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Natalia Selezneva: biography of the famous Russian actress

The heroine of today's article is a brilliant and incomparable actress Natalia Selezneva. Her biography interests thousands of people in our country. Do you also want to know the biography of the artist, get acquainted with the history of her success? Now we will tell about everything.

Natalia Selezneva: biography, family

She was born on June 19, 1945 in Moscow. The future actress was brought up in a creative family. Natasha's father, Igor Polinkovsky, was a professional photographer. And her mother was known as a talented artist. Where did the name of Seleznev come from? Now we will tell about everything. Elena Selezneva - so called the mother of the actress. She wrote down her daughter's name.

From an early age, our heroine showed creative abilities. She loved to sing and arrange home concerts for her parents. And as soon as the little girl learned to write, she immediately began to write poetry. Parents were proud of their daughter.

First roles

One day, a small Natasha was walking near the walls of the Soviet Army Theater. Quite by accident the girl with pigtails got into the field of view of the actor Mikhail Mayorov. He took her hand and led her to audition. As a result, Natasha was invited to take part in the play "Thirty Silversmiths". The girl's parents approved the proposal. On the stage of this theater, she performed for almost 3 years.

There was another interesting story in Natasha's life. In the early 50's in one of the performances Seleznev noticed the famous writer Agniya Barto. Subsequently, she insisted that it was our heroine who was involved in the adaptation of her book "Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character." The director of the painting went to meet her.

Acquaintance with the cinema

When did Natalia Selezneva first appear on the set? Biography indicates that this happened in 1953. She played Sasha in the film, created by A. Barto's book. This we mentioned above. Despite the lack of special education and acting experience, the girl has 100% coped with the tasks.

In 1956, the second picture with Natasha's participation came out. It was called "Girl and Crocodile". And after 5 years, Selezneva, the youngest, starred in the film "Alenka".


By the time the high school graduates, our heroine has already decided on her profession. She wanted to build a brilliant career in film. Having received the certificate, Natasha began to implement her plans. She submitted documents to VTU them. Shchukin. A nice and talented girl managed to find members of the admissions committee. She was enrolled in the course of Boris Zakhava.

In 1966, Natalia Selezneva was presented with a long-awaited diploma. A graduate of the "Pike" immediately took a job in the troupe of the Academic Theater of Satire. On the stage of this institution, the actress played dozens of bright and interesting roles. For example, in the play "The Nest of the Wood Grouse" Natalia successfully got used to the image of Ariadna Koromyslova. And in the production of "Naples - the city of millionaires" played Assunt.

Continuation of film career

As a student, Selezneva began to cooperate with the legendary director Leonid Gayday. In 1965, she starred in his comedy "Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik." One of the parts was called "Delusion". Many of us remember a sweet girl with a tail - Lida. To her, as a magnet, attracted Shurik (Alexander Demyanenko).

In the period from 1965 to 1975, There were several paintings with Natalia Selezneva. What images the actress did not try on herself! She was a princess, a district doctor, an artist, and a kindergarten teacher.

Natalia Selezneva starred in her career in more than 45 films. The films in which she starred are listed below:

  • "Sashenka-Sasha" (1996);
  • "Thieves and prostitutes" (2003);
  • "Country of pretty children" (2013);
  • "New Year's Watch" (2014).

In the period from 1966 to 1980 gg. Our heroine participated in the humorous show "Kabachok" 13 chairs ". For spectators she was known as Pani Catharina.

Natalia Selezneva: personal life

From a young age, our guys were courted by the guys. She, like everyone else, had her first love, timid hugs and walks under the moon.

As a student, Natasha did not think about serious relationships. In the first place, she delivered her studies and career. However, at some point in her life there was a lot of love.

With her future husband, actor Vladimir Andreev, Natalia met in 1968. It happened during the shooting of the picture "Caliph-Aist". Seleznev was confirmed for the role of Princess Owl. Vladimir Andreev played Caliph. They began a stormy romance. Soon the actors played a wedding. Our heroine took her husband's surname, but continued to perform as Natalia Selezneva. The biography of the actress in 1969 was supplemented by a joyful event. She gave birth to the first child, a charming little son. The boy was called Yegor.

Actress Natalia Selezneva and Andreev Vladimir are married for more than 45 years. They still feel trembling feelings for each other. The son of Yegor has long grown up. He got his family. Natalia and Vladimir have long been a grandparent. They have two grandchildren - Alexey (1995) and Nikolai (2011).


Now you know where Natalia Selezneva was born and studied. Films with her participation were also named in the article. Let's wish this wonderful actress creative success, longevity and family happiness!

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