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How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine: an overview

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine? Legislation of Ukraine in this respect is quite liberal, although somewhat confusing. However, we must immediately clarify that the term "residence permit" in Ukrainian law is absent. Instead, it uses the category "immigration", which is somewhat inaccurate from a legal point of view.

Terms of Delivery

Accordingly, the logic of actions revolves around the problem of legal immigration. First, you need to get permission to enter the country and get into the so-called immigration quota. The size of this quota is fixed annually. In the event that the quota is exhausted, the application is submitted for the next year. In general, how to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, it is better to find out in the appropriate department of the embassy or at the nearest consulate.

Procedural issue

So, how to get a residence permit in Ukraine? For this you need:

1. Write a statement in which to indicate your output, the category by which your quota and the reason for immigration will be determined. To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine is possible only if all the legal standards provided for by Ukrainian laws are observed.

2. In addition to the application, photographs, a copy of a passport or other similar document, an extract from the home book (residence permit) or a certificate from the housing office (if you live on the territory of Ukraine), certificates of marriage, family composition and the absence of any serious illnesses are attached. Collected all these simple documents - consider that you have already managed to obtain a residence permit, Ukraine is not far off. Now it remains to pass bureaucratic control directly on Ukrainian territory.

Right to Stay

We continue our journey. After writing an immigration application, you will need to obtain the right to permanent residence in Ukraine, which is issued within one week. Hereafter you get the status of an immigrant, that is, you are no longer a foreigner under Ukrainian law. You acquire full-fledged labor rights, just like ordinary Ukrainians. A work permit is no longer required. In addition, you get the right to live anywhere - registration in this country is canceled. The only difference between you and a citizen of Ukraine is the absence of electoral rights. However, after passing the residence qualification, the application for citizenship is likely to be granted.


However, if there are questions about how to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, most often with respect to quotas for entry, please contact the local legal advice directly in Ukraine. The list of groups for which quotas are determined is large enough, so I do not think there will be a refusal. Although do not forget: the legislation is not fundamental, but it is constantly changing. In addition, as experience shows, diplomats understand best what category a potential immigrant is. As you know, you can always come to an agreement.

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