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Restaurant "Grusha" is waiting for guests

If you set out to taste not just a tasty meal, but to enjoy a good, original cuisine, then the restaurant "Grusha" will be the right choice. The famous chefs of the exquisite gastronomic studio are waiting for themselves every day from 11 to 23 hours. Here you can try the author's dishes, as well as Russian and European cuisine.

There is an institution in the south-west of Moscow and is located near three metro stations. For those who arrive by car, convenient parking is available, and for all visitors free Wi-Fi. A pleasant surprise will be a playroom for couples with children. In the cafe there are two cozy halls, large and small, decorated in bright, pastel colors. In this stylish cafe you can celebrate your wedding or celebrate your anniversary, have dinner with your business partners or invite you to a romantic dinner.

Individual approach

In this cafe are happy to meet all comers, a variety of menus and a wine list are offered. "Grusha" is a restaurant where people appreciate and love their clients, treat each visitor with respect and understanding. In one of the halls there is an open kitchen, and you can watch the preparation of your order from the hall.

This, by the way, is a fascinating enough process, after all masters were trained in the best restaurants of Russia, Italy, France, have passed training at high-class capital masters of the business. And it's always interesting to see how professionals work. Even a complex dish from the menu is easy to order in accordance with their desires and needs, or even better to seek help from the chef, who will give good advice and take into account the wishes of the guest. A wide choice of author's dishes, as well as amazing recipes of Russian and the harmony of European cuisine, an unexpected but competent combination of products, the availability of several beers and a wine list will satisfy even the most picky guest.

Adults and children are welcome here

The restaurant "Grusha" does not follow the dress code, there is no face control and age restrictions. Even the smallest children will not interfere with parents, grandparents. Restaurant "Grusha" is equipped with a children's room, where you can find a lesson for the child, the staff is always ready to help if there are any difficulties.

The café draws its calm atmosphere, it has a unique style and exquisite refinement, it has to leisurely conversations and pleasant communication. Soft lighting and conveniently located tables give an opportunity to relax from city bustle and everyday worries.

Banquets and corporate parties

Particular attention should be paid to the opportunity to arrange a banquet or a wedding. Employees of the restaurant on the shoulder to arrange any event. One of the halls accommodates more than 30 people.

A cozy place is suitable for any corporate events, where you can celebrate the upcoming holiday with a friendly team. The chef will make a banquet menu, taking into account all the wishes and taste preferences of customers, even if it turns out to be quite creative. Specialists of the restaurant such dishes on the shoulder. Friendly waiters will be there for the duration of the banquet.

Home delivery

For some reason you can not visit a restaurant or, on the contrary, wait for guests' homes and want to surprise them with a grand dinner? The restaurant "Grusha" will help here. Freshly cooked dishes, with heat from the heat, will be delivered to the apartment. Your guests will be able to appreciate the works of culinary art - carpaccio of wild deer with a half or stewed fish. Offer your guests a fillet of muksun with mushroom sauce, cooked in a special way on a fire-stone. With such a tempting menu it will be possible any romantic evening or simply intimate gatherings. Without a doubt, any holiday held with the participation of the Cafe "Grusha" will leave only positive emotions and a positive attitude!

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