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How to cook squid for salad correctly?

Seafood is considered to be a delicacy, because their taste varies in a wide range, and the availability of vitamins and minerals only adds value to these products. A wide range of products extracted from the sea depths has long been available to the inhabitants of the whole planet, but among the most popular are squid, which have a gentle specific taste. Squids are used to make salads, first and second courses, they can be eaten without additional ingredients. But in this article we will talk about how to cook squid for a salad, because this is the point most often asked by beginners.

If you want to prepare a seafood delicious and tender, and also to save all the wealth of useful elements, it is worth studying how to cook squid properly. There are many ways to cook this product, which will be described later.

Before proceeding with the description of the cooking process, it is worthwhile to tell how the preparation of this product should take place. Having bought frozen squid, it is necessary to defrost them in the open air, they should not be lowered into hot water or heated in a microwave oven. Before the squid carcasses are "dehydrated", they should be cleaned of the film. If you leave the film until it is completely defrosted, it will be very difficult to remove it. In order to get rid of it, you need to pick up a sharp object at the edge of the carcass and pull it to the tail. Then the same thing is done with the "wings" of seafood. To cook it with a film is not recommended, because they will be tough and lose their delicate taste.

Continuing to discuss the question of how to boil squid for a salad, do not forget that the inside of the carcass should be cleaned. Do not forget to remove the hard ridge that is located inside. After cleaning, carcasses are washed in cold water. Now they are ready for cooking.

Many are wondering how to cook squid for salad, whether they need to be cut, how long it takes to keep them in the water. For salad, there is no need for cutting crustaceans before cooking. The peculiarity of seafood is not that they are prepared very quickly, but that they can even be eaten raw. To do this, it is sufficient to flavor them with acetic acid. It is for this reason that they do not need to be cooked for a very long time to fully prepare the squid. Each housewife has the right to choose the duration of cooking herself. Once the seafood turns white in color, you can safely chop it into a snack.

Thinking about how to cook squid for a salad, it is necessary to stock up on spices that will make the taste of seafood more spicy. For cooking, you need salt, pepper and bay leaf. Carnation, basil, cinnamon, each can add at will.

As soon as the water boils, squid carcasses can be lowered into it and wait five minutes, then use the noise to get the ready seafood. Some prefer to cook them for ten minutes, which is not contraindicated. From a longer cooking, seafood is stronger saturated with a spicy aroma, but there is a threat of overbalancing the delicate product in boiling water. If you cook squid for an extended period, you can get a very tough carcass, which will be a hike on the rubber. To avoid this, it is worth remembering the main rule: the less the product is cooked, the more tender it will turn out in the end. For this reason, wondering how to cook squid for a salad, it is worth paying special attention to the cooking time. The rest of the questions themselves will seem secondary after the result is a very delicate product that any salad will make delicious.

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