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15 Kitchen + Bar: description, menu, reviews

Sometimes it's worth trying hard to find a place for yourself. The modern world offers a wide range of institutions of different concepts and styles, but they can get lost and get confused. Well, that there is 15 Kitchen + Bar - a place where you want to spend more and more time. This institution attracts its appearance, attitude to visitors and a pleasant atmosphere. Such places are rapidly gaining popularity among different layers of the population: in a restaurant you can see people of different sex, age, hobbies and activities.

Location and mode of operation

15 Kitchen + Bar, whose address: Pozharsky lane, 15, inspires trust and love to its guests. In search of this place it is necessary to be guided by Kropotkinskaya street or the park of culture. Nothing can please as much as a holiday in such a restaurant. Pastime is remembered for a long time, and the desire to return grows with each visit. Operating time 15 Kitchen + Bar allows guests to enjoy the atmosphere of this place long enough. Since Monday is the most difficult day for everyone and I do not want to think about institutions, the restaurant and the bar do not work on this day. The rest of the days you can try the cuisine from 12 pm to 11 pm. Bar 15 Kitchen + Bar works in different modes: Tuesday to Thursday, as well as on Sunday, cocktails can be enjoyed from noon to midnight, but on Friday and Saturday barmen will work until the last visitor.


Each institution is trying to allocate its unique "chip", because of which it will be heard by many potential guests. 15 Kitchen + Bar is a haven for lovers of live communication, cool atmosphere and fashionable interior. Very interesting is what is already displayed in the name of the place: the connection in one corner of a full kitchen and a bar. This is not just a bar counter, as in many cafes, but a separate institution that blended beautifully with the restaurant in a common room. Among the features worth highlighting is the fact that the founder of 15 Kitchen + Bar is Andrey Grinev. A question may arise: what is this for? It's simple: this person created once a sensational and incredibly popular place - the pop-up-restaurant Door 19. So 15 Kitchen + Bar can be called an heir, after all much has moved from the halls of the first institution. This is an excellent continuation that provides a wonderful holiday and bright emotions. It is impossible not to say about one important detail that will make you regularly visit 15 Kitchen + Bar - it's the tour of the chefs. The idea is that every season a new person comes to the place of the main person in the kitchen. This ensures constant dynamics in the menu, the integration in it of the traditions of other peoples and the experience of young and creative people. For example, the first in such a "marathon" was Leanros Stagogianis - an Englishman who managed to work with the famous chefs of our time.


The appearance of the institution should respect its main goal - to guarantee visitors a calm and pleasant environment. Restaurant 15 Kitchen + Bar from the first steps to its halls creates the impression of a fashionable and stylish place. It is the design of the premises that makes it possible to form the first and usually the most lasting impression of the restaurant. The design was developed by Lina Grineva - architect and creator of the agency Ph.D. Careful and painstaking work has just produced a magnificent result. The design combined the past and modern - the styles of great artists and trendy now loft style. Behind the bar, you can see interesting geometry, based on 15-centimeter rulers. When creating this object, the designer was inspired by the works of Mondrian. Next to such elements you can see unusual and even slightly hooligan creations of young artists who create 15 Kitchen + Bar their mood. Some engineering systems were not hidden from the eyes of visitors and became independent art objects.


15 Kitchen + Bar, the menu of which is filled with author's dishes from the real masters of their craft, is a place where the kitchen is dipped into gastronomic euphoria. Visitors do not have to get lost in a large number of pages and options, because everything is built on the principles of simplicity and conciseness. Each page offers a guest to taste 12 dishes. This is enough to try something new every season. On weekends, guests are offered a brunch barbecue. Especially it would be desirable to allocate miso soup with sashimi from fish, the ingredients of which in their totality make a simple dish something amazing, or an octopus with cabbage with seaweed and kimchi sauce that will drive mad with refueling on the basis of spicy butter and cucumber sauce. In general, the 15 Kitchen + Bar has something to try, which means it's worth a visit.


At 15 Kitchen + Bar, the world on the street ceases to exist, because such a place quickly fills the whole evening and becomes its main feature. It is difficult to describe in words what is happening behind his doors. It seems that the people who are seeing for the first time, have long been familiar with their new guests and are good friends for them.

Attention and care from the staff next to live communication and genuine emotions make of 15 Kitchen + Bar a really steep, unique place to relax.


Each visitor forms his opinion about the institution and sometimes even shares it. This moment is very important for every restaurant and bar, because in this way you can understand how it meets the requirements of a modern consumer. About 15 Kitchen + Bar respond very well. Guests say that next to the catching atmosphere in this institution you can enjoy incredible cuisine. Since it is constantly changing, there is an occasion to constantly get out into such a place and make yourself happy with a new culinary masterpiece.

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