Best Home Cinema: Comparative Reviews, Ratings, Reviews

A good movie is worth it to be watched by people in the cinema. This is not surprising: in order to get maximum pleasure from viewing, one should be exclusively in comfortable conditions, immerse in the atmosphere of the film, feel its plot.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to go to the cinema, especially if you expect a lot of new products. In this case, an excellent solution will be to purchase a home theater.

The choice should be treated with the utmost responsibility, because the best home cinemas will leave you only positive emotions.

So, let's figure out which manufacturers need to give their preference.

Some of the best manufacturers are LG, Sony and Samsung. Today we will discuss only these models! Budget options are still there.

Now we will discuss the best home cinemas in the budget category.

Sony BDV-E

A good and inexpensive solution would be the installation of a Sony cinema, the BDV-E model. This is a practical, durable, easy-to-use home theater, the price takes the most modest position in the lineup of all the best movie theaters - 20,000 rubles.

Of the merits of this product, I would like to single out a single-block system that ensures the operation of high-quality and powerful speakers reaching 1 thousand watts. Thanks to the Bluetooth port, you can play videos directly from your mobile device.

In addition, alternative sources providing playback of a video are USB-drives, DVD and Blu-ray discs, as well as the Internet. Sony Home Theater will last a long time, leaving only positive impressions after use!

Many who chose this theater are satisfied with its use and consider it the most optimal solution for those who have long wanted to enjoy films in amazing quality.


The next in the line of such products is the LG LHB755 home theater, easy to use, convenient, with good quality of sound and image reproduction.

The price is 27 thousand rubles. One of the main advantages presented to users is that even with the maximum volume increase, sound is not distorted, but retains its quality. In addition, such a cinema will appeal to all those who are forever losing the console: in this case, they can also be served by your phone, which is always with you.

The cinema has a karaoke function that will be indispensable at various events, and also supports many formats, which is certainly a very convenient option.

With the right settings, you can enjoy a three-dimensional image in 3D. Speaking about the impressions of customers, it is worth noting that this product is the best among all its competitors. Virtually all the best home theaters contain some disadvantages, however, it is this model that the user will not be able to make any claims.

Samsung HT-J5530K

Already on the great experience of using Samsung products it became clear that this is one of the best electronics companies, which produces only high-quality and durable technology.

Among all the best options, the home theater Samsung HT-J5530K, which received the highest position in the ratings, also excelled. It is a very stylish, functional, powerful enough device.

Support for a large number of formats, an affordable price of 24 thousand, a fairly simple interface, good picture and sound quality will not leave you indifferent. In addition, customers will appreciate the built-in Wi-Fi-module, the function of Bluetooth and Ethernet.

The only drawback is short and uncomfortable device wires. The rating of the cinema is so high for a reason, because all buyers are satisfied with such a favorable ratio of price and quality of the goods.

The best domestic budget-level cinemas can compete well with many models of medium and even high cost, so you can easily buy this or that model without regretting your choice.

Average cost. Samsung HT-J7750W

Perhaps, among all home theaters this model has received the most enthusiastic reviews. According to the opinion of many people, the home theater Samsung 100% meets the requirements of even the most picky user. The sound can not be spoken without admiration - thanks to the special columns in the room a pleasant sensation is created.

Management can be carried out using a smartphone, and from any position in the apartment. The materials of the cinema are very high quality, but in general it is made in a stylish and nice eye design.

The video can be viewed with the help of USB-drive, Internet, smartphone. The image quality is Full HD 3D, and also Ultra HD. The price is 51 thousand. Having bought a cinema Samsung HT-J7750W, you will plunge into the film with a head.


Home theater LG BH9540TW will appeal to all thanks to clean and high-quality sound, high power, support of any formats. The cinema has a karaoke function, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA. The sound is very realistic, and thanks to the 3D image, the feeling of presence is even greater. Judging by the reviews, the only drawback of this movie theater is the cut-down image in Smart TV mode. Despite this, buyers are satisfied with the purchase.

Thus, the best home cinemas of this category can boast HD and 3D quality, they have powerful speakers with a clean sound, are simple and convenient to use.

High price. Sony BDV-E6100

The most popular is Sony's home theater, which has won the favor of many buyers. In the event that one of your criteria is a large volume while maintaining high sound quality, then the Sony BDV-E6100 is your favorite!

According to buyers, this model is not only one of the most high-quality and durable, but also one of the most "smart". Thanks to these features and capabilities, you can watch the movie online, listen to FM radio, connect via Bluetooth.

The processor of this cinema is very powerful, the sound is clean. In order to use the product even more convenient, the manufacturers have provided for the use of a keyboard, which can be connected via a USB port. The device has many connectors, making the cinema even more convenient. This model supports Smart TV and Blu-ray 3D.


Summarizing, it is worth noting that the best home theaters of such categories will create the most comfortable conditions for viewing the film. You can enjoy this or that video at the maximum level.

In addition, it is worth noting that special attention should be paid to the speakers; Home cinemas will create a sense of reality always, they would not belong to any price category. The main thing is the correct installation!

We hope that the above information helped you to choose a really high-quality home theater from a particular price category. Today in the article we reviewed the best models of companies LG, Sony and Samsung.

Good luck!

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