Car VAZ-217230: review, specifications and reviews of the owners

This car, produced by the Volga Automobile Plant in 2013, is the second model of the "Priora" family. The body of VAZ-217230 is a hatchback. The model in a short time deserved the high popularity of domestic motorists. Advantages of this car are affordable prices, reliability, high maintainability, good technical characteristics. Also, the car is stylish in design.


VAZ-217230 Priora design is compared with VAZ-2112. But despite the obvious similarity of the "Priora" with the cars of the tenth family of "AvtoVAZ", there are a lot of differences between the series. The body has clear lines, the designers have worked very well on geometry. The streamlined outlines give the car a more stylish look. Hatchback means that this is a machine of the "sport" class. And in general, it is. Yes, it can not be rallyed, but its characteristics are quite high for a simple people's car. The car stands out with its side parts. Also, the well-developed rear wings look spectacular. On the boot lid, in later versions, a modern lighting technology is installed. Due to these expressive features VAZ-217230 is able to give odds to any other models in its generation.

In comparison with the 12th model, the front part of the "Priora" has also changed. So, the headlights became more oval, their shape was changed to streamlined. And on this list of changes in appearance ends. If we consider the design in general, then only for the back of the developers can put a solid four. In this price segment this is the best design.

Many are interested in the answer to the question: why did AvtoVAZ not create a completely original body for this car? Here everything is more than simple. So, due to the spectacular appearance of the hatback, 2112 became very popular and found many fans. The car can often be seen on Russian roads. For "AvtoVAZ" it was logical to "play" again on this wave of popularity and make the car in the same exterior. But we can say very precisely: more serious changes in design trends could be an interesting solution.

"Priora", luxury hatchback

Together with the production of the standard model, Avtovaz launched the assembly and versions with increased comfort. The car was equipped with a huge number of additional useful elements, systems and adaptations.

"Priora" in the luxury version, in addition to standard equipment, was equipped with a climate control system, fog lights, a heated front seats. The equipment included power windows.

Features of "Priora Lux"

In later versions after restyling, luxury models received a regular multimedia system and a radio tape recorder. In the dashboard, a standard two-way or multimedia system was built in. The cabin has four speakers, the car was equipped with an antenna. Native reciever can be used in two modes - for listening to CDs or radio stations. Another small detail, which you can pay attention to, are sensors for parking sensors. Perhaps, VAZ-217230 is the only domestic car that is equipped with sensors already at the production stage. Previously, parktronics could only be installed as an option for a surcharge. In the luxury version, the manufacturer equips the car with other door handles. Now these elements are made under a natural grip. The process of opening the door with this handle has become much more convenient than with the handles of the 12th model. The very part is equipped with an overlay, painted in the color of the body. This allows you to protect the element from scratches.


The salon is well thought out and well assembled. With regard to the characteristics of ergonomics and the quality of the materials used in finishing, then according to these factors, "Priora" in its price range is one of the best.
Front seats are pleased with a comfortable profile. There is even side support, and it really holds, which is amazing. The chair is adjustable in a sufficient range. On the driver's seat, even tall people will be comfortable . But if the driver is above 185 cm, then he may have some problems. So, the steering column in VAZ-217230 has adjustment only on angles of an inclination or only on height.

Quality of finishing

As for the finishing materials, the plastic of the front panel is rather soft. However, its quality is not high. The steering wheel is not very good. It is made of inexpensive and frankly unpleasant to the touch plastic. It is not too convenient to use the steering wheel paddles. From the disadvantages of the organization of the salon can be distinguished high armrest in front. Because of this, it is very inconvenient to work with the CAT selector. It is drowned in a central tunnel. The rear row is comfortable - passengers will be comfortable. But this is so long as before they are sitting people with medium height. On the rear couch, two passengers can feel comfortable. But if you make room, then the three will settle down easily.

Disadvantages in the cabin

The only thing that does not suit many owners is the power windows. Even in spite of the fact that AvtoVAZ completes the car with an electric lift, the glass from the rear can only drop to half. By the way, it does not fall completely even on the front doors. But on the VAZ-217230 "Priora" doors have not changed since the "dozens" (although there was no such problem). Then the developers explained it simply. For security reasons, it was necessary to slightly change the design, which entailed certain innovations.


The trunk on the "Prior" has a volume of 400 liters. The rear sofa has the option of folding. If you add it, then the useful volume will increase threefold. But I will have to make serious efforts - the mechanism has not been changed from the previous family of 2110. Among the minuses, one can single out the lack of a handle to close the tailgate. But if you look closely, you can see a protrusion or contour of this handle. In the following restyling models it appeared. You can open the tailgate from the passenger compartment or with a key fob.


The machine is equipped with a four-cylinder 16-valve power unit with a capacity of 1.6 liters. At the car VAZ-217230 the technical characteristics with this engine are quite good. The motor develops 98 liters. from. Power. Together with the five-speed gearbox, the power unit shows good results. But judging by the feedback of the owners, and also on the test drives, this 1.6 liter VAZ-217230 engine does not give enough torque at low revs. But when the shooter reaches 3,000 rpm, then the car really "comes to life." In general, this motor shows itself well at high speeds. If you do not reduce the bar below 3000, then the car accelerates well. As for the mechanical transmission, there were cases when the first versions of the transmission turned bad. This again speaks about the quality of domestic cars. But in post-restyling models, all these errors have been eliminated. At AvtoVAZ, it was announced that the VAZ-217230 Priora car will have technical specifications improved, and yes, they really did. Until recently, the models were coming off the assembly line, which were equipped with a 1.8 engine and a robotic gearbox.


So, we found out what the "Priora" (hatchback) has design and technical characteristics. цену (200 тысяч рублей). Today, the mass of cars of this model is sold in the secondary market for a very reasonable price (200 thousand rubles). Everyone can afford this machine. It is also simple and cheap to maintain.

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