Who better suits the Bull. Snake and Bull - compatibility

Sexual passion representatives of the year of the Bull are rarely put on the first place. The period of courtship they try to finish as soon as possible, in order to finally go on to a real and lasting relationship. Let's talk about how the Bulls manifest themselves in love. Rabbit, Tiger, Rat or Snake and Bull - which pair compatibility will be more favorable?

Women and Men Bulls

The Bull woman is very self-confident, not coquettish, hard and serious. She makes it clear to the man whether he is interested in her or not. She prefers to postpone sex, until she is certain that the relationship has been strong and stable. In intimate relationships, she will not try to invent something to surprise her partner. But her passion - deep, earthy and real, will shake any man.

Women-Bulls always try to remain faithful, in contrast to men of the same sign. He does not believe that they should confine themselves to one partner for life. For example, if you encounter a windy Snake and the Bull, compatibility and mutual attraction arise almost instantly. At the same time, male Bulls rarely leave the family, they can reliably rely on solving any family problems and financial issues. But if the wife has changed, the Bull will hardly be able to forgive and forget this offense.

Bull and Rat

Almost perfect union. They are unlikely to be long friends, because the mutual attraction is felt literally at first sight. Their marriage is lasting, stable, for life.

Bull and Bull

Relationships are more friendly than love. Bulls are too capricious and stubborn to create a truly strong union with each other. But as a good friends or business partners are fully suited to each other.

Bull and Tiger

In these relations, the Bull will lead, because his willpower is greater than that of the Tiger. It is clear that this state of affairs will not suit Tigger. In marriage, passion and passionate feelings quickly fade away, giving way to a warm and long relationship.

Bull and the Cat

In principle, the relationship will be good. But partners can hardly understand each other deeply. Sexual attraction and marriage ties between these signs are very rare. A warm friendship can be tied up between a male cat and a female ox.

Bull and Dragon

The dragon is irresistibly drawn to the Bull, but the latter experiences only friendly feelings. Very often there is unrequited love from a female Dragon to a male bull. These relationships will become a real drama for the Dragon. And in marriage everything will not turn out as well as we would like. These two signs are really better to just be friends.

Snake and the Ox

The compatibility of these two signs is simply remarkable. The bull is able to satisfy all the needs of the Serpent, and it will bring to its stable life the missing passion and liveliness. Snake and Bull compatibility is shown in all aspects: business, sexual, friendly, loving.

Horse and Bull

Compatibility is very controversial. The horse is a creative and free nature, so the Bull will be too restless with such a partner. Friendship, and even more love, arise between these signs is very rare. Marriage relations, even if they are obtained through great passion, soon break up on mutual misunderstanding of partners.

Bull and Goat

An unfavorable combination. The goat is very capricious, fidgety, it infringes the interests of the Bull, hinders his peace and success. If, after all, love breaks out between the male goat and the female Ox, then the relationship ends quickly because of the huge number of grievances and dissatisfaction with each other. Close friendships are the best solution for representatives of these signs.

Bull and Monkey

Compatibility is very ambiguous. The bull attracts to the Monkey, but she does not at all strive to make lasting love relations with him. As a rule, in such a pair, one partner pursues the development of relations, while the other pushes them away. Warm friendly relations are possible, but something more rarely arises.

The Ox and the Rooster

They understand and support each other well. The male Rooster often offers the Bull woman a hand and a heart, and their union lasts for many years. But if the relationship arises between a female Rooster and a male ox, then without conflict, violent skirmishes and violent reconciliation, it will not do.

Bull and Dog

There is a lot in common between these signs, but relations are bad. Friendship, love, partnership - positive development will not arise anywhere.

Bull and Pig

If a male ox and a female Pig meet, then the relationship develops quietly and stably. Their family life will not be filled with passion, but there will be no conflicts there either. Between these signs a very reliable and strong friendship is obtained.

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