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Actor David Franco: Biography, Movies

David Franco is a popular Hollywood actor. He became known for his roles in television series and youth films. Since recently, he has been working on his own film projects.


David John Franco (Dave Franco) was born on 12.06.1985 in the vicinity of San Francisco - the town of Palo Alto. Being the youngest of three sons, he bathed in the love and care of his parents. Betsy's mother is from a family of Russian Jews. Her parents, having emigrated, changed their name from Verovic to Verna. Father Doug (1948-2011) had Swedish-Portuguese roots. By the way, David himself is proud of Jewish origin.

The Franco family is extremely creative. The mother is engaged in literary and editorial activities. Grandmother Marjorie (on the paternal side) is the author of several published books. Grandmother Mitzi (on the maternal side) owns the Verne art gallery in Cleveland, in parallel conducts active public work in the National Council of Jewish Women. Brothers Tom and James are also movie actors.

Carier start

In his youth, David Franco adored writing and thought to follow in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother. His poems were published in the journal Teen People. He also wrote two screenplays. He studied at the University of Southern California, studied psychology and film art.

By that time, older brother James became a real Hollywood star and advised Dave to try his hand at cinema. Being a shy guy, he still took the opportunity to leave the cozy family nest and master the public profession. David made his debut in the episode of the family drama "The Seventh Heaven" in 2006. A nice 21-year-old boy remembered the audience.

First success

The film of 2007 "Super Peppers" allowed to reveal the beginning actor. David Franco as a football player Greg, as critics wrote, "hit the feelings" of the audience. The subsequent sequence of not very remarkable projects was interrupted by the role in the series of the studio FOX Network "Do not disturb", where he played Gus. His partners were Jerry O'Connell, Nash and Nishi.

The 2008 film Harvey Milk was a breakthrough. David got a big role, and Sean Penn himself became the partner on the stage. The painting appealed to critics and collected many awards. Cash gathering (55 million) twice exceeded costs.

In May 2008, David Franco, whose photo had already printed all kinds of publications, began filming the high-budget dramatic teenage television series "Spoiled." The plot revolves around two young spoiled wealthy heirs living in Palm Beach. The premiere series on 9 September 2008 gathered a television audience that exceeded 3 million viewers.

Almost star

In August 2009, Dave Franco began acting in season 9 of the incredibly popular comedy series "Clinic". He played Cole Aaronson, a medical student whose family paid a large sum of money to the Sacred Heart Hospital to arrange a son for an internship. David continued to appear in all thirteen episodes of the ninth final season and received praise from critics for his work. NextMovie MTV Networks honored his title "Star Breakthrough".

In August 2011, David Franco starred in the "black comedy" "Night of Fear," along with Colin Farrell and Tony Collette. The picture tells of a teenager who learns that his neighbor is a vampire. Dave played Mark, a popular high school student. The film received positive reviews from critics and raised $ 41 million.

A great movie

In March 2012, Franco starred in the comedy Columbia Pictures studio "Macho and Botanus" in the role of Eric - a student of the school and part-time daring drug dealer. A month later, Shalom Life magazine ranked him and his brother James in his list of "50 of the most talented, smart, fun, and gorgeous male Jews in the world" under number 2.

In 2013, Dave starred in one of his most interesting paintings - "The Heat of Our Bodies." The plot tells of the touching love of a zombie and a man in a zombie-apocalypse. Franco played Perry Kelvin. The film is an adaptation of the best-selling novel with the same name.

In the same year, Franco played in the crime thriller Illusion of Deception with renowned masters - Jesse Eisenberg, Melanie Laurent, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Ilya Fisher. For the sake of advertising the picture, Franco spoke at the Bob River Show. In subsequent years, David starred in the comedy "Neighbors" (Pete's role), "Other Space", "Nerve" and others.

Now Dave got interested in directing. He shoots short films, leads author projects, writes scripts. The heroes of the stories are his family (in particular - grandmothers), he himself, close people, friends. The actor is still drawn to literature, he writes essays, poems, not limited to the narrow scope of acting.

David Franco: movies

The most interesting works are:

  • "Seventh heaven";
  • "University";
  • "Do not disturb";
  • Harvey Milk;
  • "Clinic";
  • "Illusion of deception";
  • "Night of fear";
  • "Heat of our bodies";
  • "Zeroville";
  • "Nerve".

Personal life

A handsome gifted man attracts women. He had a relationship with the Canadian star Shanei Grimes, singer Dianna Agron. Since 2015, Dave is engaged to American actress Bree Alison.

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