Should I buy an iPad? Pros and cons of the tablet

Increasingly, from advertising and other media we hear about the trademark Apple, which gained its fame due to the creation of a number of high-tech devices with the prefix in the form of the letter i (iPod, iPhone, iPad). Its first audience was won by a line of portable and easy-to-use music players, which in addition had a unique external design. The next step of the developers was patented touch monoblock form of mobile phone, smooth lines of which with rounded corners and one functional button on the front panel became a kind of quality sign. I-novelties became more and more popular not only among the youth audience of the consumer market, but also conquered the hearts of much more practical business people.

The last generation of devices from Apple were portable tablet computers that did not require additional keyboards, mice and other accessories. In fact - this is a touch panel the size of a little less than A4 sheet , combining the functions of not only a stationary workstation. After all, the iPad boasts the presence of a high-resolution camera, as well as a number of built-in and ready-to-use applications. But is such a thing necessary to every modern man? Let's see if it's worth buying an iPad to the average user of technical progress.

To weigh all the pros and cons, first of all, it is necessary to consider in detail all the characteristics and parameters of the tablet. Pros and cons of this device will speak for themselves.

The Positive Side of the iPad

- Compactness. The question of whether to buy the iPad, will not arise from those who are vital to always have a device that provides convenient access to the Internet. With this tablet you at any time will be able to use the search, as well as download the necessary files. IPad is convenient on the road and does not take up much space in the bag.

- Movies and music in a convenient format. Do you like to travel, and do you prefer to spend time on the road watching the new products of the film distribution? Or maybe you do not imagine a vacation without your favorite music, which should always be at hand? Then do not worry about deciding whether to buy an iPad. The drive in this device allows you to store a large number of multimedia files of good quality. A large and clear display at the expense of high resolution will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding moviegoers. In the iPad there are already built-in players that can play almost any file format.

- Own application store. For the entire line of tablet computers, the Apple trademark developed a so-called licensed application store, in which, after registration, each iPad owner has the opportunity to purchase and upload directly to his device all the necessary add-ons. The same applies to games that are created specifically for this novelty.

- Paradise for gamers. If you think that on the touchpad to enjoy your favorite "shooters" is not as convenient as on a full-fledged computer, then you are mistaken. Just a couple of touches, and now the game reality is subject to each of your movements. In addition, due to the growing popularity of the "apple" company, an increasing number of strategies began to be produced taking into account the features of the launch on the tablet. In addition, there are a number of games created only for tablets from Apple. Still think, is it worth buying an iPad? Say a sure "yes" to the game reality of the new format.

The Negative Side of the iPad

Of course, there are spots on the sun. Even the most flawless at first glance device will always have several drawbacks. The same applies to the iPad.

- The cost. The untwisted brand, as well as the multifunctionality of this tablet, destroys all hopes of accessibility for mass consumers. The newer is the generation of the representative of the iPad, the higher will be its cost. But is not its advantages to be appreciated? You decide.

- Uniformity of generations. Each release of a new level tablet is accompanied by a loud presentation and preliminary anticipation. However, it should be noted that time after time Apple adheres to 80 percent of existing characteristics. Basically, the screen sizes change a little, as well as the memory and the amount of RAM. Of course, the picture becomes even more realistic, the special effects are even more vivid, but is it necessary to overpay for this? So, whether you need to buy an iPad 3 just for the purpose of following a trend of constant updating or you can limit yourself to the first model of a tablet, you need to think more than once.

- Friability. Unfortunately, this tablet is quite easy to damage even by careless touching the display. This expensive thing is very sensitive to contact with dust, dirt, water, as well as mechanical shocks. Should I buy an iPad if you are used to simple and careless handling of equipment? Probably, still not. If only a regular waste of amounts of this magnitude is not a routine for you.

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