorists around the world. In this article we will consider what Totachi (oil) reviews have. Let's see if this product is so good.


The products of the Japanese company "Totachi" are not only oils and lubricants, although there are a lot of them in the catalogs. The company produces and offers various cooling fluids, windscreen washer, filters. Also in our market are various batteries of this company.

Light motor lubricants

Totachi (engine oil of Japanese origin) is the result of a huge experience in the production and sale of lubricants for cars and the industry both on the domestic market and around the world. Oil from this manufacturer is a product in which the most modern technologies and traditional Japanese quality intersect.

Car oils are highly ecological and fully meet the most serious requirements. The oils use high-quality and unique additive packages, which were developed at the company's research center. By their ecological compatibility they are the materials of the future.

Among the line of lubricants there are universal solutions that combine standards. Like many others, Totachi offers motorists synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. Let's find out if Totachi oil is good. Reviews of car enthusiasts will say this better than any advertising.

Totachi 5W30

Let's begin our review with this oil. Lubricants from the Japanese manufacturer is a unique product that was born out of experience and numerous experiments for industry and automobiles.

This product was created in such a way as to combine high ecological indicators, and full compliance with the norms and requirements of modern cars. This is the product of Totachi 5w30 engine oil. Feedback, as well as the main characteristics of this product, consider below.

What is this oil? If you believe the manufacturer, it is a product synthesized from the best base lubricants with a unique and original set of antifriction additives, which were developed by the company's researchers. This is an excellent base for creating the best lubricant. If you take into account all the qualities, as well as the ecological characteristics of the product, then the future behind these oils is Totachi. Motor oil of any series is the optimal solution that not only meets the latest international standards, but also has tolerances.

Basic information about Totachi 5W30

So, as the manufacturer claims, this oil is a high-quality synthetics. As an additive package - lubricants of the V category. This lubricant was able to combine all the best. The product is fully compliant with Euro IV standards. This lubricant has the most optimal additives, which provide maximum protection of the main parts and engine components from premature wear, corrosion, and also does not form foam. But this can be said about any from the manufacturer Totachi oil. Reviews - that's what really says about the quality of oil and about the features of its use.

The manufacturer recommends this lubricant for numerous foreign cars. In Japan, it is assured that the oil is suitable even for those cars where exhaust gas treatment is provided.

The Japanese believe that this product allows you to maximally reveal all, even hidden, features of the most modern engines. The product is universal, so it can be used for both diesel and gasoline. Lubrication will work in turbo-charged units, and in atmospheric engines. It allows you to save on fuel, affects the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Totachi synthetic motor oil Ultima Ecodrive F 5W 30 is a quick start-up of the machine, even if it's very cold outside.

This fluid is recommended for use in new and old motors. It is designed not only for cars, but also great for sports cars, and for off-road cars.

The mixture is well suited for winter, especially when ordinary oils already lose their properties. Among the advantages of the "Totachi" can be identified protection from deposits in the piston group, in the cylinders, as well as in the valves and other systems of the car. During operation, oil provides reliable protection of engine parts from overheating and other loads, thereby prolonging their service life.

This product has another advantage. This is a very low temperature at which the lubricant loses its flow characteristics. Also, oil contributes to the accelerated warm-up of the power unit, or effective heating, if it is started on a cold one. This allows you to reduce the wear of the main engine components. This product complies with the BMW and VW approvals.

Totachi (synthetic motor oil): reviews

That's what car owners write about this product, which have been using this brand for several years. During this period, they drove on this lubricant of the order of 80,000 km. They change the lubricant every 10,000 km. Owners use only synthetic oil, although semisynthetic would have been cheaper. However, the owners are not too sure how the motor will work with it. These car enthusiasts believe that the product is excellent.

Other drivers also wrote for Totachi 5w30 engine oil. They are positive about the product. Drivers who had problems with the car, in particular, with the engine, tried to solve them using various oils that are provided in the modern market. However, such a decision did not bring results. After trying a few different manufacturers, they bought Totachi 5w30 oil. Feedback and positive comments did not take long. The owners remained confident that this is an excellent product. After using this oil, the engine started to work more quietly, and its internal parts remained clean, unlike previous attempts with other oils. It turns out that these products are designed for foreign cars, but in our country began to be sold only recently.

Most consumers like the products of this company. Trying to use it at least once, they were convinced of the excellent quality of the proposed product. Even those owners who have a driving experience of ten or more years, confidently declare that the oils of the Japanese manufacturer are the best products on the market. Many have their own criteria for choosing lubricating fluids. One of these criteria is the time during which the motor continues to operate silently. In the case of Japanese oils of this manufacturer, this period is equal to the time for which the car manages to overcome 10,000 km. Also the motor practically does not eat Totachi oil. Reviews - only positive.

Many positive reviews about the semi-synthetic 5W30. This lubricant is used for foreign cars, while the replacement of lubricants, according to the owners, occurs on average every 12,000 km. In total, more than 35,000 km have been covered. In addition, consumption is significantly reduced compared to other brands.

Totachi 5W40

In the range of products "Totachi" there is a synthetic oil 5W40. This product consists of a large number of very different high-quality components. Here, as the manufacturer claims, a very strong complex of various technological additives. They have good detergent properties, which allows to increase the service life of the motor. The Japanese recommend this lubricant for motors with very high technical performance. This oil is perfect for multi-valve units with high revs both on diesel fuel and on gasoline. Lubrication is able to reliably protect the engine when operating in extreme temperatures, and also helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Which has Totachi 5W40 oil reviews? From the description of the manufacturer, everything is clear. But what do motorists say about this lubricant? In fact, the product is of high quality, or is it just a PR?

One of the drivers on the popular automobile resource writes that he uses this oil with Subaru cars with atmospheric engines. He tried many different brands of lubricants, including original oils, but he was not satisfied with the expense. After visiting the car-care center he was offered to try "Totachi". As a result, he has been using this product for more than 2.5 years. The motor does not make a noise, but the flow is normal for its car.

At numerous SRT specialists also actively offer oils "Totachi". It has properties no worse than Motul, and at a price much cheaper.

Another foreign car owner, who uses 5W40 on his car, writes that the car works much quieter, and its course has improved.

In general, people write that this is an excellent product. Lubricants are really high-quality, but they are not even consumed. This is a powerful argument for the transition to it. In addition, it is much cheaper than branded products with similar characteristics.

Totachi 0W20: specifications

Totachi engine oil synthetic Extra Fuel Economy 0W 20 is a low-viscosity compound, designed for use throughout the year. It is ideal for working with the most modern and high-end technology units. The product can also be used in engines with neutralization of exhaust gases. This lubricant was developed using the latest fuel and resource-saving technologies. Lubrication makes it possible to make the motor work more efficient on all ranges, and also helps to save fuel in comparison with more viscous lubricants.

As for this lubricant, here, too, everything is fine. About the oil Totachi 0w20 reviews in most positive. Experienced motorists choose Totachi for an adequate price-quality ratio. When using a motor with this fluid, the engine inside is clean, and the expense for burning is small. As already mentioned, this lubricating fluid is similar in characteristics to the oils "Motul".

Car enthusiasts are seriously confident that these lubricants, and in particular this particular brand, is a good alternative to popular brands. And often expensive oils in our country like to forge. In addition, in our markets, this product is still considered a novelty.

About Totachi (engine synthetic oil Extra Fuel Economy 0W 20) reviews make it clear that low viscosity and high quality inevitably lead to fuel economy. At low viscosity of the lubricating fluid, there is less resistance to the parts and components of the motor, as well as better heat removal. In addition, with the oils from the "Totachi" you can see an increase in torque to the wheel drive.

In recent years, technological processes for the production of lubricating products have been smashed in Japan, and engine technology has been improved in the world. But this lubricant is designed just for the most modern power units. Today, the working surfaces of most units in motors are significantly reduced. Therefore, liquids with high viscosity are not corny suitable. Even modern car manufacturers recommend using Totachi engine oil synthetic Extra Fuel Economy 0W 20 4L on new and modern cars, and especially on Japanese cars.

The more liquid oil passes better through the reduced gaps of the parts of the unit. Fluids that have a high viscosity, just do not get to where they need to work. And this, in turn, leads to engine failure, or to premature wear of the nodes (due to the friction of the parts "on the dry").

But these lubricants are not suitable for all cars. For example, the owners of domestic classic models of "AvtoVAZ" argue that the system simply does not have enough pressure. But what is the difference between the Totachi 0w20 oil for cars? Reviews say that this is the best of all that is available in stores for motorists, in addition, prices are quite democratic.

Transmission fluids

Here, the Japanese manufacturer offers a variety of different tools. They are designed to work in a wide variety of transmission systems. These are oils for small cars, sports models and heavy equipment.

Among the transmission lubricants in the range there are oils on a synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral base. "Totachi" offers lubricants for all types of mechanical transmission. All means fully comply with modern standards adopted throughout the world.

In general, Totachi transmission oil reviews are either positive or neutral. Here the Japanese did not offer anything outstanding. Those who poured the products of this company, write that the checkpoint began to work a little quieter. But here everything is very relative.

One of the car owners says that he filled the transmission oil of this manufacturer in Nissan. Further he writes that the oil is not just good, but of excellent quality. The box began to work much easier, switching more clear, and the buzz in the third gear disappeared. So the verdict - you can pour.

These oils behave identically both in frost and on a warm summer day. But the selection of lubricants follows the recommendations of the car manufacturer. There are many cases when the checkpoint was out of order due to incorrect selection of oil. But Totachi offers the domestic market a quality product for a reasonable price.

Fluids for automatic transmission

The company also took care of those motorists who drive on automatic boxes or variators. Here, the proposed fluids are also based on high-quality base oils. In the composition of lubricants, there are also additive packages that will significantly reduce the wear of the automatic transmission assemblies and reduce the friction between the parts. These greases do not foam, which is very important.

The oils for automatic transmissions have good resistance to oxidation, are temperature stable, ensure the reliability of the mechanisms at high loads. Thanks to special technologies in production, lubricants can significantly reduce the amount of deposits in the area of the sealing joints. Lubrication does not have a destructive effect on polymer parts. All lubricants fully comply with the tolerances of automakers.

When investigating the quality characteristics, the lubricant from Totachi took an honest 6th place among the industry leaders such as Motul, Shell, Mobil. This is a good result for second-tier oil.


The products manufactured by the Japanese under the brand name "Totachi" are a real holiday for the car. Lubricants from this manufacturer are a result of the enormous work that specialists conducted. About engine oil Totachi reviews only positive.

Perhaps in this article too much praise this oil, however, this is indeed so. On the Internet, there is not a single negative feedback on the products of "Totachi". And this is about something says.

So, we found out what kind of reviews and characteristics Japanese engine oil "Totachi".

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