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Leonid Minkovsky - biography and creativity

In Russia there are many unknown, but very talented people. Leonid Minsky is one of them. He realized himself as a producer and architect. With his help, several ambiguous and quality films were shot.

Leonid Minkovsky: biography

Little is known about Leonid's childhood and youth. The only thing that journalists managed to learn is that he was born into a Jewish family in Dnepropetrovsk. There he received the education of an architect.

It is known that Leonid Minsky is Rodnina's husband, who at the time of the meeting with him already took place as a figure skater and began a coaching career.
There were many against this marriage, but at the time of the family's creation, strong feelings were burning between Rodnina and Minkovsky. Among many ill-wishers, Elena Chaikovskaya stood out , who believed that Irina, marrying Leonid, discredited herself and betrays the country. The couple decided to leave Russia because of a lack of work in perestroika years. They settled in Lake Arrowhead (California, USA), where Irina began to train skaters, and Leonid took up entrepreneurial activity.

Daughter of Alain

In the marriage of Leonid and Irina, a daughter of Alena appeared, who when divorced became a stumbling block between former spouses. Leonid Min'kovskii sincerely believed that Irina's employment would not allow her daughter to be raised properly , so he made every effort to sue the right to educate Alena.

For example, behind the house where Rodnina lived with her daughter, police surveillance was established. Under the laws of the United States, a child under the age of 13 can not be left alone without supervision, and Irina needed to work.

But Leonid Minsky failed to achieve his goal, and Irina raised her daughter herself. Alena has studied in the city of Santa Cruz, located in Northern California. She became a journalist and after her adulthood she worked with her father on Russian-American projects.

Leonid proud of his daughter, because she inherited from him the desire to work. For example, when she helped her father on film shootings, she had to combine the positions of an interpreter, costume designer and assistant. Worked father and daughter then for 15 hours a day.

Work on Russian-American projects

Leonid Minkovsky is known as the producer of films created by joint efforts of Russian and American specialists. He released the first film in 2005. It was the tape "The Shadow Partner". She talks about the love between a Russian girl and a CIA agent developing against the background of the girl's attempts to publish documents revealing a conspiracy at the top of the power of Russia and the United States.

Despite the unusual storyline and good script written by James D. Dec, who concurrently is the director of this picture, the film at the box office failed. He was met coldly in America, where they were immediately released on DVD, and criticized in Russia.
After it was released a short series "Film Festival", consisting of 4 series. His producer was also Minkovsky, but the shooting was completely in Russia. Despite the strong cast, the series went unnoticed. Even talented artists could not improve the situation by their participation in the project.
The third painting "Abduction" was withdrawn again in cooperation with the Americans. The entire filming process took place in the pavilions of "Mosfilm". This film received good reviews from the audience, which characterized it as a picture, breaking the prejudiced attitude towards Russian cinema. Of the shortcomings noted only too understandable to fans of thrillers the plot and similar situations with "Saw" and other Hollywood thrillers.

The film was nominated for the Golden Raspberry award in three categories, but the award was not received. In 2007, there were more failed films.

You and me

After an average, it is estimated that the painting "Abduction" Leonid Minkovsky smiled luck and he became the producer of the great success "You and I". To create it, he continued to work with the famous director Roland Joffe.

The film "You and I" was released in 2011. It was based on the novel of the opposition State Duma deputy Alexei Mitrofanov "Ta Tu Kam Back", which he wrote in collaboration with Anastasia Moiseeva.

The main role in this film was taken by Misha Barton, who coped well with the tasks assigned to her. Although you should not look at this picture for those who originally read the novel. The plot on it is similar only remotely, but the film has the right to life as a separate work.

Architectural project with Linda Marlin

After 2011, Leonid ceased his activities as a producer and flew to the US, where he realized himself as an architect. Leonid Minkovsky, photo of which can be found in respectable American magazines, has become a popular architect for people with high incomes.

Leonid is now known as the owner of several patents for furniture that can transform. Now he works with Linda Marlin, who shares his passion for design and is one of the most famous experts in creating interiors. Together they create interiors for private homes that are popular among Americans, because they combine chic and practical.

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