Top dressing. Fertilizer "Amofoska"

For proper life, any plants need to be recharged. The main sources of power for them are phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. It is these main components that contain the fertilizer "Amofoska". Next, we will consider what the given nutritional mixture is.

Basic information

"Ammofoska" is a so-called triple fertilizer. It is used for almost all types of plants, both in open and in closed ground. The composition as the main components of the mixture includes phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. In the role of additional substances are sulfur and magnesium. The three main components of fertilizer are included in it in equivalent mass fractions. Fertilizer "Amofoska" does not contain chlorine and sodium, which cause an elevated level of salts, which adversely affects the yield of the plant. The method of production of the mixture makes it possible to refer it to complex compounds. Nutrient components that contain fertilizer "Amofoska" are present in the following concentrations: nitrogen - 12%, sulfur - 14%, potassium and phosphorus - 15% each. The latter is the main source of nutrients. In addition, phosphorus promotes the rapid and proper growth of plants. Potassium increases the resistance of crops to diseases, and improves the taste of fruits. Nitrogen contributes to high yield. With sulfur deficiency, plants begin to wilt and die. In this regard, in the nutrient mixtures must necessarily be present sulfur. Externally fertilizer "Amofoska" is a yellowish granules. Their size is from 3 to 5 mm.

When to apply fertilizer "Amofoska"?

As a rule, the main application of the nutrient mixture occurs during the period of pre-spring work, that is, in April. The next, pre-sowing top dressing is carried out in May. A mixture of lower concentration is used. In the period from June to August, there is a fertilization of shoots. And the agrarian season ends with the September main application of the nutritional formula.

A mixture of "Amofoska" (fertilizer). Application in different types of soils

Consider the introduction of a nutrient mixture in some types of soil:

  1. Chernozem and southern soils. The properties of these soils are such that they do not acidify, because they are naturally saturated with organic compounds. That is why the effectiveness of soil increases several times after fertilization.
  2. Serozems and chestnut soils. The lack of "Ammofoska" fertilizer in the chlorine and sodium salts makes it ideal for these types of soil. And with abundant watering, the yield of plants increases several times.

Fertilizer "Ammofoska" may be applied both in diluted form and in dry. In the latter case, before fertilizing, it is mixed with the ground.


Ammofoska fertilizer is recommended for all crops. So, it was revealed that when using this nutritional mixture the plants become more resistant, and their fruits are stored much longer. Also, the yield increases significantly, the percentage of dead sprouts becomes minimal. When applying fertilizer in the soil for ornamental plants, a high degree of their flowering is noted.

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