"Anberanda" - recreation center (Sochi)

Many Russians prefer all their foreign countries to their native Black Sea. To rest here turned out to be wonderful, you just need to figure out which of the many resorts to choose. The city of Sochi is very popular. "Anberanda" - recreation center - is located in its surroundings, in a quiet and unusually beautiful place. Here, for a comparatively small amount of money, they offer excellent living conditions, delicious food, various leisure activities.

Where is

The address of this institution is: Anberanda, recreation center, Sochi, Anchor slot (Lazarevsky district), Nizhnyaya Beranda village, Main street. The index is 354213. The anchor slit is a railway station and a village located a few minutes from the base. Many tourists are sure that they rest in the anchor slot, and not in Lower Beranda.

The village is in a picturesque place. In its surroundings you can walk along the tisosamshita grove, admire the waterfalls (the walk takes about half an hour), visit the arboretum, the trout farm. Near the base there is a post office, an ATM works, cafes and a number of shops are built. The second nearest railway station is Loo. Before it from the base 14 km. In Loo there are excellent beaches, next to there is a large water park with bowling, karaoke, sports complex. To the geographical center of Sochi from "Anberanda" about 40 km, and to the airport "Adler" about 65 km. In addition to the railway station near the base, there is a stop of minibuses that bring to Adler, Sochi, the popular resort of Lazarevsky, Loo and other towns.

How to get there

Sochi can be reached by car (the distance from Moscow is about 1600 km), by bus (the road from the capital takes almost 2 days), by train or by plane. "Anberanda" (recreation center) is located in the village of Lower Beranda, to which you can take a taxi from the airport (the trip will take about 40 minutes). The second option is by minibus №№105 or 106 to get to the Sochi bus station, and then to the base to go on the minibus №№155 or 155k. You can also take a bus number 153 or 141.

The second way is to go from the airport to the railway station. From there, by train, to the Anchor slot or Loo. Coming out at the stations of these villages, you can take any bus, the next in the right direction. Given where the "Anberanda" (recreation center) is located, from the Anchor gap to it you need to go by shuttle bus in the direction of Sochi, and from Loo to Lazarevsky.

Infrastructure, territory

"Anberanda" - recreation center 2 stars. This category does not mean that there are no worthy services and services. You can rest for a very reasonable price. The year of putting the base into operation is the 2000th. In 2007, major repairs were carried out, the design of many rooms was improved, and plumbing and equipment were replaced. "Anberanda" is a recreation center, located in the surrounding of evergreen and deciduous trees covered with mountains. Its territory is about 4 hectares. On this square, among the roses, magnolias and eucalypts there are picturesquely scattered separate buildings, two swimming pools for children and adults, children's attractions, sports grounds, a dining room and a bar. Parking and Wi-Fi for guests free of charge. The entire territory of the base is fenced and guarded by special services.

Number of rooms

"Anberanda" (recreation center 2 *) has 15 detached nice cottages in two floors. The number of rooms is 103 rooms of different categories. They are calculated for 2 people (13 square meters) and 3 (18 square meters). Categories:

1. "Standard". They have a set of furniture consisting of single beds, a wardrobe, a table, bedside tables, chairs, a TV set for 4 channels, a small refrigerator, an electric kettle. The rooms on the second floor have balconies. Also in them it is possible to establish euro clamshells. Facilities (shower with hot and cold water, toilet) are located blocky (2 + 3).

2. "Improved standard". Differ from the previous ones, that amenities (shower and toilet) are in every room.

3. "Standard PC", i.e. increased comfort. In them, among other amenities, there are air conditioners and loggias.

4. "Junior Suite". These rooms are two-room. Their area is up to 32 square meters. Meters. The rooms in this category have upholstered furniture, kitchenette, there are two balconies.

"Anberanda" is a recreation center (Sochi, Anchor slot), which tries to provide its guests with the comfort and cleanliness in the territory and the order in the rooms. Cleaning is done on schedule, linen and towels are changed once a week. Due to the peculiarities of the climate in this area, the air in the rooms can be wet.


"Anberanda" (recreation center 2 *, Sochi) has a dining room located in a separate building, and a bar with an extravagant name "Yolki-stick". For holidaymakers complex meals are offered (breakfasts, lunches and dinners). According to numerous reviews of tourists, the food here is very tasty, the cook knows his business well. In the menu, meat dishes (first, second), a variety of side dishes, salads, tea, compote, yogurt, fruit, buns. The bar, located near the adult pool, offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks (chips, nuts, cookies, etc.). Those who do not want to eat at this base can visit cafes located in the villages of Lower Beranda or Anchor Slit.


Hotel Anberanda - recreation center 2 * (some tourists call and so) - from the sea is about 700 meters. The road along the shady street with shops and cafes, but via the railway. The beach here, as well as practically at all the resorts of this region, is small pebble. Sunset in the water is good, but almost immediately at the shore depth begins. This should be taken into account by tourists with young children. The second feature of the nearest beach to the base - it is practically not equipped. This has its own charm for those who seek silence and seclusion. People are few here even at the height of the season.

There are tourists who think that "Anberanda" (recreation center) is not quite comfortable with the beach. Reviews of these people about the rest are positive, but on the sea they advise to go either by shuttle bus to the anchor slit, where the beach is better, although also almost not equipped, or by train in Loo. Here the beach is wonderful. It is equipped with everything necessary (toilets, cabanas for changing clothes, a huge choice of water rides, cafe-snack bars). Sunbeds and umbrellas are paid, admission is free. Those who came to the "Anberanda" by car, can choose any beach located in the vicinity of the base. The most popular, besides Loo, is Vardane and Lazarevskoye.

Leisure and Services

A lot like "Anberanda" (recreation center). Photos of holidaymakers are perfectly demonstrated by beautiful cottages, green well-groomed territory, entertainment complexes. For adults and children there are good pools, the water in which is regularly cleaned. Sports fans will be interested in playing table tennis, billiards, volleyball. Children, except the pool, can visit the game room, a platform with swings, slides and other attractions. All this is free. In addition, the employees of the base arrange an excursion trip to the mountains by bus. In the tour desk located in the administrative building, you can buy various tours, the most popular of which are "33 waterfalls", "Oceanarium", "Dolphinarium". At the bar, discos are often arranged, animators work for babies.

Additional Information

Only in the warm period - from May 1 to October 31 - the recreation center "Anberanda" (anchor slit) is ready to receive guests. There are a number of rules and conditions:

1. Children are accepted only from the age of three. Children under 5 years old, if they are not provided with separate beds and meals, can rest for free, and for children under 10 years old, if they are located in an extra bed, parents pay only 50% of the cost of the voucher.

2. Pets are not allowed to stay on Anberanda.

3. At the base there is a rental of sports equipment, you can also take an iron, a kettle.

4. From documents it is necessary to have a passport, a ticket, for children - a birth certificate. Availability of health insurance is welcome.

5. Settling in small houses begins after 12 o'clock in the afternoon. It is advisable to release the number at check-out until this hour.

6. Prices for accommodation vary depending on the category of the room and the month.

"Anberanda", recreation center (Sochi, Anchor slot): reviews

This base has long deservedly enjoyed the popularity of tourists. Among its advantages are:

- Hospitality and benevolence of the personnel, always ready to come to the aid in the resolution of all misunderstandings and problems (there were cases when people who had difficulties with tickets for a plane were allowed to stay on the base for a day longer than the period indicated in the tour);

- cleanliness and well-being of the territory;

- simple but cozy and clean rooms;

- excellent food;

- relatively low prices.

The shortcomings noted in the reviews are as follows:

- does not have its well-equipped beach "Anberanda" (recreation center, Sochi, anchor slit, photo of the beach near the base see above).

- absence of a professional doctor;

- insufficient frequent cleaning of rooms by base employees (those who wish to have accessories for self-cleaning in their rooms, but not all like it);

- a single menu for all holidaymakers (some want a greater variety of dishes);

- poor soundproofing in the rooms;

- in separate cottages the presence of ants.

The conclusion from all of the above is this: this database is ideal for young people, couples of any age and tourists with children, for those who are looking for a good budget vacation and do not see the problem that you need to get to a well-maintained beach and places of entertainment by public transport or by car.

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