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The best restaurant, Yaroslavl. Restaurants of Yaroslavl with live music: reviews

Yaroslavl is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Once upon a time, it was a major economic and cultural center. Today, its importance for the country is not so significant. However, the existing historical monuments of architecture attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. As a result, there is not one restaurant in the city. Yaroslavl is primarily famous for its establishments with Russian cuisine. Although you can find among them those that serve French, Italian and Asian dishes.

Among the best restaurants in Yaroslavl are such establishments as "Meeting", "Boulevard", "Tashir", "Stolle", "Vanilla Sky", "Academia", "Rasstegaev". Today we will look at some of them.

Restaurant-museum "Assembly"

After a long walk around Yaroslavl, you probably want to not just have dinner, but to find a place where you can immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of Russian culture. Restaurant-museum "Assembly" is suitable for this as well as possible. It is located in the former estate of merchants Vakhromeev on the Volga embankment. It is practically in the center of Yaroslavl. However, having crossed the threshold of this restaurant, visitors are immediately transferred to the atmosphere of the late XVIII - early XIX century. Everything is done for this.

Amazing interior

"Meeting" is not just another Russian restaurant. Yaroslavl is famous for it. In this institution, each room is decorated in accordance with Russian traditions, and for this, authentic objects of cuisine and life of past centuries were used. So, in the main hall you can see the same oven, which is also used for its intended purpose. However, Russian culture is so multifaceted that it is difficult to convey its entire flavor in one restaurant. Therefore, in the "Assembly", each room is decorated in its own style.

So, "Casket" is a small room, which is great for a family dinner, a romantic date or a business lunch. Kustodievsky Hall is decorated in a style typical for Russian estates of the late XIX century. In addition, he is decorated with reproductions of paintings by the artist, after whom he is named. The national hall is distinguished by the simplicity of decoration, as in a village hut. It is most popular among visitors, since it is also the largest and most spacious. On the contrary, the princely hall is distinguished by a more solemn atmosphere. All decoration items and furniture are genuine and made by masters of the central strip of Russia back in the XVIII century. In addition to these facilities, there is also an excellent wine-glass and an open summer terrace.

Only Russian cuisine

However, to get into the rating "Best restaurants in Yaroslavl", not enough beautifully decorated halls. It is necessary that the kitchen was appropriate. In the "Meeting" they prepare and serve only dishes prepared according to original national recipes. It is impossible to taste sushi or tiramisu. But you can try diurnal soup, languish in porridge porridge and various liquors.

When they remember the restaurants of Yaroslavl after the trip, the reviews about the "Meeting" start with an amazing kitchen. After all, only here the menu includes more than 300 dishes carefully collected throughout Russia and adapted to modern conditions. This restaurant is prepared not only on the stove and in the oven, but also in a real Russian oven. After all, this kind of heat treatment was the most typical for the country until the XX century.

Visiting the restaurant "Meeting" can be an excellent continuation of the excursion route. That is why it is especially popular with tourists. Although the cost of an average lunch here will be slightly higher than in any other similar institution.

Restaurant for the soul "Vanilla Sky"

On the bank of the Volga River is another restaurant. Yaroslavl, no doubt, can be proud of him. This is "Vanilla Sky". First of all, visitors are attracted by such an unusual name. But it corresponds to the design and cuisine of the institution. After all, it was not accidental that he was included in the top three restaurants of the city. What is the secret of his success? Not only as the offered dishes, it's for sure.

Comfort and romance

The general mood in the main hall of the restaurant "Vanilla Sky" creates a fireplace, located in the center. Every evening in it a real fire is kindled. All who will be arranged nearby on cozy sofas, can admire them without hindrance. However, those who decide to take a table by the window, will not be bored away from the fireplace. They will have a magnificent view of the mighty Volga River and steamboats passing slowly along it. In general, for the decoration of the hall, a reserved style was chosen in cream-chocolate shades.

However, he would not have been able to easily enter the "Best Yaroslavl restaurants" rating without his summer verandah. On the open area there are wonderful grill houses, where you can sit both together and a small company. Those who will be cramped inside, can walk on a living lawn barefoot. Children do have fun at the playground, where there is a small slide, a swing and a trampoline. At the same time you can enjoy wonderful views of the Volga and historical Yaroslavl. And most importantly, for guests, the verandas in the open air are prepared with shish kebab and other dishes on the grill.

And of course, in the evening you can listen to the performance of local artists and celebrities. Other Yaroslavl restaurants with live music can not boast of having not only professional musicians, but also quality instruments. Jazz improvisations and classical music are also played here. Although at the request of visitors you can listen to modern hits. All this makes the restaurant "Vanilla Sky" one of the best in the city.

Kitchen with a world-famous name

However whichever the friendly atmosphere is, a bad kitchen can ruin the whole impression. It is she who distinguishes the restaurants of Yaroslavl from each other. Reviews of visitors after the interior always describe the impressions of the selected dishes. Owners of "Vanilla Sky" perfectly understand this and invited the brand-chef with world-famous name Nikolas Strainovich. He worked in the best restaurants in Serbia and Russia.

For visitors, it offers classic dishes of European and Japanese cuisine with its own authoring strokes. The chef's pride is Italian pasta, French cream soup and some others. The restaurant "Vanilla Sky" serves desserts and ice cream only for its own preparation. On weekdays, you can order an excellent three-course business lunch, as well as receive an additional discount. There are few such establishments that can boast the same menu as this restaurant. Yaroslavl is worth a visit just for him.

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