Crafts made of clay - useful creativity

What kinds of handicrafts are not currently used by a creative person who wants to express himself and his personality in this way. Not the last place among them is modeling from clay. This craft is known to people since ancient times, when many articles of household use were made from clay. Crafts made of clay, mainly in the form of dishes, were used in everyday life and were made for sale, served as exchange items. Today, this kind of needlework is more like a hobby than the need to create any products.

In order to sculpt from clay, it does not require much material expenditure and physical effort. Especially if you make handicrafts of clay with your own hands, you will like it, then the satisfaction from the fruits of your creativity will be incomparable.

To sculpt from natural material, such as clay, the occupation is not only pleasant, but also useful, regardless of age. Clay is able to relieve psychological stress and emotionally relax a person. Especially useful is this kind of applied creativity for kids who have just started attending school. After all, those loads, both mental and physical, that have been added in connection with studies, are still unaccustomed to them.

To make crafts made of clay for children, introducing them to this activity, will be an excellent option for joint leisure of the whole family.

Variants of modeling should be chosen depending on what age your assistant is. For example, you can start with animal figures that are easy to make using a solid piece of clay. Take the child to the role of the main creator of the figurine from the basis you have prepared. Simple tricks of pinching and pressing will help the young creator create his first crafts made of clay.

With an older child, you can try creating more serious things. Start with a vase, which, not being a toy, can be a source of pride for its manufacturer.

For modeling vases, except for clay, you need a piece of polyethylene and a little patience. It is necessary to wrap any vase with polyethylene, which is applied on top of the clay. Then give the clay a little dry and very gently remove the film. After the clay is completely dry, the vase will be ready.

You can make clay crafts in many ways. All the children who tried themselves in this work prefer prefixed modeling. Relief molding is the application of all kinds of small details in the form of petals or flowers on a smooth clay base.

To directly engage in modeling of clay, you need to acquire all necessary for this. And nothing will be needed: clay and water. Where to get the clay?

Clay for modeling is sold in stationery stores. You can buy blue clay or gray, and the gray clay is completely ready for use. Blue clay is good in ready form, but before it is combined with water it should be freed from impurities by sieving. It is sold as a powder. Another option is natural clay, which you will have to procure yourself. This kind of clay also requires cleaning from impurities. Dissolving the dry clay with water to the desired consistency and a little drying, you can start modeling.

When crafts made of clay are ready, they should be processed, which will serve their long-term storage. First of all, the product must be dried. This can be done by placing a hand-made article in a cellophane bag of the day for three.

Also for drying, you can use a microwave oven or a conventional oven, but not earlier than two days after manufacturing. Raw clay crafts are afraid of high temperatures, so the product can be hopelessly damaged.

A completely dry product can be painted. For these purposes gouache is best. It is excellent in contact with the clay surface and does not contain harmful substances. As the painting is completed, to give strength and shine to your creation, you need to apply glue (PVA) evenly.

In short, if you are looking for something to fill your leisure time and spend it with benefit for yourself and your child, then such a wonderful kind of needlework, like molding from clay, will become one of the best options for useful recreation.

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