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How to wear a sling? Basic principles of wearing a sling

A small child is the most vulnerable being in the world, and he needs a mother's care. Constantly wearing a baby in his arms can be uncomfortable, as he gains weight over time, and still Mom needs free hands. Therefore, the sling for newborns was invented . How to put it on, every woman decides for herself, as there are lots of options. It is really an excellent device for transporting small children. Why is it by popularity inferior to strollers and portable cradles?

To be next to mom

Modern strollers, of course, are good, but they still share the baby with the closest person and are taught to be independent. It turns out that the newborn immediately spends most of the time alone. On the one hand, this is not so bad, as the character is formed, but it can be alarming, because the baby is far from the mother. Helpers can take a sling for newborns. How to put it on - will prompt intuition, but there is nothing complicated here a priori. In fact, the sling is a large piece of fabric, which the mother winds up in a variety of ways and with his help carries the baby. The constant closeness of the mother gives a sense of security, warmth and confidence, which is especially important in the first months of life.

Origin of the term

The very concept of "sling" originated from English sling, which means "hanging on the shoulder". Agree, the word very accurately characterizes a visual picture. A similar method of transportation was offered to young parents by the large American pediatricians William and Marta Serza, authors of a series of books on the principles of the upbringing of toddlers. Their main belief is based on the fact that the newborn needs close contact with the mother, which, of course, is facilitated by breastfeeding, joint sleep, wearing on the hands. For the latter, a sling-scarf for newborns was invented. How to wear it - it does not matter. The main thing is that it is convenient for the mother and the child. Serzi explored ways to transport children from different ethnic groups and managed to prove in practice the fact that it is the sling that gives the best result for the child's favorable development.

The revolution of the wheelchairs

In the seventies, a resident of Germany Erica Hoffman finalized the traditional sash from Central America and came up with a so-called sling-scarf. Then the baton was picked up by Ergo in the US, which released a series of physiological backpacks carrying. Popularity to the slings came at the end of the twentieth century, but they did not become a trend, as all the peoples of the world have their own options for carrying children. For example, the Slavs used to carry babies in the hem. From here, incidentally, went the famous phrase that the girl can "bring in the hem". Vietnamese and Korean women wore children in an apron, called "podegi". In China, a May-tai (a tight square of cloth with straps) served as a carrying case. In Africa it was kang, in the countries of South America - rebuzo, and the gypsies simply used shawls.

Ethnic element of our time

Let no one want to look rustic, but the ethnic style is still quite relevant. Therefore, city slingoms choose a fabric of original texture and unusual colors. Most often use high-quality organic cotton and flax double diagonal weaving. In ordinary stores you can not buy such a fabric, but you can find a jacquard weave with natural additives of bamboo, silk, wool or other materials that are pleasant to the body. It is logical that synthetics for sling do not use.

How to wear a sling?

You can free your mother's hands with the help not only of the sling, but also of the popular "kangaroos". The difference between them is the way they are worn. In Sling, the child is in the same position as on the mother's hands. And in "kangaroo" the child hangs, as in a pocket, and always has a rigid back and thongs. In this situation, a large load on the spine and pelvis is created. Therefore for newborns "kangaroo" does not suit. Maximum it can be recommended, starting from 3-4 months and up to 8-9. It turns out that in fact "kangaroos" can be used only 4-6 months. With the sling everything is easier and more enjoyable, as it is aimed at the convenience of the mother and child. The tissue preserves the natural bending of the spine without excessive blood flow.


It should be said that there are more than a dozen species, but for the newborns, a sling scarf and a model with rings are ideal. We'll figure out how to put on a sling with rings. This piece of fabric is approximately 2 meters long and 70 cm wide, and two rings are sewn on the end. When the edge of the tissue is passed through, a pocket is produced in them, where the baby is located. Sling with rings can be worn on the shoulder, periodically changing position. The smallest is better to wear horizontally. The half-year-old kid has already outgrown the sling with rings and needs support on both shoulders.

Next stage

With a grown-up child, you can think about how to put on a sling-scarf. This is a special cut of scarf fabric up to 5.5 meters in length. The ends of the sling are beveled, and the width is limited to 70 cm. Such models can be knitted and woven. The difference is that knitwear is more often used for newborns because of weight restrictions. Woven models are much more convenient and universal at any age. By the way, such fabrics are used for hammocks and swings just for the reason that they stand any weight. Each sling is equipped with an appropriate instruction describing the basic ways of winding the scarf and step-by-step illustrations.

The Kid grows up

The grown up child looks at the world in a special way, seeks to know him and get in touch. He will not be satisfied with the horizontal position, even if he constantly feels the closeness of his mother. It's time to move on to a more active version with vertical wearing. Most often used May-sling, ergoryukzak and universal sling-scarf. With the last option is already clear, but here's how to wear a May-sling? The original name is due to the connection with the Chinese version of the transportation of children. This is the same rectangle of fabric with straps, covering the waist and shoulders. The load is distributed in the same way as in the version with a scarf, but the design is more purged. Therefore, this option is better for summer. You can decide for yourself how to put on a sling, but for babies from year to year, usually increase the width and height of the back. When going on a hike, you can try a sling-backpack that allows you to conveniently position the baby and remove the main load from the back. In use it is very simple, especially if you use a model with anatomical straps.

So-called pseudosyllings are not in good health now, as their use in the US has led to several infant deaths. These are carrying bags, which are so sewn that the child is in a bent state without a normal pull of the back and ventilation.

For the winter period, the actual purchase will be a sling-jacket with a warm-ins insert for the child. The baby is hidden from the wind under her mother's jacket, and only the head in a hat or hood is protruding outward. With this garment, you can eliminate bulky winter overalls and take the baby even to the ski resort. The child, by the way, is very useful to breathe fresh air. It strengthens the immune system and develops the lungs. How to put on a sling of such a variety? Always remember that the baby should be comfortable. No tight belts, closed view and tight clothes. The kid should sit comfortably and firmly, without the risk of falling.

Slingoms and slingopapes

Do you want to remain a mobile parent? Then sling is an actual way out! Learn how to properly wear sling, and you can not part with the old active life, visit cafes and cinemas, arrange shopping days and go out in the park with friends. Covered with a sling, the child can even have lunch, and strangers will not be shocked by this spectacle. By the way, you can trust a baby in a sling and a man. He will like to go for a walk without a huge stroller. Dads less feel the connection with the baby because of the lack of tactile contacts, and a walk with the baby in the sling makes it possible to feel the closeness of the native little man, his warmth, the knock of the heart. At the same time, the child gets used to the fact that he has two close people who can be trusted and whom he loves. The talk of the fathers is those fathers who are not afraid to stay at home with their children, but here the sling allows you to really watch over the crumbs and not be distracted from their "male" affairs. I figured out how to put on a sling, and you can play the console and talk on the phone. Of course, if you use a May-sling or a sling-scarf, then it's better to put aside the economic problems, so as not to harm the baby, but everything is possible with a backpack. Slingschildren grow calm, less capricious and cry a little, because they initially feel closeness with their parents and inner self-confidence.

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