You need to know. Intimate Relationships

Learn to understand each other man and woman have from the very childhood, and if at a young age it was limited only by the choice of different games in the yard and the fierce debate about who is right, then, by becoming older, the weak and strong sex has to face even greater disagreements .

Speaking about the relationship between a man and a woman, it is impossible to get around the sexual side of such a tandem. Many believe that it is intimate life that is the link that can keep the two people together. However, it should be noted that no matter how much sex was desired for both sexes, nevertheless, the needs for an intimate sphere are somewhat different for them.

So, you must always remember that for men the main thing is sex, and a woman, first of all, is focused on feelings. Paradoxically, it is for the man to have feelings for a woman, he needs this same sex with her, and regularly. But for many women, before deciding to intimate affinity with a man, you need to feel positive emotions to him, even if just a deep sympathy. Therefore, in no case should you reject the man's impulses to possess you, if you like him, and in the future you want to be connected with something more than just intimate relationships. Excuses like "tired" or "headache" men perceive as a personal insult and feel rejected.

The second reason for the disagreement between two enamored people may be the unwillingness of a woman to prompt and encourage her partner to do the right thing. Remember that a man can not intuitively know what you expect him to do in bed, if you do not hint at him or push him to it. Do not accumulate dissatisfaction with each other, better once again just talk about their problems and desires in sex. From this, your intimate relationships will only get better, believe me.

No one likes monotony and monotony, so experiment, it will benefit both the female orgasm and the male excitement. You can visit the sex shop and buy a new "toy" for your fantasies, or you can simply surprise your man by wearing beautiful underwear and stockings, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Intimate relationships should not be boring and monotonous, this also applies to the usual places for making love, so try changing the usual bed, for example, to a kitchen or a desk. Surely a man will appreciate this initiative, especially since the representatives of the stronger sex always positively perceive women's determination and looseness.

Perhaps, it's not a secret for anyone that men love eyes, perhaps that's why they watch German sex movies more often than women. Try to watch such a movie with your partner, and you will not notice how you will become the heroine of your personal "movie", even if you do not have a camera. By the way, if you are sufficiently relaxed and trust your man, and your intimate relationships have lasted for a long time, perhaps you will allow a partner to capture you in luxurious underwear on a photo or even remove the entire process of your proximity to the video camera.

On top of all, I would like to say that, despite the many claims that it is sex that is the main component of the relationship between the two sexes, no one has yet canceled the true feeling of love. Relations between men and women include a huge number of components, where sex is not always the first place, there is still trust, respect, mutual understanding, community of interests, etc. Yet about love, not about sex, such a number of poems are composed and an infinite number of novels, odes, sonnets are written. It was this feeling that always encouraged men to perform feats, and women were given the strength to wait for their beloved from the war, keeping them faithful for many years.

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