Acoustics and Acoustic Kits 5.1

As everyone knows, the sound quality requires a lot of money to spend. However, an affordable version of acoustics can sound great, but for this it is necessary to pay great attention to the issue of choice.

Experts say that the best choice of speakers for music lovers are those that begin to cost from $ 100. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances of choice.

What we want from acoustics.

Determined with the choice of speakers, it is necessary to clearly determine what is the need for acoustics in your home. This is the main component, which will further determine the choice of the format and size of the system. Of course, the price of the speaker system depends on this.


In order to determine the power of the system, it is necessary to know that if the power is not large or it is not enough, then in this case the volume of both the amplifier and the dynamics will suffer. However, the power of the amplifier should not exceed in general the power of the acoustics. Such an indicator can damage the speakers. Speaking specifically about the figures, it is necessary to approximately expect the following parameters. A room of 17 square meters will cost acoustics with a capacity of 60-80 watts. If the room size exceeds 20-30 square meters, the power is 100W, 30 meters - 150W.

Sensitivity of the system.

This indicator is able to influence the volume of the received sound. In particular, the more sensitivity, the more loud the sound will be on the output. Those. You can use acoustics with high sensitivity, but do not have too much power of the speakers and vice versa. The sound will be excellent.

Reproduced frequency range.

This indicator simply refers to the range of frequencies whose limits allow

The case of the system .

Despite the fact that this characteristic may seem too simple for many, it does not belong to it in this way. It is worth knowing that the case can be of several types. This is a case of a closed type, with an audio labyrinth, and also with a bass reflex. The most simple are enclosures of closed type. This case has some advantage, in particular, they can significantly improve the transient characteristics of the speaker system. However, the closed space does not have the best effect on the transmission of low frequencies, since it increases the frequency of the lower resonance to a significant degree. Modern acoustic systems are preferred in their design have a case with a bass reflex.

Type of acoustics.

Next 6, choosing the speaker system. It is worth choosing the type of acoustics. Those. What it is: shelf or floor. Choosing floor acoustics is worth noting and the fact that you have the opportunity not only to install it qualitatively on the floor, but also to increase the power and depth of the bass. Everything happens due to the fact that this type has a body with large dimensions.

Activity and passivity of the speaker system.

There is also an active and passive type system. The active system has speakers in which it is possible to adjust the volume. However, passive acoustics requires an external amplifier to work in tandem.

System 5.1.

Recently, more often you can meet those who prefer to purchase sets of 5.1 acoustics. In fact, this system is the main compromise for music. But at the same time such acoustics will allow you to get great pleasure from movies and games.

In any case, if there are some doubts in favor of this or that system, ask for help from a specialist.

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