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Attikus Schaffer: the difficult life of a popular teenager

Atticus Schaffer is an eighteen-year-old American actor, nominated for several awards and received them. His full name is Atticus Ronald Schaffer.

Attikus Schaffer: biography

A young American actor was born in the United States of America in California on June 19, 1998. Since his childhood, the American actor lives with his parents Debbie and Ron Schaffer. An interesting fact is that the parents named Atticus in honor of the main character of the remarkable literary work "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Attikus Schaffer studied all school years at home because of his illness, but more about this later. His favorite pastime, besides filming in the movies, is reading. According to him, there was not a day that he would have spent without a book. The most favorite works of Atticus Schaffer are: "Star Wars" (all parts), the "Diary of a Wimp" series, and he admires books about the Second World War and studies the history of this war.

The American actor is also a fan of animated films. For example, he admires the "Clone Wars", likes to watch "Channel Stories", "Lombard Stars", "Grab Without Looking" and "American Collectors."

The roots of the famous actor

The genealogy of Atticus Schaffer is rather branched. For example, his grandmother on the paternal line was of Italian descent, and on the maternal side - Polish. But that is not all. Atticus has German, Swedish-French, French-Canadian and English roots.

Atticus Schaffer: Disease

When the boy was born, unfortunately, the doctors immediately discovered an innate disease of the bones. This severe disease is called imperfect osteogenesis of the fourth type. The disease was inherited from the mother, who is also sick with this disease, namely, has her first type. However, in all possible to find their advantages, although sometimes they can be very questionable. Of course, health is the most important component of a happy life, but not always a person gets what he would like. Due to his sad illness, the boy easily performs the role of characters who should look much younger than Atticus Schaffer himself.

The consequences of the disease, for example, extremely small growth (while Atticus only 142 centimeters), of course, complicate his life, but they also help to make interesting films in films.

It is also important to note the support of Debbie and Ron Schaffer - the parents of Atticus. They help and guide their son on the right path. After all, what can be more important than an understanding and supportive family? This is, undoubtedly, the most important thing in the life of any person.

Films and awards

It is important to note that Atticus Schaffer began his career as an actor at a very young age: he was nine years old. This happened in 2006.

In 2006 Attikus was noticed by a well-known manager and invited to the guest's main role in the release of "Class". This role led him to the embodiment of a more powerful role. He played the role of Bric Hack in the sitcom "It Happens and Worse".

Also, Schaffer is known for his role as Matti Newton in the 2009 film "The Unborn."

On wide screens, Atticus appeared in the films: "Hancock" (2008) as the boy at the stop, "The American Tale" (2008) as the little boy Timmy, "The Unborn", "The Day the Way Back" (2009), where his The character was a detective boy.

The American actor showed himself not only in the big cinema, but also on television. He has a huge number of roles in fairly large projects. The roles of Atticus Schaffer, the films in which he embodied them, are presented below:

  • "Class" (2007). The role of John in the first episode.
  • "Days of Our Life" (2007). A little Irishman.
  • "Motorists" (2008). In the first episode I played a boy.
  • "From the head of Jimmy" (2008). The role of Aaron.
  • "It happens and worse" (from 2009 to the present). Brick Hake.
  • "Five superheroes" (2013). In this film Attikus Schaffer voiced the character of Monk I.
  • "Dance fever" (2011). The role of stranger.
  • "I'm in a rock band" (2011). The image of Eddie Nova, Jr..
  • "My name is Earl" (2009). A boy from the cosmonaut camp.

Scoring of movies and cartoons

Not every actor can boast of such achievements at such a young age. However, these are not all the accomplishments of Atticus. He also excelled in sounding famous cartoons.

Perhaps, his most famous work is the sounding of a hunchback boy in the "Frankenvini" film. This is a bit of a villainous character, but he has a kind heart. The actor in one of his interviews says that he is very similar to his hero. Atticus claims that, like his character, he follows the call of the heart and does not want to rank himself among the gray masses. He likes to think extraordinarily.

An interesting fact is that Atticus Schaffer adores the designer of "Lego", as well as his character in the cartoon "Frankenvini". This is another similarity between the actor and the cartoon character.

Attikus Schaffer is also known for his scoring of a perch boy in Fishology, one of the twins in The Penguins of Madagascar, Hermic in The Thunderbolts, Pidi Freimen in the Stephen Universe, Seabas in Clarence.


  • In 2011, Attikus Schaffer received the "Young Actor Award" nomination for his role in the episodes "It Happens and Worse".
  • In 2013, he became a candidate for the awarding of the "Annie" prize for the voice of the character in the cartoon "Frankenvini".

For the role in the movie "Happens and Worse", the actor receives 12 thousand dollars for each shot episode.

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