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Best movies with Keira Knightley: list, description, reviews and reviews

Children often follow in the footsteps of their parents, especially for actors' families. Three-year-old Keira Knightley asked to hire her an agent to look like her mother and father.

Looking for movies with Keira Knightley? The list of the best works is as follows:

  1. "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  2. "Pride and Prejudice".
  3. "Play like Beckham."
  4. The Duchess.
  5. "Redemption".
  6. "A jacket".
  7. "Dominoes".
  8. "Playing in imitation."
  9. "Real love".
  10. "Silk".

First steps

The British actress today is famous all over the world, but her success is the result of hard work. The girl made a lot of efforts from her childhood, she was a diligent student. It should be noted that she had to work twice as much because of congenital dyslexia. It's amazing that with such a violation of the letter and reading Knightley managed to achieve unprecedented heights.

Kira spent her school holidays studying acting skills, and her own agent appeared before her in the first grade. By eleven years the little girl managed to appear in several shows and mini-series, the first films with Keira Knightley appeared on the screen. The list was small: "Treasure Seekers", "Innocent Lie", "Homecoming".

"Star Wars"

In 1999, an aspiring actress pulled out a "lucky ticket." External resemblance to Natalie Portman allowed her to begin filming in the movie "Star Wars. Episode I: The Hidden Menace. " Knightley starred in the role of Saba, the twin of Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman).

In the makeup of the girls, it was incredibly difficult to distinguish, so Kira sometimes played two heroines at once. It is interesting that the substitution was noticed only by specialists and very attentive spectators, and the majority of admirers of George Lucas creativity still believe that only the Natalie Portman represented Amidala and Saba.

Cyrus Knightley liked film critics - the list of films with her participation continued to increase. Until 2002, the actress took part in such projects: "Oliver Twist", "Doctor Zhivago", "Robin Hood's daughter: The Princess of Thieves" and "Yama".

"Play as Beckham"

The long-awaited fame and many proposals for cooperation brought comedy melodrama "Play as Beckham." The story is incredibly easy and fun, not devoid of love passions and, of course, football. According to film critics, the role of the sportswoman was a great success for Kire Knightley.

Many viewers like movies with Keira Knightley. The list of her works, by the way, could end with the project "Play as Beckham." The girl went to college and planned to devote all her free time to studying English literature, classics and history. However, in the world box office the picture has collected a record $ 76 million, and lucrative contracts literally "showered" on the actress. After such success, Kira postponed her studies and plunged into the work with her head.

The best of the proposals was the role of Elizabeth Swann in the adventure saga "Pirates of the Caribbean." This project became one of the most profitable and brought "in a piggy bank" about 654 million dollars. Producers decided not to delay with the continuation, so the world has already seen the second, third and fourth parts of "Pirates", in which the main female role was also played by Kira Knightley.


The list of the best films of the charming Kira can not be imagined without the project "Pride and Prejudice", created under the novel by Jane Austen.

According to the actress herself, the role of Elizabeth Bennet was a real dream. Against the involvement of Knightley was the director Joe Wright, but a personal meeting with Kira changed his mind.

The overwhelming majority of viewers and critics believe that it is this adaptation of the legendary novel that most corresponds to the spirit of the times Jane Austen. The heroine Knightley turned out to be alive and emotional, sometimes even eccentric. For the last quality of the actress scolded fans of the work "Pride and Prejudice."

As a true Englishwoman, Keira Knightley is close to Austin's creativity, so no Hollywood celebrity would have handled this role better.

Cardinal change of the image

From an English lady to a bounty hunter - compare how different the best movies are with Keira Knightley. The list continues the action movie "Domino", based on the biography of Domino Harvey.

The daughter of the famous actor Lawrence Harvey, without a shadow of doubt, exchanged the model's career for a strange occupation. The girl decided to look for people who were released on bail, but disappeared from the court's view. Short haircut, boyish outfit and appropriate manners - the first scene of the film begins in the FBI interrogation room, where the hunter was due to suspicions of a major robbery.

After the charming Miss Bennet, the audience was surprised to find the "other" Keira Knightley. In the image of a bad girl, the actress, perhaps you will not like it, but remember exactly.

By the way, preparation for filming "Domino" was held in parallel with the project "Pride and Prejudice". Knightley had to wear a wig because of a short haircut and hide behind long sleeves muscular arms.


Do you like movies with Keira Knightley? The list can not be imagined without the military drama "Atonement", where again we see the tandem of actress and director Joe Wright.

The consequences of some actions can be fixed is very difficult - this is convinced 13-year-old Brioni, who mistakenly accuses Sister Cecilia's boyfriend of raping his cousin. Without delay, Robbie is sent to prison, and then to the front.

The role of Cecilia is really complicated, but none of the experienced actress could have coped with it the way Kira Knightley did it. "Atonement" arouses in viewers ambiguous feelings of anger, confusion, sympathy and regret. It's hard for us to understand the act of a girl who has suffered as much as the main character all her life.

A great game of actors, musical accompaniment, the work of costumers and decorators did not remain without attention of critics and spectators. In 2008, the film received 63 nominations and 17 awards, including Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe.

Secondary roles

All the films with Keira Knightley, whose list is presented in our review, usually have a "star" composition. An exception was not one more historical drama - "The Game of Imitation." This time, the main role went to the famous "Sherlock" - Benedikt Cumberbatch, and his partner was the charming Kira.

A difficult story about Alan Turing, who during the Second World War managed to crack the code of the Enigma encryption machine. Together with two specialists (Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode), he did the impossible, but in peacetime he turned out to be an "extra" person.

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