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Anapa: The central market is a landmark city

Perhaps, every Russian knows the famous resort town of Anapa. Local sandy beaches are especially suitable for recreation with young children. But people of retirement age, couples and youth are also happy to relax here.


Lazing in a famous resort, every tourist visits the central market in Anapa, which is located on the street. Krasnoarmeyskaya next to the bus station. Entrances to the territory of the market are from the streets of Krasnoarmeyskaya, Gorky, Crimean and Red-green. This place is one of the busiest, both locals and numerous holidaymakers go shopping here.

What the market is like

Officially, in the city of Anapa, the central market represents 340 trade places. In the past, the product lines were mainly located here. But today the ranks with products briskly pushed the trays with clothing, industrial goods, household chemicals and appliances.

In the modern city of Anapa, the central market is a trade object, where all the necessary amenities for traders and buyers are created. Specially for participants of the Patriotic War, veterans of work and invalids, there are separate trade places at preferential prices.

Features of pavilions

One of the main pavilions in the central market is meat. On meat rows there is always a choice of fresh meat and poultry. It is important that the meat for sale here is brought from nearby villages and villages. The pavilion is equipped with air-conditioners, refrigerators. There is a department where, according to the customer's order, mincemeat is made from selected pieces of meat.

In the city of Anapa, the central market with its fish pavilion has become famous among many holidaymakers. It is here that many tourists come for fresh mullet, pelengas and a mullet. In the season, the counters of merchants are breaking from the salted anchovy. Separate demand here is the Black Sea shrimps, which, in comparison with oceanic brethren, though smaller in size, but much tastier than them.

In addition to the seafood, here you can find freshwater fish - live carp, dried vobla and ram, fresh crabs. All counters are equipped with refrigeration units, so sellers always offer only fresh produce.

Among local residents and visitors in the city of Anapa, the central market is also famous for its dairy pavilion with always fresh produce. In these rows you can buy directly from the producers of oil, sour cream, cheese, milk, fermented baked milk. The pavilion has air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

In the city of Anapa, the Central Market (photo below) is represented by a rich vegetable pavilion. Here you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and greens from the hands of local farmers.

Numerous snack bars are open in the market. Those who are tired and want to rest a bit, can spend time here over a cup of coffee. Usually the cafe has a wide selection of confectionery and beverages.

The management of the central market has taken care of the safety of sellers and buyers - CCTV cameras are installed throughout the territory. And there is also 24-hour security, which operates from a licensed security company.

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