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Silent editions: an essay "Precious Books"

Not one dozen compositions remember school years. What not only have to write, compose and rewrite. And what are the topics? It seems that in his youth every student should write about everything that surrounds him in everyday life, and the everyday life itself has to be described more than once. But such tasks have the least boundaries, thanks to them you can find a bit of freedom, which is not found in the exact sciences. And most of all among the long list of creative tasks the composition "Precious books" is remembered.

Why books

Why this happens is difficult to say. Perhaps, all because of the fact that each person is connected with books. In a distant childhood, mother reads fairy tales to her child. A little later the child learns to read independently and re-reads his favorite adventure novels, fantastic novels or funny stories.

Books are immortal, and only they allow you to look at the world with different eyes. Composition-reasoning "Precious books" is easily written by someone who knows the value of books, likes to read and strives for knowledge. After all, they know first-hand the true value of books.

What are precious books

In the work of one famous writer Likhanov there is a work that describes ordinary pupils of a junior school who were not fortunate enough to study during the Second World War. When it comes to writing the "Precious Books", Likhanov and his works are the first to come to mind. He very vividly described the joy of second-graders who were allowed to visit the children's library. And most importantly - he managed to convey the feelings of the guys who first had to read not thin books with children's stories, but a large collection of works by Pushkin. Unknown words, unknown epithets and metaphors overwhelmed them with delight, extraordinary joy and pacification.

And when it comes to the question of what precious books, essay-reasoning can be put into one sentence: "These are those books that evoke a sea of positive emotions and are remembered for life".

Layout of the composition

Composition "Precious books" can be written in different ways, because everyone has their own opinion on this matter. But in this topic there is a small snag: those who love books, can not structure their thoughts on this matter; And those who are very distantly familiar with books can not fully realize their value. In this case, a small plan of writing will come to the aid:

  1. First meeting. You can start the composition with a story about your acquaintance with books or about your favorite book.
  2. Problem. It is also the main part in which you need to write about why books are so important. You can use a personal example. Alternatively, you can write about why a particular book is a favorite, what it is remembered, what emotions it causes.
  3. Bonus. In general terms, it is worth writing about your attitude to books.
  4. Conclusions. Summarize what was written in the work and emphasize the value of books.

"Precious books" - an essay in which you can not only write trivial information about the benefits of books, but also tell about your favorite characters, favorite authors and their works. And most importantly - it's an excellent opportunity to share experiences, because only precious books can cause positive emotions.

Composition "Precious books." Example

"I do not have many years, but in my life I managed to see a lot of books. Thick, thin, old, new, useful, useless - can be counted to infinity. But they were all my favorite jewels.

In my childhood, I often liked to imagine that the characters from the books of the home library come to life, and we create our empire with them. In my fictional country, for every book, every story, was assigned its own city. But for the sake of the state's welfare, all the heroes of the variegated genres gathered and acted together. Staying in the company of my book friends, I did not notice how the time flew by.

A little later, when I was already at the university, I took home several books every weekend. And with the words: "Welcome home!" Put them on a prepared shelf in advance. These were the happiest moments, because in my empire, in my life and in my heart, I became more friends.

These were my precious books. Behind every volume were my memories. In each book, another world was locked, in which I mentally traveled once. But, most importantly, behind every book was a teacher. He could be the main character, negative character or ordinary stone, but it was from him that I learned many truths and realized that the most important thing in any situation is to remain human.

Now I do not have much time, but that's what made it possible for me to understand that it's unbearably sad without my precious, priceless, precious books. "


The composition "Precious Books" will be relevant at any time. Even now, when most of the "jewels" turn into electronic benefits, students should be reminded of their meaning. The value of books will never be exaggerated, because they are the main source of knowledge, support and motivation. And only they can tell about what no one can ever tell. This is the value of books, they are ready to talk with the reader forever, conveying values and involving in their history.

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