Receiver for TV to the cottage: overview, views, features of choice

Most dacha sites are located at a significant distance from settlements, many of them are cut off from some of the benefits of civilization, mainly from digital television. Many of us, going out of town for a whole summer, are not ready to refuse watching your favorite TV shows, so together they take a digital receiver for the TV at the dacha. However, after arriving at the site, it is found out that its power and technical characteristics are not enough to receive the signal and view the channels in high resolution. To prevent this situation from happening to you, competently approach the choice of a set-top box.

The subtleties of choice

Before buying a digital receiver for a TV, you need to determine the type of the receiving device. It can be a satellite dish, a home or outdoor TV antenna. The choice of this or that equipment depends on a number of factors. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, it is worthwhile to answer for yourself on a few of the most important questions:

  1. How many TV channels do you want to view? If their number exceeds 10, or their list does not include government programs, then it is better for you to choose a receiver for the TV set to the cottage together with a satellite dish.
  2. How far away from the city is the villa site located? The further your hacienda from the settlement, the lower the probability that a conventional antenna will be able to receive a television signal.
  3. Is there a television tower in the cottage? Most modern TV tower broadcasts in digital format. To receive the signal in this case, the combination of a conventional set-top box and a home antenna will suffice.

The choice of the device will be significantly influenced by the home budget. If you are willing to spend a certain amount on watching TV channels, then you can safely choose a set of satellite TV. When this option is impossible, you will have to put a little effort and spend some free time.

Receiver for satellite dish

Having weighed all the arguments for and against and deciding that the receiver for the TV set for a cottage for the cymbal is the most acceptable option for you, you need to answer one more question: which prefix to choose, independent or attached to a specific operator? In the first case, you can customize your "dish" to different satellites and watch any free channels provided by any provider. But image quality and signal stability can be significantly affected. If you choose a satellite dish from a certain company, you will only have access to the channels of this provider. However, the image quality and signal stability will be much better. In addition, you do not have to customize the equipment yourself.

In addition, you need to decide whether you are ready to leave the receiver for the TV at the dacha for the winter? If not, then give preference to independent devices - they are more mobile.

Review of independent satellite receivers

The most affordable option is the Openbox S1 set-top box. The technical characteristics of the device allow receiving the signal from the majority of domestic satellites, such as "Tricolor-TV", NTV + or "Telecard". Additional functionality, support for the CI module and the ability to install access cards will allow you to view the majority of Russian TV channels. The Openbox S1 receiver has received positive feedback from users for its cost, easy setup and search channels, and multifunctionality. The only negative, noted by buyers, is the impossibility of viewing channels in HD-format.

To watch HD-programs you need a digital receiver for the TV to give the Openbox S9 HD PVR. In addition to watching the broadcasts of your favorite operators, you can record them on the built-in hard drive, as well as listen to music and watch videos, photos from flash cards. A minus is a rather high price.

Traditional antenna and receiver

Today, TV tower broadcasts a digital signal in the decimeter range - in the same way as analog television. Therefore, you can select any antenna for watching TV channels. It remains only to decide which: passive or active?

In the first case, the amplifier unit will be located separately from the receiving structure itself, and in the second case the amplifier unit is combined with the receiving horns. Passive antennas are more durable, but their work is impeded by interference. Active devices are not protected from weather conditions, but are more compact and better cope with signal reception. It should be said that you can choose a receiver for the antenna of the TV set at the dacha any, because the prefix is suitable for both active and passive devices. In some cases, even an indoor antenna is suitable. Everything depends on removing the TV tower from your holiday home.

Receiver settings for the antenna

An antenna receiver is only required if your TV does not have a built-in digital signal processing module. As a rule, it is not available for all old CRT TV companies. For modern models marked with DVB-T2 symbols, the prefix is not needed. When selecting a receiver, you need to make sure that the received signal format matches DVB-T2, and that the equipment is capable of processing MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video. In addition, you can require that the receiver for the TV at the cottage receives an HD-format signal.

Overview of digital receivers

A suitable option may be the Rolsen RDB-507N set-top box. Low cost corresponds to a small set of functionalities, but it does its job perfectly well. According to customer feedback, the receiver is heated during operation, but this does not affect the durability. Another inexpensive receiver, Mystery MMP-71DT2, is very similar to the previous representative. Among the advantages are simple channel settings, an intuitive interface. Some users complained about the uncomfortable remote control, but you just need to get used to it.

BBK SMP127HDT2 - an inexpensive receiver for a TV set at the dacha, reviews of which speak for its functionality and reliability. With proper configuration, it will be possible to "catch" all state channels, and if you are near the state border - and the channels of a neighboring country. It can frighten the interface, but you can understand the instruction with it.

Television through the Internet

A few people know about the possibility of viewing TV channels via the Internet due to the non-proliferation of this broadcasting technology. Unfortunately, today the quality of cellular communications leaves much to be desired in many regions of Russia. However, if the country site has never had problems with mobile communications, then this option promises to be the most optimal. To watch TV channels, you need to purchase a special receiver from the mobile operator - MTS, Beeline, TELE2 or from other providers, subscribe to channels and buy an access card - the analog of the SIM card in your phone. After the connection, the prefix is immediately ready for operation - there is no need to configure or search for channels.

How not to lose with the purchase?

To ensure that the prefix you purchased properly "caught" TV channels in digital format, before you choose a receiver for the TV in the country, you need to carefully study the local conditions. Find out which mobile operator works best in this area, how far away from your house is the TV tower, whether there are satellite dishes from neighbors.
When the budget does not allow you to sort through the various options, start with the cheapest and easiest - connect the coil of wire to your TV. If you can find a transmission, you can do with an indoor antenna. If there is no signal at all (there is not even interference), even a street receiver can not cope. Experiment, and you will surely find something suitable for you.

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