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"Obsession": actors of seven films

Do you know that in the world cinema, as many as seven films bear the same name - "Obsession"? Actors, of course, in each tape were busy with their own, and this is understandable, because the directors, studios, even the time frame were different. But in general, it can be noted that the topic of obsession in the movie is described in detail. And it means not necessarily demoniacism, demon infiltration into the human body, it can be about strong love, irresistible passion. But "The Obsession of Michael King", and along with her "The Six Demons Emily Rose", and "Constantine", and "Exorcist" in fans of a certain genre are very popular.

"Obsession" (1943)

This film is attributed to the classics of world cinema. The creation of Lukino Visconti tells of the fateful attraction of the young handsome Gino to the married girl Giovanna. Her husband is an old innkeeper, whom the young lady, of course, does not like. But she is not ready to sacrifice the status with the status of a respectable lady for the sake of the tramp Gino. The latter was played by Massimo Girotti - a handsome and sex symbol of Italian cinema of his time. Girotti worked with Luchino Visconti more than once after "Obsession", and also starred in the famous tape of Michelangelo Antonioni's "The Chronicle of One Love." His partner in the film in 1943, who played Giovanna, was Clara Kalamai.

The film of 2002 with Gwyneth Paltrow

The tape tells of two scientists, Roland and Maud, studying the intimate correspondence of the poet of the XIX century with his chosen one. Researchers do not notice how they really fall in love with each other.

Who created this film? "Obsession," whose actors and roles deserve special attention, was filmed by Neil Labutt on the book by Antonia Bayette entitled "Possess." Rodanda played Aaron Eckhart, known to the audience for the films "Rum Diary", "The Dark Knight" and "I, Frankenstein". His partner, who embodied Mod, was the incomparable Gwyneth Paltrow.

"Obsession" with Josh Hartnett

In 2004, the next film with the title "Obsession" was released. The actors who played it are also known to everyone, but first we'll talk about the plot.

Matthew and his lover Lisa do not leave very nicely. The guy was offered a job in New York, and he would gladly take the beloved with him, but the girl did not want to go with him. She was attracted by the life of a dancer, and she went to Europe. Two years later the heroes met, and as it turned out, Matthew could not let go of his feelings and forget Lisa. His obsession has acquired clear and sometimes frightening manifestation of the guy himself.

The protagonist, Matthew, brilliantly embodied Josh Hartnett. It is possible to talk about this actor for a long time, and one can not help but mention that his works in the films "Pearl Harbor" and "Black Hawk" were highly appreciated by film critics. Well, the audience likes him for "Faculty" and "Lucky Number Slevin."

Lisa in "Obsession" was played by Diane Kruger, who then starred in such famous films as "Mr. Nobody" and "Guest".

"Obsession" (2006)

Two years later, another Hollywood "Obsession" came out. Actors in this tape starred talented and very famous - Susan Sarandon, Sam Nill and Emily Blunt. The film in the genre of psychological thriller fell in love with the audience and was highly appreciated by critics.

According to the plot of the picture, the main character is considered to be crazy, because she believes that someone steals her belongings, relatives, her life. Is it so? Or is everything just happening dreamed of a heroine?

"Obsession" and music

The following tapes with the same name are somehow connected with music. In 2009, the singer Beyonce starred in the film "Obsession". She played the wife of the protagonist, whom the new employee of his company opened a real hunt. The obsession of this woman simply knows no boundaries, and in the case she lets the most vile tricks.

The tape of 2014 tells about obsession with music. Terence Fletcher, the conductor, is eager to turn his pupil into a world-wide jazzman. The hero believes that to achieve this goal, you can use any methods, and does not notice that it causes his trauma psychological trauma.

The picture was recognized by critics and enthusiastic spectators. JK Simmons, who played Terence Fletcher, was awarded for his role as an Oscar. The actor often appears in known tapes. His last work is the film "Terminator: Genesis", and now Simmons is busy shooting several films at the same time.

"The Obsession of Michael King": the horror film actors

In the same year, 2014, a film entitled "The Obsession of Michael King" was released. The tape tells the story of a man who lost his wife. Michael King does not believe in demons and shoots his own documentary to prove that there, "beyond the line", there is nothing. But he's wrong ...

The main character in the tape was played by Shane Johnson, known to the audience on the TV series "Castle" and "Bones". In addition, the actor could be seen in the tape "Saving Private Ryan", where he had an episodic role. Johnson is also a producer and is currently working on a painting called "Eternal Death."

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