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Orthopedic cushion for sitting on a chair: advice on choice and manufacturer feedback

People are used to choosing for their comfort all the best. Most often, the greatest attention is paid to the quality of the sleeping place, but it is equally important to equip the working class, especially if the whole working day passes in a sitting position.

To minimize the load, the specialists developed an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair or in an armchair.

Who needs a seat cushion?

At first glance it may seem that few people are sedentary. But who among us does not sit a few hours a day at a computer or on a couch watching TV? Every minute of the unnatural position of the spine, which he takes in this position, affects his condition, and not in the best way.

Therefore, we can conclude that the orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair does not hurt in every house. At work, it is useful, if the service charge involves a long hours at the computer. It's not just office employees and white collars. Also, drivers often experience discomfort. People with this profession have to stay behind the wheel from morning till night.

There are also special cases when an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair is required for real medical indications. This may be a postoperative period, when without this accessory the patient experiences pain and discomfort. A non-excessive pillow will be for people with disabilities. She will be appreciated by her mothers who are not recommended to sit for the first time because of the seams. Orthopedic pillow will help to take a comfortable pose without negative consequences.

Is it a very sedentary lifestyle?

The anatomical shape of the pillow makes it possible to minimize several factors that adversely affect the human body when it sits. First of all, it is a relaxation of tension on the pelvis. Stagnation, circulatory disorders in the lower pelvic region are fraught with hemorrhoids and constipation.

In addition, doctors state that a multi-hour sitting provokes diabetes, cardiovascular problems and, of course, serious spinal disorders.

Displacement and deformation of the vertebrae are the causes of their destruction. Subsequently, it threatens with severe back pain, jamming of nerve endings, because of which people feel headaches, impaired vision. The development of scoliosis means that the work of the lungs and heart is disrupted. All this slowly but surely kills a person and significantly shortens the duration of life. Orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair does not become a panacea, but can really help in a complex with adequate physical loads.

A simple and effective tool

As folk wisdom says: the problem is better prevented than solved. Correction of serious health disorders is a troublesome and expensive business. Treatment of the spine or chronic diseases has a long way to go. Better to take preventive measures ahead of time. One of them is an orthopedic pillow for sitting. On a chair, working or car seat, a home sofa to put it is not difficult. The cost of this product is large enough, but it's better to buy such a product once for 2-3 thousand rubles than to go to pharmacies for years.

The impact that the orthopedic pillow has on the chair, for the spine is not curative. It can not even align or repair the disks. But to reduce the load during work, give a more natural position to the body, relieve tension, restore normal blood flow - these are the goals that the producers sought, and they were quite successful.

What are the cushions for sitting?

Manufacturers offer different models of pillows. Conditionally they can be divided into products with a cutout and solid. The first are issued in the form of an oval or a circle with a void in the center. Such an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair is created precisely for those cases when it is necessary to reduce the level of load on the perineum or pelvis. Sitting on it, the patient does not experience discomfort and painful sensations in the problem area if he has postoperative scars.

Some manufacturers offer an improved model. It consists of two interconnected rounded parts with holes in the center. This form is most comfortable for sitting, it is designed in such a way as to balance the load on both the lower part of the pelvis and the spine.

Solid pillows are more versatile. This option - an excellent solution for home, office, car. The product is easy, you can easily take it with you on a trip. Such adaptations are square and rectangular. Full description, conditions of use, as well as clarification, why you need an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair, a photo with its image, the dimensions indicated on the original packaging will help to make the right choice. A variety of models allows you to choose the option that is most suitable for each specific case.

How to make the right choice?

Orthopedic pillows for a chair have practically no contraindications, and this is their strong point. The choice, first of all, depends on the purpose for which the patient acquires it. Depending on the health problems, one or another species is selected.

Orthopedists and pharmacists, when advised to use such an accessory, give clear recommendations that say that you need to carefully approach the choice of the pillow shape. It is best to test it "in action" to understand how comfortable it is. To do this, it is enough to sit down on it and determine the stiffness. So you will understand how convenient the hole is, whether the diameter is right.

An important condition for many users is the ability to fix the pillow on the seat. And if for home this feature (lack of fixing) is not critical, then for the car it is best to choose a model with straps or anti-slip surface. Buyers recommend paying attention to products from the company Trelax Medica.

Domestic producers ("Trivers", "Special Textiles", etc.) also deserve attention. According to buyers, the price of their products is very affordable, the products are durable and serve faithfully for a long time.

The company Coccyx Deluxe has a significant difference among competitors. She developed the types of pillows, which depend on the weight of the buyer, creating products of varying degrees of rigidity.

Does such an accessory need a child?

Definitely needed! The child organism, due to its constant growth and intense changes, is most often at risk from constant sitting. It is during adolescence that there is an accelerated development of problems with the back. Many hours of sitting at the school desk, then at home, adversely affects the health of the child.

It can hardly be assumed that the child will take with him to the class such an object as an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair. For a schoolboy it will be painful and awkward, but for home use the product is completely suitable, and then there will be no resistance, because sitting on the pillow is really convenient and pleasant.

How does the pillow work?

At the heart of orthopedic products is a special material that repeats the contours of the body. For these purposes, latex or foam filler is used. Both options are hypoallergenic, they exclude the development of various microorganisms in them, they are durable and can be cleaned.

These qualities will not only help protect yourself and your environment, but also make yourself comfortable during work or leisure. Need for this is just an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair. Reviews of those who purchased it for personal use confirm that the additional advantage of latex pillows is that they are able to "remember" the shape of the body of their owner. This makes them as comfortable and safe as possible.

The outer surface of the product is a removable cover made of resistant material. It can be dense cloth, velor or cotton cloth. The main thing is that the pillowcase can be removed and, if necessary, cleaned of contaminants.


It should be noted that special care for pillows from latex is not required. This material does not allow the penetration and accumulation of dust. Nevertheless, in case of contamination, the pillow should be cleaned dry. To entrust such a procedure is best for professionals, because they have enough experience in removing stains from various surfaces, including so tender.

It is impossible to use various chemical and other aggressive agents. This can destroy the structure of latex. It is also forbidden to dry and place the pillow in the immediate vicinity of the heating elements (batteries, convectors, ovens) or to allow direct sunlight to fall on it.

Another warning, reported by manufacturers, is the protection of products from latex from various mechanical damages (squeezing or stretching).

Can I make a pillow with my own hands?

Orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair by own hands is a reality. It should be understood that this will not be the product sold in pharmacy chains. Latex cushions have unique properties, but, alas, they can not be made independently. Nevertheless, the orthopedic ring is easy to make.

Materials for this are needed and easy to use. For an outer covering it is necessary to use a dense fabric (coarse calico, satin), and silicone is suitable as a filler. It can be purchased at stores selling sewing materials, or using silicone from a regular pillow.

The pattern is very simple and involves cutting out two identical round shapes. The right size is selected depending on the seat, the diameter of the cutout in the center should be approximately 15 cm. Do not forget to consider allowances for seams! It is 1-1.5 cm from the outer and inner sides.

When the material is cut and sewn, a filler is poured into the inside. It is not worth it to regret it, so that the pillow will be hard enough.

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