Aquapark in Abkhazia, in Gagra

Aquapark in Abkhazia is located on the beach. Near the eponymous hotel "Abkhazia". It's just a luxury place. There is almost everything for a comfortable, lazy, beach holiday. The sea, the sun, the magnificent coastline with all the tourist infrastructure, the mountain slopes overgrown with relic forest, smoothly descending down to the sea. A reasonable question arises as to why something else is needed here. But very many want something more. Sharp sports experiences and the release of adrenaline into the blood. And after arriving in sunny Abkhazia, they know at what address this can all be found - Abkhazia, Gagry, water park.


The water park in Abkhazia is a little more than just an aquapark. It is here in a single copy and is an innovation in the country's tourism infrastructure. In a sense, its erection on this shore marks a revival to the life of the entire Abkhazian tourism industry at a new modern level. The magnificent coast of Abkhazia was a favorite vacation spot for many generations of people. But here only the water park here in former times was not. And now the water park in Abkhazia is and is ready to receive everyone who is looking for thrills, and just wanting to have fun. All equipment of the complex fully corresponds to recognized world standards and safety standards.


The water park in Abkhazia, in Gagra, consists of five swimming pools with fresh water and two with sea water. Equipped with six slides of different heights and designs, for all tastes, from gentle to very steep. The greatest popularity among the public is enjoyed by spiral slides. The coolest design is intended for fans of "extreme", its visitors affectionately nicknamed "kamikaze". Children's pool, the so-called "paddling pool", is filled with fresh heated water, the level of which does not exceed half a meter. Not bad designed design in the form of a pirate ship of the Caribbean Sea and other exotic accessories. Naturally, on land, visitors will expect a complete set of ordinary beach pleasures and entertainment. So those who came here to have fun, the water park in Abkhazia will leave the most positive memories. It will be something to tell friends in the office of long Russian winter evenings. What is still pleasing here is the level of prices. They are quite acceptable and very low, like almost everything on the Abkhazian coast.

Abkhazia, water park, prices

For the entrance to the water park and the use of all the attractions an adult person will pay 700 rubles. Children from 4 to 12 years old - 400 rubles. And as for children under 4 years old, they go with their parents for free. If someone says that this is expensive, then let him show where it is cheaper. Abkhazia in tourist circles is famous. Relatively low prices for all the goods of their coast. And a good attitude to visiting people. Here in general everything is affordable and inexpensive - from the roof over your head to the magnificent Abkhazian wine inclusive. In addition, this beach is not far from here. And to get here is simple and not very expensive.

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