Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park, branch of GUP "Mosgortrans": address, list of rolling stock

Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park of SUE "Mosgortrans" occupies one of the most important places in providing the capital with public transport. It was formed as a result of the merger of several separate parks of technology. Due to this, the area of its service has significantly increased. It serves public transport routes throughout the city. Currently, the park is part of a large branch of "Vostochny".

Company History

The branch "Vostochny" is the second largest branch in the city. The Moscow trolleybus fleet began to be built in the spring of 1997. Initially it was planned capacity in one and a half hundred units of transport. The first few years the construction went very slowly. Only ten percent of the total work was done in four years.

In the second half of 2000, funding began. Construction continued at a faster pace. In the first half of the next year, they began to build the second floor. And by the last days of 2005 the park was opened. And they called it the Novokosinskaya site of the second trolleybus park. Until mid-2009, only Moscow trolley on route number 77 and buses were served in this section. At this time, five more trolleybus routes were transferred here.

In February 2014, the Novokosinsky site became part of the Fourth Bus Park. All equipment was gradually transferred to Novokosino, and not vice versa. Therefore, in May of the following year it was decided to rename the site to the Novokosinsky trolleybus-bus park. In August 2016, several parks of the city, including Novokosinsky, merged into one. So the branch "Vostochny" was formed.

Branch structure

Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park is currently part of the Vostochny branch. It combines two types of transport: buses and trolleybuses.

The park was formed on August 01, 2016 as a result of the merger of several branches:

  • The trolleybus fleet is the 2nd.
  • Ninth trolleybus park.
  • The second bus fleet.
  • Fourth bus park.
  • Tenth bus fleet.


To date, the Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus fleet includes the following sections:

  • The operational site, formerly the Second bus fleet. This site was built in 1941. During the war the park served military purposes. The passengers were not serviced. Only at the end of the war, in 1945, the work of the Second bus fleet began. To date, the site serves fifty routes in the central, eastern and south-eastern districts. On the balance of the company there are 350 buses.
  • The site, which was previously the Fourth Bus Park, was opened in late 1948 in the territory of the former garage. The building is an avant-garde architectural monument. This site two years ago received a different name - Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park. At present, it is the "Eastern" branch.
  • The site of the former Tenth bus fleet. The building was built in the second half of the sixties. It was planned to serve four hundred buses there. The operation began in the late 1970s. Forty routes are working by today. There are 280 buses on them that can carry up to two hundred thousand people a day.
  • Trolleybus 2-nd started its work in 1937. The buildings located on this site are an architectural monument. They are part of the architectural ensemble.

These plots, working together, organize public transportation of the Vostochny branch.

Covered area

Transport branch includes routes in the following districts:

  • Oriental.
  • Central.
  • Southeastern.
  • Moscow region.

In this area there are eighty-six bus and fourteen trolleybus routes. They cover the following districts of the city: Basmanny, Lyubilino, Krasnoselsky, East and North Izmailovo, Nekrasov, Veshnyaki, Novogireevo, Golyanovo, Sakolinaya Gora, Novokosino, Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Lefortovo, Ivanovo, Perovo, Sakolniki. In addition, the serviced territory includes the cities of Reutov and Lyubertsy.


Conditionally, the zone served by the transport of the park is divided into five territories:

  • The first, or the main one (Vishnevskaya Street, house 1). Serves thirty-three bus routes and five trolleybus routes.
  • The second (Novoryazanskaya street, 23), serving ten trolleybus routes.
  • The third territory (street Montazhnaya, 11). There are 37 bus routes.

  • The fourth area is located on Fifth Cable Street in Building 1, serving twenty-nine bus routes.
  • The fifth territory in the street Saltykovskaya, 55 is still under construction.

End stops of routes

The routes served by the transport of the Vostochny branch are plying between the following terminal stops:

  • "The third micro-district of Novokosin."
  • "The fourth district of Kozhukhov" in Kosino-Ukhtomsky district.
  • «South Izmailovo».
  • Vykhino in the area of Veshnyaki.
  • "Ivanovo".
  • Station Perovo.
  • Station Reutovo.

The rolling stock of the park

At present, the Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus fleet, or the Vostochny branch, has over five hundred units of equipment on its balance sheet. Among them:

  • Two hundred and seventy-seven buses operating on route lines.
  • Four registered buses (service).
  • Two hundred and thirty-five trolleybuses for traffic on the city's routes.
  • Two trolleybuses for training trainees.

If we talk about the transport marks available in the garage of the park, here you can find the following buses:

  • LiAZ of various modifications (there are one hundred and ninety nine units at the enterprise).
  • MAZ (there are only thirty-three of them).
  • Volzhanin (six units).
  • "Fiat-Dukato" (in the number of fourteen units). Are service buses.
  • Ikarus-256 is also custom-made.
  • GolAZ-52911-10, relating to custom-made buses.
  • LiAZ-5292.20, which is educational.

Trolleybuses of the following brands operate along city routes:

  • One SVARZ (TrolZa "Megapolis").
  • TrolZ "Megapolis" in the number of ninety-two units.
  • TrolZ-6206 Megapolis. These modifications are six in the park.
  • Five trolleybuses TrolZ-5275.0 in the "Optima" configuration.
  • ZiU-682GM2, which has a wide front door. They are only forty-two in the enterprise.
  • ZiU-682G-016 in the number of three units.
  • One ZiU-682G.
  • "BKM", of which eighteen units in modification 321, ten - 20101, one - 20101 (but KR MTrZ).
  • BTZ of various modifications. There are five trolleybuses in the park.
  • MTrS-52791 (which is commonly referred to as the "Garden Ring"). They are eighteen in the garage of the enterprise.
  • VMZ: five in modification 62151, five - 5298.01, more commonly known as "Vanguard".

As training trolleybuses are used ZiU-682GM1 and ZiU-682G-016.

Addresses and telephones

The head of the Vostochny branch is S.Shcherbakov. You can find the phone number and fax on the official website of the company. If necessary, indicate the separation, for example, Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park. The HR department will answer all your questions if you want to work at this enterprise. You can leave a resume on the company's website, and if possible contact you in the shortest possible time. If you have asked about where the Novokosinsky bus-trolleybus park of SUE "Mosgortrans" is, you can easily find your address, phone number and other contact details.

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